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Welcome to the my story! I hope you'll enjoy a bit of lgbti-mystery-SF fun!

If you wanna wait that the whole story is finished before reading it, i'll be sure to link the story in PDF (Formatted with LaTeX) and in EPUB for those who want to wait and/or read it again!


written in Union Standard

…..Neuronal Connection Established

…..Identity checked

…..Name: Ariana Luivon

…..Informations: Human, female, ambassador of the Union to Earth

..Language: Earth Standard

…..Translation: OK

written in Earth Standard

Extracts of the captain logs of the Union Science Spaceship AEXIII-1,

Date: 12th of December, 1902, 1002h Human Standard Time (HST)

Our spaceship just dropped out of FTL in the outer fairing of a stellar system, the star is a class G yellow star, with a mass of approximately 0.8 Union Standard Stellar Mass (USSM), radioactivity is normal and particle emition seems to indicate that the star is approximately mid life.

We are currently in orbit of the 8th planet, a beautiful but useless blue gas giant, our engineer is looking the drive to see when we can resume our mission, we are more than 80 light years away from home and we still have a few anomalies to investigate. While we’re blocked into this stellar system the sensors are at full power to see if any biological activity is present.

Date: 12th of December, 1902, 1130h HST

An alarm just went off, the sensors picked up life signal, and weak electromagnetic activity on the third planet of this system. The system have 4 inner planets before what seems a belt of asteroid and the outer planets, only the 3rd have biological signals.

A prob has been launched and put into orbit safely in the second Lagrange point of the planet-star system, it has a faster-than-light communication arrays and is far enough to be non-detectable from the surface of the planet.

It is designed to pick up information (and any EM signals they might send) gather data, and send it right back into the main world to be processed and analyzed, this planet and specie may be interesting to study.

Date: 14th of December, 1902, 0103h HST

The engineer just called my station, they is positive the vessel is capable to safely perform an FTL jump right back to mainworld, we have to inform the chain of command of our discovery, and we have to setup the legal shenanigans to study the society of the 3rd planet, the coordinates of this system were safely put into the Union Shared Spacemap and we installed an FTL jump-point approximately 0.7 light years away from the star, in a circular orbit.

The central computer just approved the jump and I instantly felt the mechanical switch from our sublight fusion drive to the powerful space-bending FTL drive, after the final checklist was checked, the countdown was called, at T0 I feel the intense acceleration of the drive, a few broken glass later we finally were at our FTL1 speed to join mainworld in a bit over 3 months.