CH.361 Church on HomeBase
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“... Hello. I’m sorry I called you here.” A young girl, probably around 14, spoke to us in a familiar parlor room. “Please, come and take a seat.”

“... May I ask where Aulis is? He is our usual System agent.” I asked the girl. “Not that I mind the change.” I quickly added.

We were in fact once again in the parlor room where we met Aulis or the Goddess, but this time, a young blue haired girl was here to see us.

“I … I asked to take over today, as this is somewhat personal.” The girl answered, as the three of us took our seats around the table.


“... I suppose I should introduce myself first. My name is Sicily.”

Sicily? That was the angel Sepher mentioned. So she really is a System Agent and not just some sort of an angel. This basically confirms that angels are System Agents.

“Well, it is nice to meet you, Sicily. I know you already know, but I’m Brian, this is Alice, and she is Lucia, or Lua for short.” I quickly introduced us, just because it felt correct. “So, what is this about? Another fissure?”

“... That too, but I also have a different goal. If it was just a fissure, I’d have left this to Aulis.” Sicily said. “Or we could have just sent you a mission with the details.”

“I see. So what is this about?”

“It is to do with Holder Lucia.” Sicily answered.

“Me? … what is it?” Lua asked.

“... first, may I call you Lua?” Sicily asked.

“Yes, of course.” Lua gave permission.

“Thank you, Holder Lua. You were given the Saint title. … but you haven’t done anything with it. May I ask why?” Sicily asked.

“... I just don’t know what to do with it.” Lua admitted. “I know I can learn Holy Magic because of it, but  I don’t really have anyone to teach me. … And if I went to the church and asked them for help, I might get trapped there, so I couldn’t do that.”

“I … I didn’t think you would feel like that.” Sicily said. “But I think I understand your point. I’ll help you with that then. I’ll send a vision to a few priests asking one to go open a church on HomeBase. From there, he or she can teach Holder Lua Holy Magic without any worry. Holder Brian, would this be acceptable?”

“I don’t see why not. I did consider that a church might be necessary at some point when HomeBase got more residents.”

“Good. … then today, please go visit the church in the Hero’s country. Holder Brian, I believe you are already acquainted with high priest Sepher, so I shall send him the vision. I hope he will take care of you and if he doesn’t, I’ll do my best to have someone else do it.” Sicily said.

“Alright. Thanks.” I thanked her, before the other topic came back to my mind. “What about the fissure?”



The fissure was nothing special this time. It would appear in a random land with not any large villages or towns near it, so it was going to be free sailing in that regard. I got the estimates of when and where, and we have a few days to make a battle plan and head to the location. And my reward for dealing with the fissure will be the opening of the Cyberdark Impact set. But first, we have a church to visit.

The trip from our hotel to the church wasn’t too long, so we went on foot, while enjoying the busy city life. We stopped by a few stores on the way, picking some nicknacks while at it. Not surprising anyone, Alice wanted to buy out half a bookstore, but I limited her to just 20 books so that we didn’t take the entire store. 

Lua also found a store that sold blood, so she bought a bit of everything from there and had quite the variety to test out, and while at it, I summoned Cain to cure the stable dhampir who was running said store. Because of that, he tried to give us all that blood for free, but I only agreed to take them for half price. 

After a few more stops, we reached the church and were greeted by the fifty meters tall statue of the Goddess.


“... It is interesting to see her like this.” Alice said.

“She does look both the same and also different.” Lua added.

“Oh yeah. I never did ask, but how do the two of you see her?”

“Uum… she had long black hair with slightly glowing blue eyes.” Alice was the first to answer. “Other than that, she was basically like the statue.”

“For me, she had medium length white hair and reflective black eyes, almost like they were black gems.” Lua said.

“I see… I guess for me, she had rainbow hair and eyes that faded from gold to a green color.” I told them my vision of the Goddess. It was interesting to know that even though we all saw her in the same place at the same time, we did all see her differently. So that theory is most definitely confirmed. Everyone sees the Goddess differently.



“May the Goddess bless you on this day. Is there something specific you came here for, Sir?” A young priestess spoke to us as we entered the church. She, and a few others like her, were standing next to the door waiting for visitors. They also had a donation box next to them, so they likely were expecting at least some money.

“Yes. We’d first like to look around so perhaps you could guide us, but I would also like to get in contact with the high priest Sepher White. Would that be possible?” I answered, as I took out a few gold coins from Storage and dropped them into the donation box. I also made sure to use the full name of Sepher, as well as using his title. I actually never heard his title during our first meeting, but Sicily called him a high priest, so that is likely his System title, so let’s use that.

“Sir. Do you have an appointment with him?” An older clergy woman asked. She seemed to be overseeing the younger kids.

“Yes. It might not be marked on his schedule, but I’m sure he has made time for me. The name is Brian Wood by the way. Would you just please go tell him that I’m here?” I answered. 

I mean, in truth, I had no appointment or anything, but if Sicily kept up her part of the bargain, she should have sent a vision to Sepher. And since Sepher casts the Visionary Rogation spell each morning, evening and sometimes during the day, he should have seen it.

“I shall make sure he knows.” The older woman agreed. “But Sir, if you expect to see him just because you have money, I believe you will be disappointed.”

“If he doesn’t wish to see me, that is just fine.” I told her. 

I mean, if Sepher is too busy, I’ll understand. But I do feel like he will make the time for us. Just a feeling I have.



The tour around the church was kind of nice. I especially liked the room where paintings and other art made by people who personally saw the Goddess was housed, as it proved just how varied the depictions of her were. I still think my own RGB Goddess is the best, as she is the most ‘God-like’ in my opinion, but I do admit that some of these are really good.

I also asked the young priestess how she imagined the Goddess, just out of interest really. At first, the girl struggled to answer, but eventually she pointed at a specific painting and said like that. That version of the Goddess had medium length green hair with some flowers blooming in her hair, as well as red eyes. I do like it, but it makes her look more like a nature Goddess than a general Goddess.

As we kept up the tour, we eventually reached what the girl said would be the last thing. And I do admit, it was worth being the last thing shown. Encased in a large crystal of some kind was a sole magic staff, but that isn’t what was so amazing. Well, the crystal itself was already cool, but the staff was, at least if the sign is to be believed, even more amazing. It was the staff of the first saint, Lucia. No, not my Lucia, but the Lucia from the Hero’s party. 

A time like this is when I wished I had the Appraisal skill like Wilma. I really need to send her here, so that she can see this staff and maybe get me some specs on it. I know it is at least partially made of star titanium, as I recognize the luster, but I know it has some other materials mixed in, so I don’t know the full composition. 

I also almost want to question them keeping it in view of the general public, but Laura then told me about the crystal it is housed in. It is a material made by high level Holy Magic, it is unbreakable by nearly anything, Alice’s Erasure Magic being one of the few things that can actually break it, and it cannot be placed into storage skills like Storage, Inventory and Item Box. So all of that combined makes the staff housed in the crystal nearly impossible to steal, and even if you attempted, the guards that were guarding the crystal would take you in way before you’d ever get anywhere.


As we were finally done with our tour, the girl that had guided us left to find the older lady from earlier, and when they returned, the older lady said that Sepher would see me when he was done with a preach. I probably looked way too smug when she said that, as I had an absolute ‘told you so’ look on my face.



After some time, which we spent quietly speaking in the church, a lizard-folk man came to get us. He was mid to late twenties, by my assumption, but I’m not that good at judging the ages of lizard-folk. 

He asked us to follow him and he led us to a room where Sepher was waiting for us. After letting us in, he quickly left the room.


“It is good to see you again, Brian.” Sepher said, sounding extremely casual. But then again, I love when people do that, so this is great.

“You as well, Sepher. Do you know why we are here?” I asked.

“Of course, although I do have some questions. Also, would you introduce the lovely ladies?”

“... Don’t flirt with my fiancés.” I quickly told him, before letting Alice and Lua introduce themselves.


“You know, I was quite surprised when Angel Sicily sent me that vision. While I get visions every now and then, I haven’t heard of an order to establish a new branch church since … well, a long time ago.” Sepher said.

“Will it be a problem?” I asked.

“Of course not. Though I do question the place. Angel Sicily called it ‘HomeBase’ but I’ve never heard of it. It looked like some sort of a fortified structure and it had magic circles around it, like the Sage’s tower. But admittedly, I’ve never heard of another place using magic circles like the tower does, so I’m not quite sure what to expect.”

“... Well, that is already quite a bit. Just saying this quickly, HomeBase is my home. I have some big plans for it, and I do plan on inviting you, as well as Lady Wendy and Sir Ian to the grand opening.”

“I see. And why would this ‘HomeBase’ need a church of its own, if it is just your home?” Sepher asked.

“For Holy Magic. One of the people living there has a title that allows them to learn Holy Magic, but we don’t really have anyone that could teach them Holy Magic. Angel Sicily said she would assist in getting us someone to teach that person Holy Magic, if we opened a church on HomeBase.” I quickly explained, skirting around the fact that the person with the title is Lua, and the fact that the title she has is Saint.

“I see. I understand now.” Sepher said.



We talked about it for a bit longer and we came to the conclusion that Sepher would pick a priest that would move to HomeBase to establish the church, and that he would move there when the grand reveal happens. This would give Sepher the time to really pick and choose a great candidate. 

Sepher said he would love to come himself, but he knew they, likely referring to Lady Wendy and Sir Ian, would never let him move. That is too bad, because he might have been able to help Lua get even better at flying, but thankfully we have Agunan, as well as all of my monsters. Plenty of them are winged humanoids, so there is no shortage of flight instructors.


With our business at the church concluded, we exited the building and once again began just window shopping, as well as really shopping, in the Hero’s country. At some point, Ula, our resident stalker, caught up with us and stayed with us for the rest of the day, until in the evening I told her we would be returning home, before we gathered and I teleported the three of us to HomeBase.

This visit to the Hero’s country might not have been the longest, but it was still nice. I made a few flowerbeds, I got the location transmitter installed and we are going to get a priest to live on HomeBase in a few weeks. And last but definitely not least, Alice and Lua are now both great witches. 

Now let’s just wait a few days so I can see how these two great witches help me deal with the up and coming dimensional fissure.