Chapter 42
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Ethan’s POV


For a couple of days, Damien did not speak with me and I really felt lonely but…I felt strangely that it was only right to state this, to state that I was pregnant and that I was going to protect my family…But…I really didn’t do it…

I stared at the letter for hours and realized that even the words were slightly different to mine, and I threw it away in fright!

I hadn’t written it! Did someone else not know!?

Did they not search the letter and see that the writing was not entirely my own!? It was of course my own blood, that is fact, but upon really looking at the words…They…They weren’t mine…

I continued to tremble, in fact I was trembling a lot lately…I was becoming paranoid and god I was lonely…I was more lonelier then ever!

I didn’t have Damien…Hell, even Owen would be good about now but…I had no one!


I was…All by myself…

The yearning…

As much as I wanted to think of the Shifters and what I’m supposed to do, I think I was getting confused! Perhaps Damien was right but…Why…Why can’t I talk to him about what was going on!?

Now…Now even he is locking me out of his thoughts and…I was getting more and more confused by the minute!

I felt like I had lost some trust…I felt like I was…Acting strangely…


Will him staying away from me and locking me out of his mind…Will I let that be the end?

I can’t! I needed him! But…

How could I say it?

I put a hand through my hair, with shaky hands, and brought my feet up to my chest.

My eyes skittered around, and I knew that I needed to do something soon, otherwise I might black out again and make things worse…

Yet, just as I shakily stood up, I found even less of me there, like I was slowly fading out…Forgetting that I desperately wanted to talk to my mate…To my Damien.

My want was still there, to speak with him and tell him everything, but it faded tremendously and upon ‘waking up’ once again, I got even more scared…

I really…I really was a complete mess!

…And as the second week after the confrontation of the Alpha’s came by…Things changed once again!




The sudden urge to run came to me and that was it, I left!

Did I succumb to this yearning? Did I give up?

I don’t know…

All I knew was…It was terribly important to run, to leave right now!

Damien didn’t even know, because he was locking himself away from me, but I was already long gone and I felt a barrier between he and I, even if I tried to take it down…

This was when I realized that I was being overtaken nearly completely and that I was now no longer in charge of my own body…I was being driven by someone, or something else, and I had no idea upon what it was!

I was scared…Scared that I was becoming something that I wasn’t.

My Omega self started to come out more and more and I found that Austorious was getting weaker and weaker…


How could this be real?

Was it Owen?

Was Owen wanting me to grow to become someone that can’t be depended on as a King and show the world of it?

Did he get some type of power to tell me to do letter’s and show some type of authority through them with my pup? But…How was he to even know that I was pregnant? Even Alpha Monk hadn’t known, well I hadn’t told him, had someone else?

…I suppose he could have figured it out though, we showed obvious signs of it when Damien would touch my tummy…

But, if Owen didn’t know that I was pregnant before, he knows now!

So…What was behind the want to write that letter then?


What of another way that didn’t include knowing that I was pregnant, did he make me withdrawal the Alpha inside of me, to bring out only my Omega side then?

Did he poison me with something? Some type of poison that would do something to Austorious?

But…Why did I feel like some part of me was willing to follow this…New controller to wherever it was that we were going?


I felt hopeless and useless!

I was conflicted and confused…

I was…Hiding.

Yes, I was hiding. I felt like the fight in me had nearly completely left me and now I was just letting someone take over my body willingly, but why?


I believe I was traveling west, running into the wind and for some strange reason, I felt like I was slowly getting closer to something…

What the hell was I doing!?

But…That yearning…It got stronger…And stronger…Making me realize that there were two different things going on!

The yearning had no part in what was taking over me!

They were two separate things!

That’s right! The yearning had no part whatsoever in all the strange things that I’ve been doing! No, if anything, now that I was able to see this, I felt like it was an Alpha…An Alpha that…

Was it…By chance…My own little pup?

Is that why I wanted to trust whatever that is going on?


Yet, as I thought these thoughts, I started getting distracted easily and losing my point of thinking…I was losing myself into a strange abyss…I was…I felt…

As I got closer to the yearning, I was losing more and more of myself and I felt like I had scattered off into several pieces, only seeing bits and pieces of what happened afterwards…

Upon a blurred event, someone was then in front of me. He looked a lot like Damien…

I know I was full of agonizing pain, even unable to feel the lower half of my body, and I was just about ready to faint, but I remember that being very well!

He was an adult figure, naked and looking at me with compassion and sadness in his eyes…He made me unconsciously want to protect him with my life…

I saw quite an astounding amount of red all over me…But everything went blank just moments after seeing this being and then, darkness and pain overwhelmed me, and I felt like I had died…Perhaps instead, there was nothing.

I’m not…Completely sure…



Third Person


Ethan’s body traveled to the sea, in the west, and that was where he was able to be guided by some earth to stand on and some water to take him on the earth across the sea faster.

At first, Ethan’s body, which was in wolf form, was unable to do anything but stand there, but as time went by, earth was made in front of him and he was able to trot along the water, on top of the earth, and the water continued to help take him closer and closer to another continent.

The one in lead of the body…Was the child within…

The child was the beginning and the end…A child that now had connections to the Elementalist’s and memories. With the memories, the child within were now about to take back what was originally there’s and stop their creation from being obliterated from the rock golems on the continent of Gorde.


Memories had come to the child within, from when Ethan had first connected to the Elementalist nearly two months ago now. It was both unfortunate and fortunate, as the child may have grown to not know anything, yet, now that the child remembers who they are and was now again able to connect to the Elementalist, they were able to start fighting for the right to take over the body that it resided in.

It was hard at first, as the child was still very small and still growing. But, as the Elementalist from just two weeks ago had come, the child was able to take that Elementalist within him, to which his father had not even known!

The Alpha aura that had come out at the time, had been the child within, as Ethan had felt like a King and then gotten dizzy, the child had consumed the ‘disappearing’ Elementalist and became a bit stronger because of it, sadly not one person saw that the bump had grown slightly because of this…

Ethan had been preoccupied, starting to blank out more and more often not long afterwards and even got on Damien’s bad side, not even realizing that his baby had grown slightly. On the other hand, Damien might have noticed but ‘things’ happened, and it was never talked about.

…And, from there, the child within was able to start making some adjustments!


The child was completely bewildered with how others treated his father and indeed gave his Alpha power to him. He didn’t really mean for his father to grow so much courage as to speak so much of his mind, but it was probably his fault because of how he had felt at the time. To him, the child within, he was not someone to accept such treachery and deceit!

Upon seeing that the child was able to do as such, through making Ethan feel his effects, it started to make plans for its arrival, by stating to everyone to take heed that he was coming! Yes! That letter about the child within Ethan, had been all him!

He may not be born yet, but he won’t forget about how those Alpha’s had treated his father!

But it wasn’t long after the meeting with the Alpha’s, where the connection that the child had to the Elementalist’s was calling out for him. That they were now in trouble and he had to go and save them!


It wasn’t just because they were his creations, no, it was also because if more of them were killed, then it would be useless to go and save them at all!

The powers that he could obtain back from them will not be like his previous life at all! He already knew that what he will get back from them is only about half of what he used to have…If that!

Nonetheless, he was going to become strong once again and put the Shifter’s back into their place, as it looked like they were falling apart! But this had to be dealt with after he saved the Elementalist’s!

It seems, back when the Elementalist’s started to gather together, because of the message that Ethan had stated for them to return back to the continent of Sollace, they had gotten the rock golems attention and since then the Elementalist’s had not been able to run away successfully.

Fire had not worked upon the rock golems, just like that of air and water. Earth may be able to bury the rock golems but it did not stop them from continuing to chase them when they get out from being buried…The only thing that helped them fight them off was that of metal power, yet the metal Elementalist’s had to work together to keep them at a distance, as breaking them into pieces doesn’t work…

What sprouts out of the pieces of the one quite big rock golem, is that of smaller rock golems…

A couple of the Elementalist’s have already been lost, just in the last two weeks, and whether they knew it or not, the child within was able to sense their worries.


The transfer was not complete, the child was still unable to take control of the body all of the time but the Alpha inside of him raged and grew as the connections were made.

As he ran over the earth, that was created over the water, it was obvious that as they got closer, they were getting more and more powerful, as the child in wolf form was now no longer trotting, it was running the fastest that it could, to get to his creations faster!

Most likely, the Elementalist’s were more powerful now because the child within was getting closer and closer to them…

The earth wasn’t weak, just like the water power that was going across the sea, and it seemed that with the distance becoming shorter, they knew that their master was coming back!

It didn’t matter if they become nothing once again, it didn’t matter if they never experienced anything else, but survival was still foremost in their minds, even though they did not feel very much to begin with.

…The sea was long, but with the help of water and earth, the body of Ethan traveling over it only took a day to finally see the continent of Gorde, before it was seen in the distance!