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On the land of Moondrake, where there was life of Shifters, humans and other…Strange things…There was a King of Shifters and in the royal lineage, there had never been a King that was an Omega.

On Moondrake, an Omega is the lowest type of Shifter, normally used as servants. They are normally weaker then that of a Beta and Alpha and aren’t looked upon well. Some Omega’s have their destined mates leave them for a chosen mate instead. Some Omega’s don’t even meet their mates at all, because of how their servant lives seclude and lock them away.

The Shifters have a certain law, a law that had been enforced for many centuries, and that is…That they are to not be known to the humans. The only way for that law to be overridden, is if a mate was a human, then that human must be taken through a series of tests, to make sure that the Shifters can trust them…


There were three separate continents on Moondrake, the continent that the Shifters inhabited with the humans, was called Sollace. The name Sollace is also the royal lineage’s last name and without asking too much questions, people seem to think that this continent and the royals had started together.

Shifters stay clear from the other two continents, only known to inhabit Sollace.

For a certain someone, and for the time and place, we meet a new King, a King that has worked very hard to have come as far as he has.

But…Not only does he have to worry about keeping the Shifters a secret from the humans…But to also keep a secret…That he is an Omega!