CH.351 Impossible Jobs and Evolutions
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I spent the next morning in the Factory handing out installs like they were candy on halloween. I got a reasonably long list of monsters that had bet that Nel is Nevelle, and I owed all of those monsters an install. Sure there was an almost equally long list of monsters that had bet against that fact, but Endy only told me about it after the fact, because he was on the ‘Nel is Nevelle’ camp and wanted to get me on board. But I was against it, even if I ended up being wrong.

But you can’t really blame me, can you? Who on Earth would assume there is a skill that lets you split yourself into two? And let’s be honest here. It is in my interest to give my monsters installs. With each install, they get more powerful, and by extension I get more powerful.

The most interesting part was learning who were on team ‘Nel is Nevelle’ and who were with me on the ‘No chance’ team. I suppose there were also plenty of monsters that just didn’t take part, but that is on them.

After I was done handing out rewards, I went to the Factory control platform so I could work with the item developer there for a bit. I had a little project I wanted to finish. It was something that would require either a lot of HomeBase cheating, or a bit of HomeBase cheating combined with a lot of hard labor by Wilma and Karl. And I wanted to hand it over to Wilma and Karl, as soon as the blueprint for it was finished, so I made sure I had the blueprint perfect before I returned to the real world and headed for the HomeBase workshop.



“So, what do you think? How impossible is it?” I asked.

“Completely.” Karl said. “But still somehow doable.”

“Yes. I think we can still do it.” Wilma agreed. “I mean, I don’t think it will succeed, but we can follow this plan to a T, so if the plan works, it should be successful.”

“Do your best. I know you can do it.” I told the two.


The job I had given them was both nearly impossible and deceptively easy. It was turning titanium into star titanium. And then making a sword out of star titanium. 

Star titanium is one of the highest grade of metals in this world, equal to things like orichalcum, adamantite and void uranium. I could make any of them with HomeBase, but they are extremely expensive to make, so I really don’t want to. So instead I came up with a theory. Steel + blood makes vampiric steel. Same goes for iron + blood making blood iron. Sure there is some Blood Magic or True Blood Magic involved, but the components are simple. 

So, and this was the theory, if blood and iron make blood iron, will an Ursa Major’s claw, which is basically Space Magic attributed, and some titanium, which has a much more reasonable production cost with the Chaos God Core, make star titanium. That was the theory. Mix space attributed monster material and titanium, while an avatar doll with Cosmo Queen or Different Dimension Master uses Space Magic to hopefully help with the process.

I had my monsters, overseen by Laura, test the theory. And it succeeded in the Factory, so now I was bringing it to real life. Sure there is that ‘real life room’ of the Factory where it could be done, but I want to know if Wilma and Karl can do it. Because if they can, that would be really amazing.

Sadly, the amount of Ursa Major material that I have is limited. So after I run out of that, we’ll need a substitute. Laura and my monsters are looking into that, but there are other materials I want to learn how to make as well. The three legendary metals mentioned above are definitely a part of that.

Then when we learn how to make all four of them, we can start working on some OP weaponry, without me having to worry about the HomeBase production costs. I just need to figure out a more sustainable source of something like titanium. If I can get it without HomeBase, that would be for the best. Sadly, I’m not even sure where to start, but maybe the dwarves will know. Maybe I should take Wilma and visit her home. I can maybe bribe them into revealing some cool stuff. I mean, in theory, I can just install one of my numerous equip-spells into a sword to make a sword that gives strength to the wielder and that might already get them to my side. If I recall correctly, Wilma said that no regular weapon will give its wielder strength, and with my equips I can make some.

Well, let’s worry about that after my current project is done. Or I can even install an equip-spell into the star titanium blade if Karl and Wilma manage to make one.



“Brian. Einar has begun to evolve.” Ria ran up to me and informed me of some good news. 

Yes, I knew it was possible that Einar would evolve, as he did get to level 40, and with evolutions being more common for beast-folk, I was somewhat hoping he might evolve before 50. Eline was still LV.39, so no worries with her. 

“Alright. Is he already being taken to the medbay?” I asked.

“Yes.” Ria confirmed. 

“Good. Let’s go there too. I need to set up the evolution tank.” I told Ria. “Give me your hand. I’ll teleport us there.” I told her, as I offered her my right arm, and Ria took a hold of it. I then quickly used Dungeon Founder to teleport us to the medbay, while I also quickly confirmed where Einar was and how long it would take for him to arrive in the medbay.


The evolution tank was already installed in the medbay, but it wasn’t quite ready to go. It lacked one last thing, the diluted healing potion it will be filled with. The potion put inside of the tank was a mix of Red and Blue Medicine, diluted down to something that was nearly useless as a potion. But since you’d be submerged in it for a long time, it needed to be quite weak or bad things could happen.


I quickly filled the separate tank that would hold the healing liquid, while I also opened the healing tank. Then just under a minute later, Eline and Maya appeared, Maya carrying Einar in her arms. 

“M-Master? You are here already?”

“Yes. Ria got me. Put him here.” I told Maya, pointing at the healing tank. 

“Yes.” Maya answered and quickly laid Einar inside the evolution tank. 

I then went ahead and attached the breathing mask on him, as well as a few sensors, before I closed the lid on the evolution tank and activated it. After I did, the stand-by healing liquid began making its way into the tank where Einar now was.


“M-master. Will he be alright?” Maya asked when she saw the fluid begin to engulf Einar.

“He’ll be fine.” I answered. “The mask on his face will make sure he can breathe. Besides, that liquid is diluted healing potion. You can’t actually drown in it, even if you tried.” 


That is actually true. Even with the low composition of actual healing potion in the liquid, if you just attempted to drown yourself in that liquid, the liquid would heal you faster than drowning would drain your HP. So you basically couldn’t die from breathing in that liquid. It would still hurt like hell, so I wouldn’t recommend trying it, but it was safe in that way. 

And with the sensors the evolution tank had, it would immediately pull the healing liquid out if there was any sign of the person inside breathing in the liquid. And the mask can also pull fluids out of the lungs, so as long as it could be put back on the person, it would clean the fluid out of their lungs and they would be able to breathe again. I did try to make the tank as safe as possible after all, but I will admit that there is a chance I overlooked something and that something will go wrong, so I made sure that someone would stay to watch over Einar at all times. I’d also get a message in Dungeon Founder if something goes wrong with the tank, and from there, Laura could instantly warn me, and I could come over.


I of course told all of this to Eline, Maya and Ria. Well, Ria knew of it already, because she was the one that experienced the ‘drowning’ in the healing liquid. Don’t blame me, she volunteered saying that: “Brian can keep an eye on my HP because I’m his slave.” I probably would have tested it on one of my monsters otherwise. 

After I was sure everything was fine with Einar, I left the medbay. Both Eline and Maya decided to stay there for now at least, and I let them. If they worry about Einar that much, they won’t get any work done in the first place, so they can just take it easy. I did remind Eline that she should take care of Lumi while Einar is evolving though.


But soon after leaving the medbay, another person ran up to me. Raging Eria, who had been working as Endy’s assistant today, came to me and told me that I was needed in the office.





“Endy, what do you need?” I quickly asked.

“We got a note from Lady Cressida. It says that Lady Mariina has likely begun an evolution and she is asking for you to come see her as soon as possible.” Endy relayed the message. 

“Her too? Well, I guess today is an evolution day.” I somewhat joked, but evolutions are serious business so let’s head down there ASAP. “Eria, you are coming with me.” I quickly ordered the Water Spellcaster monster. “Endy, you can have someone else activated.” I also gave Endy the permission to have another monster put into an avatar doll so that he can still have his assistant while I steal Eria. Sure Eria isn’t the best for what I need, but she is a Water Spellcaster and she is available, so she can do what I need.

… I miss Lua. How long will it take until she is done with the current village? HomeBase just lacks a healer when she is gone. I should look into inviting someone else that can use healing magic. Maybe someone that can use Holy Magic? That should help Lua in learning Holy Magic. I just don’t really know if I can get someone like that.



“Cressida, I’m here.” I announced, as I arrived at the Sawyer capital manor.

“Brian. Thanks for being so fast. I was just about to call a priest from the church. Should I do that?” Cressida asked.

“Nah. I’ll take Mariina to HomeBase, if you don’t mind. She’ll likely have the best evolution there.”

“Thank you. I’ll have to leave to work soon, but … can I come see?”

“It will only take a bit of time, so you can come along. Just don’t gawk at everything too much. I know it is your first time.”

I brought out the levitating sickbed from Storage and with Eria’s help, we moved Mariina onto it. Then I had Eria use water magic to cool Mariina until we’d get to HomeBase.

We quickly got back outside, from where I transferred a total of five people up to HomeBase. There were the four of us, as well as Mariina’s attendent. She insisted on coming along, and I agreed. I can put a similar Mind Crush on her as what Mariina has. … how do I still not know her name? Well, I’ll ask in a second. 


On HomeBase, I quickly took Mariina to the medbay. When I arrived, I joked a bit to Eline and Maya that Einar was no longer the only one evolving.

I then quickly set up a second evolution tank and set Mariina inside of it, while explaining to both Cressida and Safia how the evolution tanks worked and how safe they are. 

From there, I returned Cressida to the Sawyer manor so she could head to work, while also agreeing to pick her up when she returns from work, while Safia, Mariina’s attendant, was allowed to stay on HomeBase for now. I also added a similar Mind Crush on Safia as what Mariina had on her, so no secrets will be leaving through her. 



Not so sure about Cressida telling Prince Elias something, but I was planning on inviting Prince Elias to HomeBase’s grand reveal anyway, so even if he learns something, it will be fine.


But still. A double evolution out of … well, this isn’t really nowhere, but still. I wasn’t expecting that. I hope both Mariina and Einar will be fine after their evolutions and hopefully both of them will evolve into races they’ll like.