[38] Naruto X Nikko X Gaara ❤️❤️❤️
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Gaara slowly came back to himself. He'd been drained dry, after Nikko had reversed time--and yes, only for him to continuously unload into her mouth. It was literally mind blowing, and he forgot his own name--but now, he had business to attend to.

The girl in front of him was catching her breath. "Ha..ha..Gaara...did it feel good?" She asked. Her voice was raw, probably from swallowing so much of his cum.

He felt a trickle of salty sweat drip into his eye. It stung, and he swiped it off. "...It was the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life. Your jutsu...I didn't realize it could be used for such things."

"I'm so glad..." Nikko sagged a little. She'd used a good deal of chakra on making him feel the best she could, and hoped he never, ever, thought about another girl in all his life. The thought alone was maddening; she couldn't lose him too.

"While it was wonderful, I don't like to see you lower yourself to the actions of a whore." Gaara said. He zipped his pants up. "In the future, if you wish to implicate the time reversal, please refrain from that particular use."

That was unexpected, Nikko thought. She could have sworn all men loved a good blowjob--and she'd just given him the equivalent of ten in a matter of minutes. Her spirits fell; Gaara was on a whole other playing field. Not just a field, hell, he was playing a different game altogether. "I'm...sorry."

"Don't misunderstand me." He lifted her chin, "What I'm trying to say tactfully is to save that for when we are one."

"...!" Nikko's cheeks turned red as a beet. 

"Yes. Well...now that we've...become better acquainted, I'd like to bring up a subject that has been on my mind." He waited to see what she would offer before he began a thorough interrogation. Nikko withdrew into herself, he could see that she was immediately on guard. He would need to tread lightly or risk offending her. "Naruto Uzumaki..." he started.

"I'll tell you. Just...okay. I'll start...from the beginning."

Nikko began by relaying what occurred since the Land of Tea, leaving no stone unturned--even mentioning the likes of Sasuke and his toxicity--until finishing with what led up to Naruto and her parting ways. The only thing she couldn't bear to mention was the loss of her baby. At last she was finished, and Gaara's pale face had grown a great deal paler. He could have been mistaken for a roman statue if he wasn't breathing. At length he said, "...Utsuri Nikko..."

She bowed her head until it touched the floor. She couldn't meet him in the eye. Not now. Not now that--he knew all of her wrong doings. 

"This won't do." He said. 

There were layers to those three words. Nikko didn't know what, exactly, wouldn't do, but she gulped. 

"So much suffering has happened," he added. "All because I chose to leave you behind."

"Gaara..." Nikko grit her teeth together. He was blaming himself, instead of blaming the true cause; her. "Don't. This was all my fault."

"No. The fault lies with many I'm afraid. Tell me, how long did you plan on keeping me in the dark about these things?" He asked coldly. 

"I was going to tell you...! It's just...I couldn't...find the right...words to say." Her eyes shifted to the piles of paper beside the desk. Her meager attempts. "...Everything was so...very much that I...didn't know what to do."

"I see."

He stood, grabbed his gourd, and looked down his nose at her. Despite the emotionless expression Gaara wore, Nikko could see he was full of conflicting thoughts. He held out his hand. "First, we need to remedy the situation with Naruto Uzumaki. Come."

Nikko grabbed his hand and was pulled up swiftly to her feet. "But I--I can't face him--"

At once, those teal eyes blazed and zeroed in on her. "If you pass such judgment on him, then I deserve the same."

"It's not like that. Gaara, please, it's because I'm scared of the demon--"

His eyes narrowed. "Where is the difference? What line divides it? I took you as mine, even marked you. Yet you have given me nothing but forgiveness. Why does he not deserve that? Surely...you can imagine the pain he's going through." 

Nikko stiffened. She knew Naruto had to be suffering, but there was little to be done. "...I'm sorry. I can't.."

Gaara lifted his hand and clenched his fingers. "Then I'm sorry, too." Sand twirled around Nikko and lifted her; he turned and at once the two were rushed like a landslide through the hallway, leaving behind a Neji Hyuuga who shouted up at them. Before they completely left earshot Gaara turned and informed him, "I'll return her shortly."


Naruto was minding his own business. He was holed up in his apartment, staring at the end table where the broken mask of Nikko rest. He had stared at it so long he saw past it and into oblivion; which was where he'd rather be. His cheek was going numb from his face down position on the bed and at the tap on his balcony door he didn't so much as blink.

The tap grew louder. It had to be Sakura or Kakashi, and he wasn't in the mood to play with Konohamaru, so he remained deaf. It didn't last for long until the entire door burst from it's hinges as a tidal wave of sand covered his dining room floor. Naruto took his time in standing. He no sooner had opened the door to his room to see what all the fuss was when he was punched so hard his body smacked into the wall behind him, knocked off a picture, and a flower pot fell on his head. "OW!"

He squinted up to see an imposing Gaara. "Huh? Gaara-kun?" Naruto was wide awake now. He dusted potting soil from his hair, "What in the world are you doing here?"

"That isn't important right now." Gaara said. He moved aside, revealing the timid form of Nikko. She was clutching onto Gaara for dear life. 

Naruto's eyes widened. Just what was going on here? 

"Nikko?" The fox boy asked.

"I've brought her here. She told me what happened." 

Gaara looked ready to attack Naruto, what with his sand swirling around him and all, but he was holding it back. Naruto's blue eyes fell to the floor in defeat. "Oh. So...you know, too."

"I would ask what you were thinking, but I already know, having been through that myself." Gaara walked over slowly until standing just before his friend. He held out his hand, Naruto took it, and was pulled into a firm hug. "...That punch was for not being there when Konoha was attacked."


Gaara pat his back. "Naruto-kun."

The boy in Gaara's arms abruptly burst in a muffled sob, and he reared away to swipe it away. "...I couldn't control myself. Nikko was hurt all because of me. This whole time, I thought of only what I wanted--instead of what SHE wanted."

Nikko, who had heard all, was deeply moved and she stepped forward. "Naruto..."

Gaara moved aside just as Nikko collided into Naruto, sending them both to the ground. She clung on, crying out, "I'm so sorry! I never meant to hurt you....I've been so lost, trying to--to understand what I'm supposed to do--"

"Don't beat yourself up Nikko." Naruto smiled through his tears, ruffling her green hair. "We both messed up pretty bad."

Gaara, relieved the worst was over now had a punishment for both of them. He would enjoy it, too.

At his will the sand on the ground lifted Nikko up and to him, where he brushed aside Nikko's long hair and nipped her neck. The pulse he could feel sped up.

"Hey! What gives! We were making up!" Naruto shouted.

At his glare Naruto shut up. Gaara took his time undoing Nikko's kimono sash. It fluttered down, and he slid the fabric from her creamy shoulders. Nikko gave a little gasp. "Gaara...ha...what are you doing...?"

"Whipping both of you."

Gaara leaned down and cupped her left breast, lifting it to his mouth so he could suckle her. As he suspected, Naruto shot up--only to be held down by his sand. "Grr! This isn't cool, Gaara! If you're gonna do that, don't do it at my house!"

"You need to learn how to share, Naruto," the sand demon replied.

"Tch! As if you want to share her? Give me a break! I don't wanna watch it!" Naruto struggled but the sand only pulled him tighter.

Nikko quivered as the cool lips of Gaara ate her chest. She nearly fell to her knees in pleasure and had to concentrate on just standing. "G-Gaara...ahn..."

"I've always liked how you call my name." He replied.

Nikko caved into his display of affection and placed her hands into his crimson mane, needing him to do more, and now. She knew that Naruto was watching but Gaara had her by the pussy and he knew it.

After making her nipples pink from suction he said, "Turn around for me."

She knew what would be next. 

Gaara unzipped his pants and pulled out his erection, giving himself a test pump before pressing Nikko to the floor. The girl raised her perk ass into the sky, spreading wide. He smirked. Drips of clear liquid, sticky and stretchy, pulled from her tiny pink pussy and touched the floor.

"Dammit, Gaara! I really hate you right now, just so you know!" Naruto yelled.

"You'll thank me one day." He replied, before parting her ass cheeks and probing around. He struck gold, and Nikko arched her back, looking behind her at him as best as she could. "Hyah!"

Naruto could only watch with a massive hard on. He grit his teeth; it should be him there fucking her, not Gaara. "...Dammit.." he turned away to hide how turned on he was but it was useless. It was real life porn and he had front row seats. 

The sand demon began slowly. His peachy cock, veined in full, filled Nikko to the brim. She knew he'd grown in their time apart but it was still a shock, and his next thrust pushed him across her pelvic bone and tickled the edge of her womb--Nikko shook, catching Naruto's eye a moment as her pussy was dominated. She'd craved Gaara for so long and now he was here, doing such an unexpected thing that she couldn't cope. She was a play thing to him and loved it, loved how he was claiming her body for his. And it was a great turn on that Naruto was watching. Gaara's dick reacted to her eagerness and the next thrust gave her goosebumps as it slid inside, saying, 'mine'.

"Agn! Agn! Ah--Gaara---" Nikko grabbed at the floor, but there was nothing for support, so she slid to her cheek. Her mouth fell open as Gaara gave her a helping of his home made cream pie. "Hyaaah!--" she cried out. A rush of liquid dripped from her pussy as she shrieked for more.

Naruto had saw enough. Gaara had proven his point. Nikko was Gaara's. It was easy to see that--how she melted under his touch, like it were the best thing since ramen. Naruto pulled up as hard as he could, and was surprised when the sand fell down. Gaara pulled out of Nikko and turned to him dick and all, "...Do you understand?"

"Yeah. I get it. Share or you'll take her away. Is that it?"

Gaara smirked. "Since you understand, lets try...a group activity. It will be the only way to see if it works or not."

From the floor Nikko pushed herself up on all fours, dazedly looking at both of them. Her misty eyes gazed at Naruto--telling him it was okay. Naruto took off his orange shirt and tossed it to lands unknown, jerking his boxers down. "How do we...?" He asked.

"I've already had that area, so I'll find my own amusement," Gaara replied. 

As said he kneeled, lifted Nikko's face, and shoved his tongue down her neck. Naruto took a deep breath--group activity, he reminded himself over and over. Still...it was hard watching her get so much pleasure from just his tongue. It wasn't fair.

Naruto had to do better than Gaara. Needed to show Nikko nirvana.

With that in mind he kneeled, seeing her pussy slathered in Gaara's cum, and bit his jaw. He didn't like the idea of plunging into that when it was Gaara's fluids. He shook it off and spread her ass, slapping it. "Mnp!" She shouted through Gaara's tongue.

Naruto lifted her thighs from the floor, and she jerked forward, whimpering out as he roughly slammed through to her womb. 

"Don't go too hard," Gaara warned. 

"You do you and I'll do me," Naruto retorted. "She likes it rough."

"Is that so...?" Gaara asked the open mouthed Nikko. Spit clung to her peachy lip and she moaned, "Yes--ah--ah! Naruto!"

Gaara didn't like her moaning for Naruto and shut her up again with his tongue.

Nikko's pussy was so wet, Naruto thought, yet it still flexed around his dick. He withdrew to his tip before slamming back in--and she shouted again. Naruto couldn't help but smirk; Nikko loved his dick.

He sped up, smacking her ass here and there to keep it cutely pink. "Hnn!" She was picture of pleasure. Her large tits bounced around, while her body shook eagerly. He couldn't see her face but knew it had to be flushed and sweating like his.

He pulled out and sat down, yanking Nikko's shoulders until she fell onto his pelvis. Much better. His hands played with her breasts before he wade back into the slippery waters below. Gaara narrowed his eyes at Naruto but moved over, suckling her breast. He rubbed her clit, and Nikko shrieked, "Ah-! Please, don't stop--! Ha..ha...!"

Once again Gaara was winning. Naruto growled and bit into her neck. It did the trick, and Nikko's pussy squeezed around him so hard he blew a load off, right into her womb. He could practically feel it saying, 'thank you' for all the white frosting.

"...Naruto...Gaara..." Nikko huffed. Her shoulders trembled and she caved, falling against Gaara's chest. Her eyes shut as she slipped into a slumber. Gaara picked up a section of her hair, twirling it's silkiness between his fingers. "It appears she enjoyed that."

"...Yeah...I'll say."

"I accept you as her...love mate," Gaara stated. "But I have yet to make my mind up about the others."

"That's what started this mess." Naruto sulked. "She only needs us, ya know?"

"Maybe. But if that were so, she would be satisfied. Yet her heart has opened to accept others inside. We have to be patient."

"Tch. You make it sound all fuzzy and nice. I can't just let it slide.. She...loves me," Naruto said to himself. 

"And she loves me." Gaara reminded him. The ghost of a smile formed as he added, "Nikko is strong in mind and body. She cannot help but draw people to her. Much like you."

"Don't get all...weird on me," Naruto said. His cheeks felt hot.

"I merely say what I believe. For now, the two of us will need to keep her from suffering. You can feel it, too. How she hurts."

Naruto's blue eyes went glum. "...I'm a big part of that."

"On the contrary. She adores you. And I...have to thank you, too." Gaara looked at him firmly. "You saved her from herself."

"Gee, well, thanks I guess. Can we put our dicks up now? This is getting real awkward."




She was in heaven. Or some form of it. Her body was light, carefree, and she could have floated right out of her body. As she shifted in her sleep, she could detect that both sides of her were warm with the presence of bodies. Nikko lifted her eyes and saw Gaara on one side, looking down at her, and Naruto on the other. Both were clothed now. Her heart raced--they'd fucked her right and good, and she pulled the cover over her nose. "D-Don't look at me like that--!"

"Heh. What? Shyyy, Nikko? Naruto poked her cheek, "Look Gaara, she's all red."

Gaara smiled a tiny smile and gently kissed her cheek. "You took a nap. We must have...tired you."

It was too much. Blood spurted from her nose and she squealed. "P-Perverts!"

"Hey hey, you're the one with a bloody nose! Right, Gaara?"

"I confess to being quite perverse." Gaara admitted. He took the edge of the blanket and wiped away her anemia. "Nikko must bring out more than my demon." He added.

Naruto propped up onto his elbow and cuddled her side. "It feels so great...being with you, like this again."

He smothered her so much she panted and looked to Gaara for help, but he merely took her hand and kissed her knuckles. She wasn't getting help so she gave in, smiled at both of them and returned Naruto's affection. Her lips pecked his whiskered cheek. "...Thank you Naruto."

"Hm? What for?"

"For loving me...as I am." She looked to Gaara, "You, too. I couldn't be with better people--to be loved by you two...I'm the luckiest girl."

Gaara teal eyes glowed. He captured her mouth softly. Tendrils of his red hair fell across her vision and she knew she'd remember this day the rest of her life, for however long that would be. She was where she wanted to be, and a peace she'd never felt before caressed the very air she breathed.

Two red butterflies flew from her chest--the first went to Gaara, who watched it curiously. It vanished into him. The second claimed Naruto. "Eh? What the heck?" Naruto asked. He dusted his chest. "There was a butterfly--I saw it! Where did it go?"

Nikko gasped. "Aponi---! They...went to you both--!"

"Aponi.." Naruto squinted. "Weird name for a fly. But I've heard it before...." he waited for Nikko to explain.

She sat up. The cover fell away and she said, "Aponi was..is...my guide. They've been around since...I came here. They are the...embodiment of Ichikashima no mikoto. She's...my ancestor. Her curse has carried through the generations. The only cure is to find your true love." Nikko looked at both of them. Her eyes misted. "...It seems I have three?"

"Three?" Naruto counted on his fingers. Naruto, Gaara, and, "Wait a minute. There were only two butterflies."

She nodded. "The third...is Shikamaru."


"I see." Gaara sighed. He sat up and leaned his back to the wall. "So we must accept him at some point."

"The thing is, I've had true love before," she told the sand demon. "Sasuke was my first. Then..Shikamaru." Her lips turned into a frown. "But there's a big difference. You see, those butterflies were always blue--and they simply vanished. I don't know what it means that they went to you...and were red."

"Heh!" Naruto smirked. "It probably means we're superior in every way."

"Naruto..." Nikko giggled and stroked her hand down his face. "...That you are."

His cheeks reddened. 

"I don't mean to interrupt," Gaara said, "But I can feel Neji Hyuuga approaching."

"Aw man. Spoil sport." Naruto sulked. "Guess this means the parties over."

Nikko, seeing the depressed Naruto and Gaara frown, took one of their hands into hers. "...When you are both Kage...I'll be by your side forever, ne?"

A light from within lit their faces. Their beloved truly believed in their dreams--Gaara and Naruto stole her cheek.



"Of course," Gaara said.

"Can't wait!" Naruto answered.