Chapter 41
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Damien’s POV


Just as I started to cum, my precious ended up cumming as well, making everything all that more crazier for me!

His trembling, his heavy breathing, his moans and groans, his saying my name.

It was so perfect!

Slowing down, I laid back down and held him tight to myself. “Mmm…So sudden…”

I heard a shy little laugh and felt him shrink a bit against me, making me only want to cuddle him closer.

I kissed his neck, feeling him shudder, making me feel even more crazy!


I laughed at his attempted conversation and said, “You what?”

He covered his face with one of his arms and I laughed again, moving it away.

His red checks and eyes, that were looking away, made me kiss him in near laughter.

He was the most gorgeous Shifter, no, the most gorgeous out of everything in the world!


Ah! That’s my precious!

Getting his response back while I kissed him, I continued to intimately investigate his mouth and felt his arms once again go around my neck.

Mmm…So easily passionate!

Turning and bringing him up onto my lap, as I sat up, I again took his mouth and hugged him to me.

Pulling away, I put my forehead against his and we were quiet as we waited to stop breathing so heavily.

“It’s nice that you are awake a bit more for two days in a row!”

With saying this, I felt him snuggle into me and put his head against my shoulder.

“Then…I feel bad…”

“What? Why?” I asked, trying to look down at him…Seeing his eyes shut…

“…I’m tired…”

…Ah…You’re kidding me!

I was getting ready for round two!

Sighing, I then kissed him on this forehead and let him be. I know I could be sexually excited and all but both Hexxah and I didn’t want to make things hard on him in any way.

If he needs sleep so much, that he falls asleep in seconds, then how could we wake him up!?

I will just cuddle him a bit more though, I’m not letting him go just yet!


Holding onto him, I put my head back against the bed and took a deep breath, then looked down at the already sleeping Ethan.

Extremely precious…

Moving a bit of his hair, I tenderly looked at him and kissed him on his forehead.

He really wasn’t as I expected…

What happened today had put me beyond expectations and I really think I fell in love with him all over again.

I think he was a bloody idiot, but his swift control and courage…His way of words and how he is doing things his way…

He had been someone wanting to prove his worth, someone that wanted to be heard, even though there wasn’t any clear evidence. Ah, and the way he uses his Alpha aura, man…I never thought I liked any Alpha trying to do that to me, but it only made me more proud of him!


He used it in times where he needed to, not all the time, and I couldn’t help but think that he was quite a good King, even if he wasn’t my mate. He just wasn’t all that smart about it!

…He was too innocent…

Ah, he really scared the hell outta me though and I have no idea on how to go on about this now!

Sighing, I placed Ethan into the bed and then decided that I should try and clean up for him. No wonder he was so tired now, he had probably put in a lot of effort to what he did and had felt tense till now, since yesterday…

Seeing him look so comfortable confused me, because of the mess that he’s created, but I have to admit…Seeing him like this was something I was happy for.


Leaving my precious, after cleaning him up and tucking him in, I walked out of the room and made my way back to the new ‘throne’ room.

“…It’s not that I’m taking sides! What I’m saying is that it seems that both Beta Owen and His Majesty are fighting and had brought us into it!”

Walking into the room, I saw two groups of Shifters, looking at each other.

“Then why are you all for His Majesty when he’s lied to us all this time!?” Seeing Alpha Louis questioning things, when he had really started to become part of His Majesty’s allies, made me vexed!

“Did you not hear?” I said, coming right into the middle of the groups and looking at Alpha Louis, “His Majesty had been twelve when Beta Owen took him in. He was brought up to think that lying about being an Omega was alright. He told us that Owen told him that was for the best…”

Alpha Louis frowned and interrupted me, “Are you blaming Beta Owen for doing the best he could, to bring up a King? An Omega King at that!”

Oh, so however I fight this, you’re going to be mad!?

I took a step closer towards him then, and said, “His Majesty just wants to start fresh, why do you think he told you everything!? He’s asking for a chance!”


“I’d feel a lot better if I was not forced into a blood pact.”

Hearing this, I turned to Alpha Monk and glared at him.

Go on, just ruin everything for your King, you idiot!

“He went on and on today about not wanting to force us into a blood pact, but did he ever consider giving my blood back?”

I shook my head and continued to glare at him.

“What a hypocrite!” One stated from behind me, then another stated, “This is a mess! We don’t want to do a blood pact but if we aren’t to do one, does that mean we’ll be casted away from Beta Owen?”

“Do you hear yourselves!?” I yelled out, getting angry, “Your King just told you to make a choice, are you really saying you still rather be with Beta Owen, even though he’s an arsehole! He’s not even royalty for fuck sacks!”

“I talked to the elders, they said that he was the brother in law to His Majesty, but they didn’t state anything that Beta Owen had done wrong!”

I turned to Alpha Louis and shook my head, “Would you regret it? Taking Beta Owen as the regent King and abandoning your real King? Especially now that His Majesty can once again take up his duties!”


I saw them hesitate and then yelled out, “That is what you are doing! You are abandoning your King!”

“He said he’d accept our choice!” Alpha Louis yelled back.

“Then decide!” I growled. “Like the King stated though, don’t come crying to us if you regret it! You can’t just turn back halfway! That old man will use and abuse you to get what he wants! He will change the way we have lived, to make him more powerful and who knows what us Shifters will be like in ten years!”

“I would like to speak to the King.”

Turning to Alpha Monk, and narrowed my eyes, “What for?”

“I think he should follow what he states just now and stop the blood pact between us. I believe it’s only fair…”

I put my hands up in frustration and interrupted him, “Fine! Do as you will! He’s currently sleeping but when he wakes, I’ll make sure that he knows of your request!”

Alpha Monk smirked, and nodded, “Thank you!”

This was…A massive mess!

Precious…Could we have done this a better way!?



Ethan’s POV


It didn’t take me long to get out of being sleepy after awakening.

I was bombarded straight away, before I could even eat, by Alpha Monk, demanding that we are to end the blood pact between us.

After I got my bearings, I accepted it. I let him have his blood back and could only smile at him as he gave his formal farewell to me.

It was not looking good though…As not long after I started eating, it became known that it was just us, the original two Alpha’s and I still here. Alpha Louis had left, whether he was going to Beta Owen or not was a question, but he was not with me…

Alpha Monk was now leaving, having gotten what he wanted and now had freedom of choice, but Damien was upset to think that he was Owen’s man from long ago.

Alpha Yoon had been imprisoned for attempting to attack another Shifter and Alpha Brown left, unsure on what to do.

They didn’t want to stay, yet they didn’t know if they should go to Beta Owen…

This…Was only the beginning…

And…I was right…


That strange want to defend myself so explicitly seemed to cost me a future and I even went as far as questioning myself upon why I had been so eager to state what I had and not care so much about what they had thought.

The aura that had come over me, I really thought that it was from me building it up all these years and just releasing it but…I started to even question that!

I know I wanted to do all this, but why hadn’t I trusted Damien more?

Why had I done this without his approval…Why had I been so…Eager to state what was on my mind without a care?

What was wrong with me!? What is wrong with me!?

I didn’t feel normal anymore…

Upon finding this out, I was scared…




The struggle of who was to have the power of ‘King’, went on, but I did not go to ‘buy’ anyone’s favor.

In fact, I felt really strange and even went out of my way to lose favor.

At first, I thought it was a pregnancy thing, but it soon becomes a yearning as the days went by and…The problems with the Shifters didn’t feel as important…In fact, I even started blacking out.

Some things I ‘woke’ up to, I find myself outside, looking out at the stars, out to the far horizon to the west and I wondered how I got there.

Seeing that Damien only asked why I had locked him out of my thoughts, I just stated that I needed some time to think but…I was a bit scared. I had never wanted to lock him out in the first place!

Why had I done that!?

What had I done when I blacked out!?

What was happening to me?

Was this another type of symptom to having silver in my body?

Whatever it was, it was scaring me, and I really didn’t have the courage to ask about it…


With the strange feeling of the Shifters not being important, I didn’t even care when I let them all know of my pregnancy…I felt like I had to let them know for some reason…That my pup was…Very special…

I hate to admit this, but I didn’t even think of Chance at all. When I realized that I didn’t think of Chance, as I had done this, I felt disheartened. How could I state how specifically special this pup was, without even a care for Chance!?

Once I reread the letter, I was appalled with myself and when the Queen came in to scold me, after she had read it…I had no words!

I can hardly remember writing it!

Why!? Why had I stated such a thing!?

It was like I was warning everyone about the pup within me or something!

When I couldn’t take anymore of the Queen’s rants, I really had yelled at her!

I told her to ‘fuck off’ and I told her to mind her own business!


After the Queen left, crying her eyes out, I fell into a mess into a corner of the room and cried too…

Was there such a thing as mind control? Could it happen?

Because…I just felt like I was starting to get taken over…

The yearning, or whatever it was, became stronger, the blackouts went for longer and soon, I was even scaring Damien…

Damien had gotten pissed off with me when I wrote down letters to everyone to state that I was pregnant. So, he had locked me out of his head, and now, that I was miserable and crying in a corner without even him knowing, it made me feel absolutely pathetic and lonely…

Yet, even if I wanted to run to him and state out that I was having black outs, I no longer had the courage to!

For him, he didn’t seem to think much was wrong, which made me feel irritated because what he saw as me, it wasn’t me!

He was mad about something I didn’t even feel like I had done…It was so confusing that I was starting to feel like I was on my own and not strong willed enough to fight this…And just that thought made me really worried. If I can’t fend off what was controlling me, how could I call myself a King in the first place!?

I wondered if this was the reason why the Shifter’s weren’t so important at the moment to me…Because at present, my biggest enemy…Or whatever it was…Was myself…


Damien thought that the idea of the letter that was written, was an utterly ridiculous idea, and I tried to get him to calm down, but for once, it had not worked…I suppose I don’t blame him…Not only my safety but his pup’s safety could now be on the line and I had put my life into that situation on my own…It really was starting to look like we weren’t together in this, that we weren’t mates. Even Alpha Lorez was questioning us with his eyes!

And just like him, I was wondering what was going on myself!

I wish I could question what was taking over my body, but I was just too scared with the fact that I was becoming more and more positive that I was getting mind controlled!