Chapter 44
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Third Person


One or two of the known Alpha’s were not amongst the Shifters that had come to The Watcher’s Pack to destroy those who ‘were not loyal’. Instead, for those who refused to take a blood pact with Owen, they had been demoted, upon not doing as they were told.

Then, a few other Alpha’s, that were now following Owen, had not thought that it would be real, that there had to be someone that had to die for Owen to be happy…And that death was indeed the one that had been known as the King for a couple of decades.

To them, they had thought that His Majesty had been somewhat lying about how Owen was treating him and the future King, Chance, but…Now, now that a war had officially started, and that warlocks were even a part of this offensive force, they were starting to question things…


Why can’t His Majesty simply stay alive but not be the King? Why are they ordered to kill him!? Why, why is it that the Shifter’s were fighting like this in the first place!? At worst, they thought that Beta Owen may imprison and perhaps shot the King with Silver, but…A war that included packs…It was unheard off!

After all, Shifters rarely waged war amongst themselves! This was…Not right! It wasn’t the way! Shifters were strong and even though there were many of them, we were still controlled well, and we hadn’t needed to fight amongst ourselves!

What if…What if His Majesty was in real peril before and all they had done was abandon him…Just as Alpha Rendall had stated!?



…The Watcher’s Pack and The Rogue Hunter’s Pack did indeed travel elsewhere, to where the Elementalist’s were originally going to go.

Damien had finally brought the Elementalist’s up, telling the others that they may hate the Elementalist’s, but they might also be the only ones that might keep them safe at the moment…

Of course, there were many who were against this idea, especially the Queen, but what else could they do?

The Elementalist’s were strong enough to fight for them and were a good ally, one they really couldn’t dismiss, especially with how many Shifter’s Beta Owen had on his side!

Well, not only that, Damien hoped to find Ethan there at the mountains…He wished and hoped like no tomorrow!

Not having found a body of His Majesty, they came to a conclusion that the King had left The Watcher’s Pack and hoped that he was still alive.


Knowing that war was upon them, ever since the Alpha’s had practically walked out on His Majesty, the packs didn’t take long to move away…It was just…What if His Majesty returned?

A minimal amount of The Rogue Hunter’s Pack stayed behind in hiding for this exact reason, but they had not found His Majesty after…Only that of a scary amount of Shifter’s coming to kill those who opposed them! They were also there to find out if there was any type of word upon His Majesty being held captive. If there was a chance that Beta Owen really had His Majesty and had locked him up, they would immediately mind link to their Alpha and tell Damien of this but…Nothing had been said about His Majesty…Like those who had come, didn’t even know that His Majesty had gone off on his own and had been hurt or…Killed…


Damien had felt desperately heartbroken but…He was hoping that what he felt, was Ethan getting hurt and not dying.

Their link…If you could call it that, was broken but still faintly there and as much as he hated the thought of Ethan getting hurt, it was still better than his precious dying!

Otherwise, they really had nowhere else to go, as it was dangerous everywhere! To the south, The Driller’s Pack was there, whom had come to know as someone now on Beta Owen’s side. Again to the south, was The History Pack, whom was on Beta Owen’s side…They were really stranded…Because they really couldn’t go north either, because of The Surveillance Pack, whom they weren’t too sure if Alpha Monk had ended up choosing Owen or not but it didn’t seem like a place to go in any case…Or west, to the Heed and Call Pack, nor east, to The Harvest Pack, even though they had an idea that Alpha Brown did not choose Owen but in that aspect, they were also sure that another would take Alpha Brown’s position, who would obviously be on Owen’s side…

The Treasury Pack was in the middle…

Absolutely stranded!

Having to travel past The Surveillance Pack, whom they thought was against them, the big lot of Shifter’s ran up the mountains and tried to find a good place to hide from both the humans and Shifters, so they could come up with a plan…

The problem was, a lot of heart was missing…


Upon getting to a good spot, it seems that half of the Shifter’s from the two packs had left His Majesty’s side.

The Watcher’s Pack was now quite small, and both Alpha Rendall and Alpha Lorez were losing their own reasoning.

Damien, whom had been quite numb lately, was just running because he didn’t like Owen. In fact, he wanted revenge on Owen before he took his own life, to see his beloved, his precious Ethan on the other side. As much as he might state Ethan was still alive, he felt that deep down, Ethan was probably dead…So this was a deep secret, one that kept him alive for now…But even thought it was kept a secret, it didn’t mean other’s couldn’t guess his wants and thoughts.

Nearly half of those, who lose their destined mate, do end up choosing to kill themselves, so Damien was being watched by a number of people…


On the other hand, Alpha Lorez was starting to wonder if it had all been worth it…

Yes, he had been loyal to the throne for his entire life and knew that Beta Owen was not good, but the sad thoughts of what he was trying to save for the last couple of months was questioned, even if he wanted to question it or not…

Saving His Majesty, being there for His Majesty and accepting how His Majesty had practically given up.

It wasn’t, ‘giving them choice’ now to Alpha Lorez, as it was really starting to look like ‘giving up’.

Many Shifter’s now in The Watcher’s Pack and The Rogue Hunter Pack were really unsure on what to do and that meant, now that they were here in the mountains, that they spent a lot of time looking out to the horizon…Wondering what they should do…Who they should trust now…And this mostly was happening because many had left already…Perhaps if a lot less had left, the ones still remaining wouldn’t be questioning things so much, but this was how it was…


With those who had already left, cutting down the population of the two packs in half, the status of Shifter’s had already changed drastically.

Rogues were running around now, losing themselves, but some Shifter’s had indeed gone to Owen’s side and so…The rest were all restless and wondering if they should leave too.

Was becoming a rogue better?

It was sort of ironic in some of The Rogue Hunter’s Packs Shifters minds as…They were to get the rogues…Yet, if they become one, wouldn’t their friends come after them? Yet, do they really want to join Beta Owen in his obvious want to completely defeat His Majesty and his people?

With the two Alpha’s questioning things as well, they were all exhausted and sometimes looked defeated.

…Should they stay?


It was obvious, now that they had made it here, that His Majesty was not here. No Elementalist’s were here either and that in itself had been a letdown, even though some of them did not want to become allies with the Elementalist’s, they did find some good in wanting to find them here…

Again, another couple of Shifter’s disappeared within the first day of making the mountains their new home for the time being…

Yet, some were completely loyal to their packs or Alpha, just like that of Beta Locky to Alpha Lorez and Simon to Alpha Rendall.

The Queen held Chance and made a spot for him, trying to make it as homely as possible for him, Beta Locky and herself, yet the mountains here could never become her home…She also doubted that it could ever become Chance’s home either.

Chance was used to the best in life and here, here they had to fetch their own dinner and go to a water hole to bathe…It was…Completely different!

Damien too…He would look out into the far horizon and stop himself from crying like a baby, feeling the weakest he had ever felt in his life…Hoping, beyond whatever he wished before ever in his life, that his beloved precious was still alive…Somewhere out there…




With a slight impact upon the earth, another presence was felt, and Damien narrowed his eyes to what looked and felt like an Alpha male that landed in the middle of the area that they were now residing in.

It wasn’t a big area, as a mountain was on one side and then a deep slope towards a long drop down was on the other, nonetheless, it was going to be the best place to hold as many people as possible to have meetings…

People started to gather around the new presence, watching with astonishment as something that looked like metal slowly came down and landed lightly upon the ground.

Then, now that the person looked up, people gasped or blinked.

Damien halted where he was and widened his eyes.

“You must be him!” The shirtless Alpha male stated, walking straight up to the stunned Damien and he punched him square in the face!

Damien staggered backwards and finally snapped out of his silence. “Hey! Who are you!?”


The Alpha male smirked at him, “One! I was just getting some revenge for father!”

Narrowing his eyes, Damien tried to understand what the Shifter was saying.

One? One as in a reason, or One, as his name?

Turning to those around him, the Alpha male gave a good look around, and sighed, “Father really didn’t have many followers, did he?”

“Who is your father?” Alpha Lorez asked, not being unfriendly, but not having come closer to accept the strange, new Shifter either.

“Here, he is hurt.” The Alpha male stated briefly, pointing to the metal…Thing, upon the ground.

No one understood. Some even looked at others and wanted to ask them about what was going on, but the same look was turned back to themselves!


Damien had a question…He really did!

This Shifter looked like him…Blue eyes, black hair…And not just that, the same shade of blue…The same straight black hair! Then, his profile was similar as well! If Damien took his shirt off, their muscles would be very similar and…Even…It was almost like looking into a mirror!

Could it be? Could it really be possible?

But, how could it be? This Shifter was an Adult, if anything, could he be a brother? He wasn’t his father…

It didn’t make any sense to Damien!


On the other hand, Alpha Lorez frowned and tried another way to gain any type of information that may make some sense, “His Majesty, Ethan, son of King Tailor, was who we followed.”

“Mmm, and we must get ready for the rest of the Shifters and some warlocks now!” The Alpha male stated, nodding and looking down the mountain...

“Warlocks?” Alpha Lorez asked, quite disturbed to this information.

“Yes, don’t worry, I’ll handle the warlocks! You guys just hype yourselves up for a battle with Shifters!” The Alpha male stated, cracking his knuckles with a smirk on his face, now turned back to the Shifters.

Alpha Lorez looked at Damien and both of them shook their heads slightly in confusion.


“If you want to die, just don’t worry about what I said, it’s no problem…Although, I’m sure father will not like it if you die!” The Alpha male stated, pointing directly at Damien.

“Me?” Damien said with a cracked voice.

…Could it be?
“Why, do you not love father anymore?” The Alpha male asked threateningly.

“I love my mate!” Damien stated, not sure if they were talking about the same person…

“Then that is good, I will only kill you if father wants me too!” The Alpha male nodded.

Biting his lip, Damien couldn’t stop himself from looking at the metal thing upon the ground. Was it really him?

Could it be!?

Walking up the it, and touching it, Damien eagerly wanted to see him!

“He is in suspended animation at the moment, if I let him out, he will die!” The Alpha male stated, he himself touching the metal thing.