CH.362 First Synchro Summon
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“Then we must finish the star titanium sword before that. You have to have a great weapon to deal with something like that.” Wilma said when I spoke with her about the upcoming dimensional fissure.

Most of HomeBase doesn’t know about the fissures, but I did tell Wilma about them after she got her System Support. Other than her, it is of course just the OG crew of me, Alice, Lua, Ria and Agunan. As well as Lady Janina, but she is a special case.

“Don’t worry about that. I can just use my Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword.”



“No. I have the perfect plan for one. Come on. I’ll show it to you.” Wilma said, as she dragged me towards her Factory workshop.


Once there, Wilma quickly took a sword from the wall and gave it to me. It was similar in size to my mithril sword, but this one was of course made of star titanium.

“Looks good enough.” I said, as I received it from Wilma. It felt good in my hand and it was clearly made for me, so I was happy about that, but I do wonder. “What is so special about it, other than the metal?”

“So glad you asked.” Wilma said. “As you already know, the blade is made of star titanium, which is a great metal for emitting mana and magic, so producing a Mana Blade around the sword is extremely easy. Even someone without the Mana Blade skill should be able to do so.”

As Wilma explained that part, I put some of my mana into the sword and it did produce a Mana Blade. … but something felt … familiar about the grip.

“... Wilma, did you use world treant wood for the grip?” I asked.

“Yes. Is that a problem? I believe you have a lot of it.”

“... haah. No. It’s no problem. I mean, legendary grade metals do need that level of materials. Just … try to not tell Karl that we are using it. It still is something that should only be used for special projects. I don’t want you making world treant arrows for Unika or something.”

“... Actually, I already designed a bow and arrows that she could use … both made of world treant wood.” Wilma admitted, as she used the holo table at the center of the Factory workshop to bring up the designs for the bow and arrows. “I didn’t think it’d be necessary yet, but it might be in the future. And besides that, the bow string is worldweb spider’s silk and we don’t have any.”

“... then maybe don’t design weapons around SS-rank materials that we don’t have.”

“But Alice said you could make an SS-rank monster using the dungeon under HomeBase, so couldn’t we do that?” Wilma asked.

“Not for SS-rank monsters. Even A-rank monsters take a ton of miasma. SS-ranks just take way too much. Sure if it was required for something extremely important, I might do it, but for a bow string, not happening.”


As I said that, I opened up the stats screen of the sword I was holding.

Revealing Light Star Titanium Sword
Thrusting - Damage done by thrusting attacks ignores 96% of the target's defenses.
Slashing - Damage done by slashing attacks ignores 99% of the target's defenses
Sword of Revealing Light - Targets hit by this sword’s attacks are stunned and unable to move. Duration depends on the damage dealt.
Stardust Repair - The sword repairs itself if Stardust is put into the sword.
Durability 5900/5900
Description: A sword with a blade made from Star Titanium. The grip is made of World Treant wood, the guard and pommel are made of Aluminium. Being made of Star Titanium, the sword can repair itself if Stardust is put into the sword. Has been enchanted by unknown means, and the enchantment leaves targets hit by the sword unable to move.

“... Did Laura help you with this?” I asked.

“She did, yes. Fantasia was in my workshop when I was designing it and she wanted to see it shine, so she went to get Lady Laura and asked her to install a card into it that would make it shine.” Wilma explained. “... May I ask why you didn’t tell me you could do that?”

“I was going to. Eventually. I just … you work too much. If you knew about the sword installs, you’d spend even more time in the Factory.” I told her, before adding another reason. “Besides, I think it would cheapen your own goals. My installs are way too cheaty. With them, making a weapon that gives its wielder strength isn’t even difficult. I mean, with just one more install, I could turn this sword into something that gives strength.” As I said that, I brought out the few swords that I made about a week back so I could show them to Wilma. “Like these swords. They were designed by you and I added installs to them. And now all of them give the wielder strength. But at the end of the day, it is just cheating. You won’t really accomplish anything.”


Wilma took some time going over the multiple swords I brought out, while hopefully understanding my point, and from the troubled look on her face, she seemed to get it.

“... Okay. I get it. This isn’t the way I want to do it.” Wilma accepted. “... but what is the way to do it?”

“I think it might be the enchanting skill.” I answered. “You’ve been playing around with the blacksmithing and crafting skills, but those couldn’t do it, so it has to be the enchanting, right?”

“... Yes, that might be it.” Wilma agreed. “... do you have a monster that is specialized in enchanting? I know a lot of them can do enchanting, but ...”

“I do have Disenchanter and Dark Red Enchanter.” I answered. “Fantasia should know where they hang out in the Factory, so maybe ask her. Also, I can summon them, or put them in avatar dolls if you want to study with them.” 


“Alright. Thank you, Brian.”

“No problem. And let’s agree to push back the sword for the time when you can really make it amazing. Even if I do like what you already designed.”



With Wilma’s resolve … pushed back a bit, it was time for something else. Something a bit more … synchronized. You know. Because I’m going to synchro summon. … Okay, it’s a bad joke, but still. I have Synchro monsters, as well as Tuners, so let’s summon one. I even have that one tab of Pack Opener. 

Pack Opener
[Sleeve maker]
[Summoning Challenge] 
[Set lists]
[Open Packs]
[Promo Trade]
[Buy Decks]

It was still just [xxx] not showing what it was, but now it said [Perform a Synchro summoning to open this tab.] instead of the previous [This tab cannot be opened until you have Synchro and Tuner monsters.].


So yes. I was going to Synchro summon so that I can see what that new tab is about, and I do have two monsters to summon. I also have two Tuners to use. Well, one is only kind of a Tuner.

Thankfully the Aromage and Aromaseraphy monsters aren’t that dangerous, or large, so I didn’t have to go to the monster infested floors of HomeBase. Instead, I can do this all on the CropFarm floor, so I teleported myself there.


When I arrived, I quickly took a note of where Cailie was. She had Aromage Bergamot and Aromage Cananga, both in avatar dolls, with her, as well as Wynn the Wind Charmer who was her Wind Magic teacher for today.


Cailie used her wheelchair, it still needs a better name as it has no wheels, to float up to me.

“Brian. Did you come here to see me?” She asked.

“Well yes, but also no.” I told her. I mean, I could have done the Synchro summons anywhere, but I came here. And I won’t say part of the reason isn’t Cailie. I mean, technically it is because the Aromaseraphies will be working on this floor, so summoning them here feels appropriate, but a part is also just so Cailie will get acquainted with the new monsters. So yes, I did come here to see Cailie.

“Then … what can I do for you? Do you want to listen to a song?” Cailie asked. “... or maybe see my progress with Wind Magic?”

“Please don’t show that. I already feel like I’m falling behind when it comes to getting new skills. Wouldn’t mind a song though.” I admitted. “But I really came here so that I could summon a few new Aroma monsters I got. They will be working with you in the future, so I think it will be good for you to get acquainted.”

“... oh. I see.” Cailie said, sounding a bit disappointed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll still hang around for a bit after the summonings, so we can do something if you want.” I offered, and the offer did seem to perk Cailie up a bit.



“Okay. Let’s start.” I said to myself mostly. “I summon Aromage Jasmine and Aromaseraphy Angelica. I use the two to build the circuit and link summon Aromaseraphy Jasmine.” 


With the Link monster summoned, let’s move onto the Synchros.

“I summon Aromage Laurel, Aromage Rosemary and Aromage Marjoram. Then I use Aromaseraphy Angelica to special summon it from the GY. I activate Soul of the Pure to gain 800 HP. This triggers Laurel’s effect, so I can turn any Plant monster into a Tuner, so my Laurel is now a Tuner monster.”

Good. Now I have both the Tuners and non-Tuners I need. Let’s Synchro.

“My level 1 Aromage Laurel tunes with my level 4 Aromage Rosemary. I synchro summon the level 5 Aromaseraphy Rosemary.”


With the Tuner turning into a ring of light, and my non-Tuner turning into four stars, the two monsters made a beam of light, and from that light, my new Synchro monster was born.


“Ooh? That was cool.” Cailie said, as she clapped.

“Yeah. It is kind of neat.” I admitted.

“Definitely better than that … Link thing.” Cailie said, before quickly realizing that a certain someone didn’t like what she just said. “No offense, Jasmine. Wait. Should I call this Jasmine something else? Big Jasmine? Winged Jasmine?”

“Just call me Jasmine.” Aromaseraphy Jasmine huffed. “Both of me are still me. I’m just stronger.”

“Sure. … does the same go for you, Winged Rosemary?” Cailie asked.

“Yes. I am the same, but just a bit more powerful.” Aromaseraphy Rosemary confirmed.

That  is … kind of interesting. Maybe because I used the OG version as material, they took some of the OGs’ memories? I think I recall that happening with some of my Fusion monsters, as well as monsters like Dark Sage.


Well, either way, I still have one more Synchro monster to summon.

“You don’t mind if I do my second Synchro summoning, right?” I asked Cailie and the Aroma monsters. Not that I was waiting for an answer, because I quickly began to chant. “My level 1 Aromaseraphy Angelica tunes with my level 5 Aromage Marjoram. I synchro summon the level 6 Aromaseraphy Sweet Marjoram.”




I ended up spending nearly two hours with Cailie on the CropFields, just having her show me the plants. A lot of them were just a few days away from being able to be harvested. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to be a part of the first harvest, as it would likely happen on the day Alice, Lua and I would head out to deal with the dimensional fissure.

After keeping Cailie company, I unsummoned the new Aromaseraphy, quickly summoned Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning so I could use Primal Seed to get back my banished Aromaseraphy Angelica, and then I returned to my office so I could take a look at the new unlocked tab of Pack Opener.

Pack Opener
[Momentum Reactor] (unlocked)
[Sleeve maker]
[Summoning Challenge] (+1)
[Instructions] (+1)
[Set lists]
[Open Packs]
[Promo Trade]
[Buy Decks]

Momentum Reactor? That energy generator for 5D's? Why would my skill give me something like that, and what can it even do?

Well, let’s check it out and see.

Momentum Reactor
Gathered Momentum: 11
[Use Momentum]

Okay, that doesn’t tell me a lot. It tells me that I have 11 momentum. I’d guess I get 1 per level of Synchro monster that I Synchro summon as Sweet Marjoram is level 6 and Rosemary is level 5, totaling 11.

(It might not be a bad idea to check the instructions tab.) Laura told me. (It has some info on the Momentum Reactor.)


I did as she recommended and read up on my new … it isn’t a new skill, but a new part of my skill. In short, Momentum is gathered whenever I, or anyone else, performs a Synchro summoning with my cards, or otherwise summons a Synchro monster. Synchro monsters that are summoned not by Synchro summoning only give half their level worth of Momentum, while proper Synchro summonings give the full amount. And special kinds of Synchro summoning like Accel Synchro, Limit Over Accel Synchro and Double Tuning give multiplied points. With Double Tuning Synchro summon, I’d get Momentum equal to double the summoned monsters level, with Accel Synchro I get four times, with Delta Accel Synchro Summon I get five times, and with Limit Over Accel Synchro I get ten times.


But that's just how I get Momentum. The cool part is what I can do with it after I have it. First, Momentum can be turned into temporary Status points, 1 Momentum equaling a +100 in one stat. So if I use 10 Momentum, I can get a temporary Strength increase of +1000. I can also turn Momentum into HP or Mana at the same rate, but in that case, it isn’t temporary.

Second. Momentum Can be used to power up my monsters. The same 1 Momentum equals +100 in either attack or defense applies. These buffs last until the monster is unsummoned.

Third. Momentum can be used to purchase Pack and Reprint tokens. Would have been super useful if Laura didn’t break my Pack tokens with the Butterfly Dagger - Elma loop. Used as a recourse to make sleeves and toploaders, again would be cool if I didn't have near infinite cards. And Momentum can also be used to buy Decks, both Structure and Starter, and it can be used as a resource for Promo Trades. But since Starter and Structure decks can be purchased with Pack and Reprint tokens, and I’m not exactly low on either, I’ll just use them instead. Being able to use Momentum for Promo Trades is kind of cool though, because I can use it instead of something like Divine-Beast type monsters.

Fourth. I can use Momentum to purchase myself a D-Wheel, or a Duel Runner if you prefer the dub term. It costs 500 Momentum to get one and I’ll definitely be aiming for one at some point. 


So yeah. Momentum is decently useful. Just a shame I only have the Aromaseraphy synchros. 

I did also unlock the Summoning Challenge for Synchro monsters. I now have all of them, except maybe Pendulum, but I’ll go over it later, because like the Link and XYZ challenge, I can’t get to the first reward yet, so I’ll just wait until I have more Synchro monsters.


Okay, because I know someone will ask about it. The different kinds of Synchro summons. Let's list them here quickly.

Double Tuning - A Synchro summoning that uses 2 Tuner monsters. Only used for Red Nova Dragon, Hot Red Dragon Archfiend King Calamity, Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend and Vylon Omega. Also Triple Tuning is also a thing, only used to summon Red Supernova Dragon, and it gives x3 Momentum.

Accel Synchro - A Synchro summoning done using 2 Synchro monsters as materials. And because unlike with double tuning, most Synchro monsters don't care if they are summoned using Synchro monsters, this can be used to summon most Synchro monsters, if Brian wants extra Momentum.

Delta Accel Synchro Summon - Same as Accel, except for summoning that use 3 or 4 monsters as materials.

Limit Over Accel Synchro - Again, same as Delta Accel and Accel Synchro, but uses 5 monsters as a material.

These really don't matter much, but it is just something fun and extra I added to the Momentum Reactor. And in case someone asks, yes, Brian can stack Double Tunings x2 multiplier with the Accel Synchro x4 multiplier. But that is just if Brian wants to max his Momentum gain.