Chapter 45
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Third Person


Damien stood up and squarely looked at what could potentially be…His son, “Why is he like this!?”

Giving the metal object a little hit, he shook his hand to the small amount of pain, knowing now that the metal would be quite hard to break...

How the hell could anyone survive in this thing!? How do you get them out!?

Looking everywhere, there was absolutely no tiny holes or anything! How do they breath!?

Yet, it was as big as a person and since this other person came out of nowhere, looking like he can even fly, like that of a superhero, Damien wanted to get out of his dark vortex and believe it completely! He wanted to think that his mate was right here! Right inside this metal object, right in front of him! Why wouldn't he!?

As much as he thought it being completely impossible, Damien grabbed onto this!

At the moment, his life depended on this completely!

If it were true and that Ethan was there, surely that meant that he wasn’t dead!

If this was Ethan…He didn’t care how it happened, or how much it doesn’t make sense, as long as it was Ethan!

The Alpha male cringed, “It is my fault, I needed him to give birth to me.”

Looking at the Alpha male in complete bewilderment, Damien opened his mouth, but nothing came out of it.


Alpha Lorez, who was just as surprised as Damien, was now able to speak, “You are His Majesty’s child?”

“Yes, I am One.” One said.

“…One?” Damien said, obviously he felt that this so-called name was stupid through his voice and look on his face.

“The first, I am the first Shifter, the first Elementalist, the first Warlock…I am Sollace! Gorde and Tental!”

…Uh? Is what a lot of people were thinking…

One looked at all of them, quite grumpy now, “Don’t believe me?”

There were a few that shook their heads but others that didn’t answer at all, they just stared stupidly at One with bewilderment.

“Humph, the histories are not as they used to be!” One grumbled.


Just as One was wanting to build a bonfire and speak of his past histories, a noise interrupted their conversation and they all walked to the edge area of the mountain, to find a glowing circle to the south, just away from the start of the mountains.

Even though Shifters had slightly better eyesight then that of humans, it was still hard to see, but One knew what it was straight away!

“It’s the warlocks summoning.” One stated, knowing full well because he had used this same spell before.

“Warlocks…They are really here!? Has Owen gone completely senile!?” Alpha Lorez stated, shaking his head in disbelief.

Warlocks were tricksters and had magic that us Shifters couldn’t beat, why in the world would Beta Owen work with Warlocks!?

Damien turned back to the metal thing and looked back at…His son, “What does Ethan need, to be healed?”

One looked at Damien, and smiled, “Ah, you finally care!”


Damien frowned deeply, “I always cared!”

One shook his head and then said, “He was lonely there, while I was briefly taking over him. You even got mad at something he didn’t even do!”

“What are you talking…” Damien stopped and swallowed, “What…”

One grabbed Damien’s hand and put it onto his head, “I was the one that made those letters! I wanted everyone to know that I was coming!”

Making Damien pat him on the head, One frowned and returned Damien’s arm by his side.

It wasn’t the same…Back when he was inside of Ethan, that hand used to be huge…Now it was so small…He even wondered if his own hand would be just as big as his father’s now…


“You…You were the one that wrote them? Why didn’t he tell me?” Damien asked, nearly wanting to cry. If he knew, he wouldn’t have gotten mad, or…Would he?

“Would you have listened? As it is, this old one here is having trouble believing me!” One stated simply,  pointing at Alpha Lorez.

After a brief pause, One sighed, and then continued, “Actually, he was scared. He didn’t know what was happening and it took him a few hours to realize that the writing wasn’t even his, scaring him some more…Father, he was lonely, and you didn’t come to see him when he needed you!”

Damien looked away and covered his mouth, he knew, till his dying day that he had let his mate down! His biggest regret in his life would be those few days of not seeing his precious and blocking him out due to his anger…

He should have never left him alone!

Suddenly, One hugged Damien, scaring him in the process!

“Father, just do as One says uh!? Get them ready to fight! Mmm?” One stated like a child in Damien’s ear.

Damien let out a small noise, then after another few seconds, he nodded. “You’re right.”

When One pulled back, smiling like a child, Damien rummaged his hair and nodded, “You will heal Ethan though, right?”

Nodding eagerly, One stated, “Of course! Father is my favorite person!”


Alpha Lorez didn’t know what to make of this…It was…Impossible after all! And, seeing Damien easily accept this was even more scarier!

If there was any person down to earth, it had have to have been Alpha Rendall! But…The person that seems to take this…Really ridiculous and unreal story the easiest, was Alpha Rendall!

What if whatever was inside that metal thing wasn’t His Majesty? What if this was Beta Owen’s plans?

Did he not think in the slightest, that this could all be a trap!?

Seeing Damien finally come back to normal though, after all this time of becoming like a zombie, Alpha Lorez squarely looked at Damien right on back but for some reason forgot these questions!

Seeing Alpha Rendall so alive, his eyes glittering with life, they both let out a smile.


Ah…It must be time for them to counterattack!

Is that what he is thinking?

Yet, just this idea, made Alpha Lorez sigh in relief. They had been at their worst just minutes ago and now…Now, even if this were a trap…Why not!?

Why not give it their all, one last time!?

Finally, after everything they went through, after everything they had done, it was time to do what they knew had been coming!

The time was now, to get rid of Beta Owen for good!

Their biggest steppingstone, their biggest problem! The one that had made everything the way it is now! It was time for change!


Owen was now in for it, not only was Damien back to his Alpha self, but now they had this person with them who seems to want to take on the warlocks…All by himself!

There was no more time to think we had lost, or ‘given up’!

Now it was time to fight!

Sadly though, they didn’t have time to psych themselves up for this and make plans, the warlocks were already blocking their way and things had to be started right now! Both Alpha Lorez and Alpha Rendall knew this after a short moment but it didn’t make things harder…On the contrary, they were eager!

Eager to finish this and make Owen pay for doing this to Shifters! Having them have to fight one another, just because he was not happy!

It was time!

“I’ll tell my men to meet down at the halfway point, you get yours up here as the last stand!” Damien stated, already running off, ready to go down the mountain.

“Agreed!” Yelled out Alpha Lorez, as he clapped and quickly stated, “Alright guys, time to hustle! Those who can fight, I need you here now!”

And...Just like that...The start of a formation was formed…



As two groups of Shifters looked down the mountain at the Warlock’s summoning circle, One was still on the edge of the ‘meeting area’, looking down with narrowed eyes.

The summoning had now taking twenty minutes and still nothing had been formed from it, if anything, the summoning circle had grown larger in size!

Breathing out, One then started to think that the summoning would be better off not being finished!

He had an ego that he was powerful, but he knew that there were still Shifters around somewhere that also were probably going to attack, so he didn't want to count his chickens before they hatched!

He'd only just been reborn, so he didn't want to take the chance of losing his life!

No way!

Seeing that his royal father's Shifter’s were ready to defend, all of them looking like they were finally alive, instead of the spaced-out Shifter’s that he saw minutes ago, One felt like it was now time to start this fight!

He didn't really have the patience to wait any longer and have someone creep up on their behinds, no! He was going to beat them to the punch and go down there as fast as a bullet!

...But he had to stop the summoning circle first!

Putting down his hands to the ground, One intended to stop the summoning, simply by moving the earth beneath it, and then attack the Warlocks, only to find that when he split the earth, where the summoning circle was…

It didn’t stop the summoning!


Looking out, down to the bottom of the mountain, the summoning circle hovered in rock and earth, whether it was on the ground or not and so One stood up and sent out water from one hand and fire from another, to see if that would help stop the summoning.

Just as the fire and water shot out and started making its way towards the summoning circle, a huge rock golem started to form from the rock and earth around the area...

It looked...Very similar to those small ones that he'd seen on the continent of Gorde, instead, it was bigger and there was only just one of them!

One smirked, “I see…”

The water and fire that had shot out towards the summoning circle splashed down or went past the giant rock golem and One narrowed his eyes. “Now I know why there was rock golems on Gorde! Bloody Warlocks!”

He did know that Warlocks had instigated the Elementalist’s to attack the Shifter’s all that time ago, but he had not known that the Warlocks had secretly made a rock golem on Gorde…It was probably done quite some time after the Elementalist’s had been confined there…Probably easily done after his own death…


Anger went through him, as he now could see that his own creations could not work together!

He was especially fond upon the elemental powers that he had obtained, considering that was how he made these three continents! After the three continents were done, it was when he was playing around that he had been able to obtain the Warlock’s magic, that he was able to live another type of life, after such an already long existence…

There was a huge difference between the two, as one was an elemental power and the other was magical.

Having started on only being a part of the water, One had taken god knows how long to have it become a part of him, and in so doing, was able to find earth and fire under the water to do the same thing, except, he had been a type of exotic and rare fish at the time, making it quite difficult to bare the heat from underwater volcanoes.

Upon making land, or rising it from the water, metal was then obtained, along with air, and that was the end of his first life, as too much air had killed him...


Upon One's second life, he was able to become a being on the land, of course, it was not the people that you see on here on the continent of Sollace, no it was a rock being that had veins, and thus, this was how the Elementalist was thought of in the first place.

Upon living his second life, where he was on the land, able to take in the power of fire, earth, air, water and metal, he then combined them and produced a primary magic that did not have much effect at first.

Before his second life came to an end, an interesting theory took place in his mind and so...With the strange beings that became known as 'humans', One had used this magic to entwine his magic and elemental power...So that he could get it back after he died...Well, that was because he assumed he would once again be reborn...


And just like he had thought, he was indeed reborn into that of a human, whom he felt magic upon young age.

This life was indeed fun, as he learnt how to speak and learnt how to write. He was able to do much more, considering that he had hands and feet!

It was such a thrill that this life had passed by very quickly and before One knew it, he had not obtained what he had lost!

And so, his rebirth happened once again and this time, One was determined to get back his powers!

Obtaining his elemental magic was difficult this time, having to need something...Different...

At first, he didn't know upon what this was, but it was two types of bloods and a being that was connected to your inside.

That was how the Warlock's magic finally came into being...As the magic was used and separated, now making Shifters, and Warlocks...

There's an interesting story in there that he'd love to tell everyone...But it wasn't the time for a bonfire, as he needed to get back his magic!