✅ Chapter 75 – The Second Big Order
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[Kusanagi City East District - Underground]

Meanwhile, in the underground greenhouse facility.

Kisara was in a good mood. While wearing her usual white robe, she was sitting relaxedly in the bungalow, enjoying a glass of tomato juice. For some reason, she felt that her luck for the day was very good.

"Today is really a great day."

Since this morning, Kisara had experienced a lot of good things one after another.

When she woke up in the morning, the time on her alarm clock was 5:55:55. Not long after that, when she turned on the TV, the weather forecast said that today would be sunny. No speck of gray clouds would appear in the sky of Kusanagi City all day long.

This was a good omen.

When she took a dump, she was able to let out a long one without interruption. Its solidity and color was just right. From the sensation, it should have been approximately around 10-15cm.

This was also a good omen.

About 30 minutes ago, she played Fantasy Conquest, a card RPG smartphone game to relieve boredom. She played this game just so she could collect and appreciate the cards, especially the ones with the loli artwork. Suddenly, she received a gift of 💎 500 and a few summon tickets out of nowhere.

This was another good omen.

And just now, she found someone who was capable of drawing artwork. She coincidentally found this person when she was lurking in the Discord server of Fantasy Conquest. This graphic artist who was never heard of, and only posted his(?) sample work today. But she could only acknowledge that each of the samples were good, very good. The details, the cuteness, everything.

"I'd never think I would meet a graphic artist here. Moreover, his(?) work seems in line with my tastes. He(?) is definitely a kindred spirit. If possible, I want to recruit this person."

As for why she wanted to recruit a graphic artist, it was due to her new hobby.

Recently, she took an interest in making indie games.

"My job for this month is basically done. Now I can fully concentrate on creating a game."

Kisara was a person who had always wanted to seek emotional stimulation.

It was just that her stimulation took the form of loving lolies. Their slender bodies, puffy cheeks, clear eyes... Looking at those innocent and lovely creatures would always give her mind palpitation. This was similar to how cat lovers liked to cuddle cats. By all means, she would love to cuddle and mufufu those lolies.

Unfortunately, the laws of Japan prevented her from mufufu-ing a real loli. She could only suppress her desires by collecting loli pictures and adore them secretly. But, static pictures were no longer enough to satisfy her anymore.

Playing games that had loli characters was good. It was much better than looking at static pictures. She played a lot of games during her free time, and even created many loli mods of a well known game. And then, she had a sudden thought.

- 'Why not create my own game and my own lolies?'

Some time ago, she had come across an indie forum. In there, she learned about various game creation softwares, about how to use them, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. She also learned how to manipulate features through scripting.

Kisara herself was not a stranger with code and programming. With her knowledge, scripting was no problem. After various trials and errors, she had created a functional game system. However, when the game system was completed and she was about to start creating the game, she remembered one important problem. The graphics!

She was a programmer, not a graphic artist. Forget about loli, she was even unable to draw a tree!

Although, there were downloadable graphic assets that could be used. Kisara would download trees, animals, buildings, and many others. However, lolies were different. She didn't want used lolies!

They had to be drawn anew and so they could become unique existences.

- 'If I can't draw, then just hire someone who can!'

Anyway, she had the money to afford it. There were so many patents which generated a lot of money into her savings balance. The money was so much that if she were to withdraw it all out, she could use it to fill her swimming pool and take a swim.

But, not just anyone could become her graphic artist. It had to be someone with a kindred spirit. Someone like her who loved lolies with all their heart. And this Rym seemed to meet that criteria.

And so, Kisara swiped her smartphone and took initiative to send a DM to Rym.

Gururu Hello, Rym-san.
  Can I take your time for a while?
I want to discuss something.
Rym Oh, what is it?
Do you have a commission?
Well... that's not exactly wrong.
Actually, I'm currently making a game and need an artist.
Rym Game? What kind of game?

Looking at Rym's response, Kisara fell into deep thought.

'Honestly, I hadn't even thought about it. It was true that I had finished the game system. But, I hadn't planned what game I want to make. What should I do...? There is no plot at all!'

Making a storyboard was also not her forte. Originally, she had planned to ad-lib the plot all the way, adjusting to whatever was convenient for the situation. But there was no way she could say that to Rym.

Without much choice, she could only make up the plot on the spot.

"For now, I can only make the prologue. Later, I'll just hire a scriptwriter to finish the rest."

With that said, she began to type.

Gururu It is an RPG game. I can't tell you the whole plot yet.
  The protagonist is a girl, about 10 years old.
  She lives in the world of fantasy, with magic and monsters.
  This game is about her adventure, journey, and struggle.
Rym That seems interesting. Is this 2D or 3D?
Gururu It is 3D, but the object uses 2D graphics.
  This is the detail of my current progress.
<screenshot1.jpg>, <screenshot2.jpg>

Kisara showed how her game mechanism work.

Basically, the characters and objects did not use 3D models, but a series of sprites with 8 different directions. These sprites were placed in one file and by using special calculations, they could be used like 3D models.



*tak... tak... tak...*

Rimu tapped the desk with her finger. She let out a wry smile as she stared at her laptop screen.

"To think my next commission would end up being involved with a game. It seems I still can't escape my entanglement with this industry."

With a sigh, she spun her rotating chair while thinking about life. In her previous life, she was a game character designer. In this life, she was about treading the same path. Was this fate?

But, there was no reason to refuse. It was just a job for drawing a bunch of character sprites and their portraits, which wasn't hard to do.

"Heh, I’m already familiar with such operations anyway. There is no harm accepting this job. But thankfully, Gururu doesn't seem to use Unity or Unreal engine. If that happened, then I would have to refuse."

Although Rimu knows how to use them, making their 3D models would take too much effort. Her loli body was still tender and unable to take too much of a workload.

"But of course, this is also considered a big order. So, it's still reasonable if I ask for advance payment, right?"

Rimu typed on the keyboard.

Rym That's not a problem.
  But, this is a big order so I expect to have some advance payment.
Don't worry about money.
  I'll send ¥50.000 first and ¥100.000 after the work is completed.
  What do you think?
Send it to my PayPay <QR Code> and I will start working immediately.

Not long after Rimu gave her QR Code, she received ¥50.000 in her PayPay balance.

Looking at the money in her balance, Rimu could only laugh in excitement. As she laughed, she spun her rotating chair faster.

"Kukuku... I'm rich again! Hahahaha!"

This Gururu seemed richer than Kurumin-sensei. Rimu hadn't started working yet but has already started receiving so much money. Was this person not worried that she would run off and take the money?

Satisfied with laughing, Rimu stopped her chair and nodded in understanding.

"Oh well, the brain of the rich is different than us commoners. Perhaps for them, money is the same as water."

Thinking doesn't help anything.

Anyway, since she already received the money, she had to do the work.