Arc 1: Chapter 7
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“I… I wasn’t expecting any of that. Nor for it to go so far… Let me take a look at your arm. I may not be a particular expert in first aid, but-”

“Please, it’s not that bad… With my cultivation, I should heal within a week,” Song Ming refused, though she didn’t push Bianca away from her, “I wasn’t expecting it either, though. I’ve not seen him so… so pissed off in a while. It’s a shame that he took such a dislike to you, but even then, I’m sure he’ll come around… eventually.”

“Unlikely. Maybe he’ll stop hating me, but if he comes to like me one day, I will highly doubt that he hasn’t been replaced by someone that simply looks alike.”

Song Ming smiled, “As if a thing like that will happen in a dull place like this… Um, since we’re here, I should take a bath in the river. You… if you want, you can… um… you could join me… We’re both women, after all, and-”

“Sure, I’ll go with you. Make sure not to strain that arm, though. Ask me for help if you need to.”

The two of them had retreated from the battle and went to the opposite side of the village, over to Bianca’s usual bathing spot. It didn’t take long, and none of the villagers seemed to want to stop them, so they collectively disregarded those matters and focused on one another. For Bianca, it helped a great deal that they were away from two of her least favourite people in the village, though they earned their dislike for very different reasons, and that it let her return to her earlier focus on Song Ming’s… well, everything.

And now, they were undressing together. She wasn’t sure whether Song Ming would let things go beyond that, but it should let them get more comfortable with one another.

‘I am glad I’m not some boy with an over-active dick, though. Would’ve been very difficult to hide the extent of my attraction in a situation like this,’ Bianca undressed slowly, but she only had four pieces of clothing to remove in total, so it didn’t take long anyway.

She removed her top first, following with her trousers, placing them on a stone beside the flowing river. That exposed most of her light skin, not quite as nice as it had been when she first arrived though it wasn’t as bad as she initially expected. That left her with only her top and bottom pieces of underwear, which she was rather reluctant to refer to as a bra and panties, but they fulfilled the same function in the end.

Before taking them off, though, she looked over to Song Ming, and found the young woman in a similar state of undress, her elaborate dress already removed, leaving her with the same underwear and nothing else.

Naturally, Bianca took the moment to examine her in more detail. She usually saw Song Ming dressed either in some variation of her dress, or the training outfit she used during cultivation, so this was the first time she got to see her naked body in full – to appreciate the slight tan of her skin and her beautiful, lithe form.

Her body shape wasn’t an exact match for Bianca’s preferences, but she had to admire her fit form. Unlike Bianca, who was thin thanks to a good metabolism and a decent diet, Song Ming benefitted from her daily exercise schedule. She had the bearing of an athlete, fat remaining in only the right places.

Unfortunately, that fitness might have affected the size of her ass and chest, the former in particular being a massive shame for Bianca’s tastes. It did make her drool just a little bit regardless, a fact she had to hide the moment she noticed Song Ming turning around.

“B-Bianca, I can see you… I usually keep my spiritual perception around myself, just in case…”

‘I am even more glad I’m not a guy, then… That kind of thing would be impossible to miss,’ she looked away and focused on the water for a while, “Sorry. I’m just-”

“It’s fine, but… how about we just stand back to back while we bathe? I’ll… I’ll pull away my spiritual perception, as well,” Song Ming said, though her tone suggested that she wasn’t entirely content with the idea, nor did it make it especially certain whether she would even go through with her words.

If she was in her place, Bianca knew that she wouldn’t, though that didn’t mean it was the right thing to do. Perhaps it was for the best that she didn’t have spiritual perception or any powers like it, or else no woman would be safe from her looking up their skirts, or through shirts and onto their underwear-covered bodies. She’d go further, but that would certainly be wrong, and it would be difficult to talk to others when she was effectively seeing them naked.

‘On second thought, that does seem like a nightmare… Hm. Now I’m not sure,’ she placed that thought aside for now and removed her bra, feeling her large chest being pushed down by the vicious force of gravity. The rudimentary garment did a good enough job of resisting it, as did her own body, but the advance of age would inevitably make its mark.

She realised quickly that she managed to go down another rather depressing line of thought, so she hurried to remove her panties as well, discarding them on her pile of clothing.

Despite that speed, she heard Song Ming entering the water before her, and thus ended up looking straight at her when she turned to face the splashing sound, her mind only making the connection a moment later. Thus, she got to see the young woman’s perky nipples and tight lower lips, only showing a hint of pink, a fact that her eyes seemed intent to focus on, along with the exact details and measurements of her chest and ass.

‘That looks like a C cup- right, I should stop,’ Bianca looked away as soon as she caught herself staring, but the brief moment was enough for Song Ming’s cheeks to turn red, the blush managing to spread to her nose for a full, anime-style blush – the North Antanians would be proud for sure.

“… they’re so big…” Song Ming muttered something under her breath, the words barely reaching Bianca’s ears.

‘They’re… ah, I’m also fully naked… Right… I hope I get a little better at this by the time I can return to Roz… and hopefully she and the rest of the world will recognise me…’ she made her way into the water, shivering when she touched the cool liquid, but the heat of her shame mixing with arousal and just about every other emotion she could experience made the experience more comfortable than usual.

At the deepest part of the river, the water was near her thighs, and as she knew from her earlier glance, it went just a little higher up Song Ming’s body, as she was about five centimetres shorter.

“You… are beautiful,” the young woman said, just a little more loudly, “I just want you to know that…”

“Thanks. You look great too… Sorry for not believing you when you mentioned using your cultivation before… before I realised that was a thing. I thought you were trying to simply get me to leave,” Bianca admitted, “Just felt like I should get that out there…”

“Oh, I had almost forgotten… and probably should have realised that you were missing something…” Song Ming paused, “Sorry for not considering your situation properly.”

She was about to look behind herself, but caught herself at the last moment. Whatever opinion the young woman actually had about her, whether she had any interest in her or not, it was best to pick the right moment to push things forward. So, she instead considered what would be entirely reasonable to do in a situation like this, and as she listened to the flowing stream rushing past her legs, an idea came to mind.

“Is your arm still hurt?”

“… A bit.”

“In that case, would you like me to help you wash your back? Your hair as well, maybe? If your arm doesn’t hurt too much, you could help me as well, in exchange,” Bianca suggested, to make it seem less like she just wanted to touch Song Ming, “It’s not convenient to reach back there anyway, unless your cultivation has a fix for that.”

Song Ming took a while to reply, “It might be possible to use my energy, especially since I’m cultivating a water-type technique… but sure. You… you should go first, I guess.”

‘She actually agreed? That’s… that makes me wish I was a little better at understanding others at times like this… Guess Lia had a point during one of the last arguments…’ she turned around, slowly, and saw Song Ming standing with her back towards her, her hair already let down and covering half of her back.

Despite the angle making it impossible to see her front, she was still covering her chest and groin with her arm and hand, tempting Bianca to remind her that she lacks spiritual perception, and that the water here was nowhere near still enough to give her the chance to spot something in a reflection. However, given that Song Ming was clearly far less comfortable with this than she was, it was best not to give her more to be concerned about.

She had plenty to worry about herself, anyway. For one, she had no experience of helping someone else bathe, and she lacked access to any usual modern amenities here. All that was available was the water and her own body.

“Let me start with your hair, so…” Bianca stepped closer, putting her hands on Song Ming’s shoulders, “Could you lower yourself down into the water?”

The young woman acquiesced without a word, though she shivered visibly when her hips sank into the cold below. Bianca got to experience that same thing a moment later, her sensitive parts having to deal with the cool river. Had she not gotten used to it already, she would have jumped out right there and then, ignoring the opportunity to touch Song Ming all over without needing to feel perverted about it. Then again, she was doing this to touch Song Ming all over, so she really should feel perverted about this. If she didn’t, she’d be lying to herself, and she did plenty of that with her kleptomaniac tendencies.

It took her a while to wash the young woman’s hair, doing her best without soap, conditioner or anything of the sort, but at least Song Ming had a comb that Bianca grabbed from her pile of clothes, holding herself back from sneaking a glance at her hard nipples when she did so.

Using the wooden comb, she brushed Song Ming’s blonde hair, getting it nice and straight, ensuring that it was in its best possible state before she moved on. It almost hurt to do this little, so she needed to make sure that she did it impeccably, as to not disappoint the women of Orbis and their quest to maintain and improve their appearance.

“Does cultivation affect hair as well? I might’ve asked before, but-”

“It does, a little. The first realm cleanses your whole body, and since hair is part of that, it is also affected. However, you’d need a body cultivation technique to do more than ensure that it doesn’t get frayed or anything like that.”

Bianca frowned, “Couldn’t you just keep doing whatever you did in the first realm, and ensure everything improved that way?”

“If it was that simple, every woman in the Planar Continents, whether on the Eastern or Western Continent, would have impeccable hair, flawless skin and gorgeous, glistening eyes full of depth…” Song Ming spoke almost dreamily, clearly getting lost in something, before coughing and proceeding on, “Simply channelling energy throughout your body isn’t enough, nor entirely safe. After a certain point, it has the potential of harming you when it is outside the meridians, meaning you need to be careful with how you use it. Only a proper body cultivation technique can ensure that you aren’t harmed, and that the desired effects are achieved.”

“Right… It’s a shame. Would have been really convenient if all it took for me to have flawless hair was to cultivate a bit.”

“Just so you know, I’ve been cultivating for ten years, and am only at this point… It would likely take you as long, provided you don’t have exceptional talent,” Song Ming said, tilting her head a bit to give Bianca easier access to some of her hair.

“What is talent?”

There was no reply for quite some time, to the point that Bianca managed to finish and put the brush back where she found it, moving on to tying Song Ming’s blonde mane into a braid that would be easier to keep away from her back and from further attempts to achieve a decent bath without any access to modern amenities.

“It’s… complicated… Dantian purity is one thing, but then there is your body, then how well you comprehend planar energy, cultivation and everything in between. Then there’s also memory, and general mental speed and capacity,” the young woman finally listed out a few things, “There’s more, but in short, it’s a little complicated. Most of this stuff isn’t easy to change without specific, rare techniques, and without having some decent talent to begin with.”

“I see. No convenient way to measure and sum it up, I guess,” Bianca nodded, as that was rather reasonable from her perspective, “Did the sects tell you about all this?”

“The Sacred River Sect, specifically.”

“What about your dress and hairstyle? Most of the other people in the village don’t wear things quite like your outfit, even if you don’t seem to have all that many dresses. Just seems rather interesting to me.”

“The dress is from the sect, and my hair… I just like it that way. Two braids to keep hair out of my eyes, then tied at the back… It’s simple enough, and it works well.”

That was also difficult to argue with, so once Bianca finished with the braid, she was finally able to move onto the promised washing of the back. Given her limited tools, she would have to do this with her hands, though before that…

“W-Wait, Bianca, what are you-”

“Just a friendly hug,” she answered quickly, before her own brain failed to see it that way, “You were being a bit negative about yourself, so… I couldn’t resist, honestly.”

She had put her arms around Song Ming’s waist and pressed her chest right against her back, her large boobs making this a lot more comfortable than it would otherwise be, though it also meant that her hard nipples were pressed right against the young woman’s back. Such a thing hardly counted as stimulation, but it did draw some attention to them, and to Bianca’s urge to bring her hands up and get a feel of Song Ming’s smaller chest.

It was a rare chance, seeing as she had no reason to help Song Ming wash her front, whereas she’d have plenty of reason to touch her ass as much as she wanted to later, all in the name of cleanliness, of course.

‘Now that I think about it, I am a bit of a pervert… If she isn’t into me – or women in general – I will feel really bad after this, won’t I?’ Bianca eased her grip, just a little.

To her surprise, only a moment later Song Ming took one of her hands and pulled her back in with surprising force. It took Bianca a moment to recall that cultivation made that force much less unusual for a thin woman such as the one she was now embracing, but that wasn’t enough to prevent her from being pulled onto her, putting her awfully close to Song Ming’s face and giving her an excellent look at her breasts.

“You’re too kind, sometimes… I don’t think I deserve it.”

“Why not? You’re young, clever – just look at how much you’ve been able to teach me already – and… well, you’re pretty, too,” Bianca hesitated with that last one, but once she began, holding back was difficult, “Out of all the people I’ve seen- well, as far as I recall, what with my amnesia and everything, you’re among the most beautiful. You have such soft skin, a gorgeous voice, and glistening green eyes, as you’d put it…”

That earned a faint chuckle, and a tighter grip from Song Ming. She turned a little, letting Bianca see her pursed lips and down-turned gaze. After a moment of hesitation, similar to Bianca’s own, she met her gaze and parted her lips, exhaling slowly and inadvertently drawing attention down to her slowly falling chest.

“I… I have a question. If it’s strange, then… just ignore it.”

“Sure. What is it?”

It took her another long while to muster her courage, after which she licked her lips and asked, “Do you… like me? As in, well… really like me?”

“I find you attractive. And,” Bianca brought her mouth closer to Song Ming’s ear and spoke more quietly, “I am into women. That’s something I certainly hadn’t forgotten, even if the basic functions of the world somehow escaped me.”

“R-Right… Is… Is that weird?”

“What is?”

“To feel so… warm inside when I look at you, to have my heart beat so fast when I recall the first time I saw you? I’ve never… never felt like this before, not with a man, nor with a woman…”

“You shouldn’t be asking the amnesiac about stuff like that,” Bianca smiled somewhat bitterly, “However, I see nothing wrong with it. It’s probably just physical attraction… lust, you might say. Maybe it’ll turn into something more, or maybe it won’t… Maybe you’ll even lose interest after a while, and these feelings will pass. For now, though… wouldn’t you like to explore them a little more?”

Bianca pressed herself against the young woman’s back, moving her lips to blow softly on Song Ming’s neck. It was a trick that worked well with Lia, and she enjoyed it a decent amount as well, so she figured that it would work here, too.

It certainly seemed to. Song Ming trembled, her back arching a little as she let out a surprised gasp.


“Was it good? I can always do something else if you’d prefer… I could lick your ears, give you some nice kisses anywhere~ you’d like, maybe touch these…” Bianca whispered as she removed her arms from Song Ming’s waist and moved her hands to her chest, cupping her soft boobs and taking hold of her nipples, “And you could do plenty of things to me as well… I’ll tell you exactly what I enjoy, what I like…”

“Is this… are you sure this is fine?”

“Why wouldn’t it be? I’ll be careful not to hurt you, and I’ll be sure to tell you if you hurt me,” Bianca said, moving over so that she faced Song Ming’s front, “We don’t have to rush. Let’s start with a kiss.”

The hesitation was blatant in her expression, but that didn’t stop Song Ming from shutting her eyes and slightly parting her lips, inviting Bianca to lean in and finally close that miniscule gap between them, her lips joining with Song Ming’s.

It was just a simple kiss, rather chaste by Bianca’s standards, and yet the sensation was downright magical. Excitement rushed throughout her body, heating her up, and her heart raced like the first time she had gotten to sleep with Lia. She loved it even as it tempted her to go further, to push her tongue into Song Ming’s mouth and go all the way, before tasting her nether lips as well, but she held back, just barely.


‘How… how can something this simple…’ Song Ming could not understand her own desire, nor its exact source, but she knew that this experience – this intimate contact, the sensation of soft lips – was something that she had been missing.

She felt as if it filled a hole within her life that she hadn’t even noticed before, slotting it perfectly, fulfilling the desire that had built up since she had first seen and fantasised about Bianca’s nude form.

So, when Bianca began to pull away, to part their lips and break the kiss that made Song Ming’s heart race, it felt as if something vital to her was being torn away. It was weird, uncomfortable, strange, and had she had a moment to think about it, she might have considered it a little more rationally. However, at that moment, she couldn’t stop herself from opening her eyes and looking right at the woman opposite her.

She got to see the very same expression that she imagined herself making, including the uncertainty that had been absent only moments ago, and even more of it than when Bianca learned of planar cultivation. It felt wrong, and yet it had a charm of its own, letting her look upon a more fragile side of the woman that had captured her heart.

More than anything else, it made her lips feel dry and lacking, so she fixed that right away, kissing Bianca’s lips, almost tasting them as she sought to quell – or at least calm – the blaze within her heart… and down below, as well.

For a moment, Bianca’s eyes widened, clearly not expecting such an advance. That, too, felt nice, and it encouraged her to move a little and suck on Bianca’s upper lip, as if it would quench her thirst.


Although she didn’t see it coming, Bianca welcomed Song Ming’s enthusiasm. If nothing else, it meant that she had not been on the wrong track earlier, meaning that there was certainly some mutual interest between them. Since that was case, she abandoned her earlier hesitation and retaliated, nibbling on one of Song Ming’s lips for just long enough to regain control and, with both their lips already parted, indulge in some tongue action.

She pushed her tongue into Song Ming’s mouth, tasting her without hesitation, stunning the innocent Song Ming for a few long seconds, giving her free reign to do as she wished. Naturally, she took advantage of it, but she also made sure not to do anything too quickly, giving Song Ming the chance to learn from her and get a feel for a kiss like this.

When the young woman recovered after a few moments, her widened eyes narrowing a little, she began to respond in kind, their tongues tangling and mixing up all of their saliva, some spilling onto their lips.

Bianca wanted to remain like this forever, the very thought of their lips parting causing discomfort, but both of them needed to breathe, and kissing so intensely made it rather challenging. So, after a final moment together, she reluctantly pulled away, their lips parting after what felt like hours and mere seconds at the same time. A strand of saliva connected their tongues, and she could still distinctly taste Song Ming, tempting her to return to the kiss as soon as she filled her lungs with air.

The look of delight upon Song Ming’s face, crimson cheeks with slightly unfocused eyes still dreaming of the past moment, parted lips seeking a return of the warmth that touched them earlier.

‘She’s gorgeous like this… even more so than usual…’ Bianca thought, swallowing the saliva that had gotten mixed within her mouth, ‘I might have to thank Lin Shuming after our disagreement is… reduced a bit…’

She embraced Song Ming and nuzzled against her neck, taking in her scent, kissing it lightly as to not leave any marks – the temptation to mark her for all the world, or the village in this case, to see was present, but she knew that it was a bad idea. Even if the people of the village were permissive towards a relationship between two women, something she couldn’t know for sure without seeing their reactions first, it was unlikely that they would like one of their young women being stolen away by some stranger.

Her activity had already pissed off their guard, despite her doing almost nothing at all, so angering more people in the same manner didn’t seem wise.

“B-Bianca, can you-”

“Song Ming? Bianca? Are you there?” a voice interrupted them, prompting them to part in a panic.

Neither of them disliked what they had just done, but the two had their own reasons to be afraid of being discovered. For one, it was a general concern, and for Song Ming, the greatest fear was the reaction of the one calling for them – her dad.

“W-We’re here, just… bathing! We’d planned to do it today, anyway, so after the fight…”

Her words came just as someone came extremely close to emerging from some foliage, “Ah, I understand. Please take care and return once you’re finished.  We have sorted it out… well, as much as we were able to. At least, he shouldn’t come after you again in such a… a disgraceful manner. Now, take your time. And… Song Ming, I’ve glad you’ve bonded with Bianca to the extent that you’re alright with bathing with her.”

‘I’m not sure you’d be quite as glad if you knew what were actually doing… probably…’ Bianca felt quite ashamed at lying to him, but she couldn’t do anything else.

They waited for him to move away, then looked at one another, their gazes remaining still for a while.

“Let’s, uhm… Finish bathing and pick this up some other time, okay?” she suggested, getting some distance from Song Ming, “It’ll also give you a chance to be sure about what we’re doing. I wouldn’t want to pressure you into anything.”

“I wasn’t… alright, I’ll do that…” Song Ming was reluctant, but time must have cooled her lust a little bit.