Bout 15: Righteous X Genociders
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Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 19:33 UTC – 16:33 LT
Coordinates: 67°N 46°W (Greenland, North America)

While Abigale Quinlan reshaped the climate of many parts of the world through the Cataclysm, and during the Reconstruction Era, Greenland was a region that remained largely untouched. It was still a giant arctic tundra with an island away under its extreme cold and dense sheets of ice. 

It was a place that, beyond the southern coast, could not sustain life. One that pushed it away with its harsh, frigid environment. But to the likes of Abigale Quinlan and her permutations, this hostile environment was a mild inconvenience at most. 

Which is what allowed the Righteous, the group of Raiyne Underwood, Terra Flare, Verde Dusk, and Abigale Quinlan, to fly through this quiet land bereft of life without much discomfort, their bodies wrapped around each other as Abigale propelled themselves forward at 6,000 kilometers per hour, all until they finally reached their destination, and the four landed on a frozen lake masked by snow.

While Abigale stood tall as she landed, her three companions immediately undid their straps and fell to the ground below. In near unison, the four spandex-clad women took off their helmets and revealed their faces. While Abigale was no worse for wear, the other three all wore a dizzy and almost sickly look.

Terra: “Would it have really killed you all to stop and let me Real Boot a coat?”

Raiyne: “But it really is not that cold, Terra—”

Terra: “My powers are a FRACTION of what you three are working with. This is freezing to me. This is negative 40 degrees, which is 10 degrees for you. But for me? With my half-assed Enhanced Body ability? This is at least 7 below!”

Verde: “Look, you didn’t die, and you are probably going to wind up naked anyway, so there really is no point in Real Booting a coat… but I can see you’re doing it, regardless.”

Verde looked down and saw Terra putting her arms through a silver coat before putting a pair of silver gloves over her hands.

Abigale: “I do not wish to rush you three, but our opponents are less than 100 meters away. The sooner we confront them, the better. Verde, please tell me what you have planned for this encounter.”

Verde: “Uh… We’ll see what we are up against, try to talk them down, and if need be, we’ll fight.”

Abigale: “Truly a plan worthy of a God.”

Verde: “I know, right? Look, let me do the talking and you three just follow along like the secondary characters you are.”

Terra: “Sometimes I think you’re deliberately trying to piss us off.”

Verde: “Sometimes I am.”

Raiyne: “Could we please just get this over with. I don’t feel good talking crap here when there are tens of thousands of people dying and desperate for help…”

Verde: “Yeah, yeah, you make a good point and such. We’re at the penultimate crisis of the Scenario anyway, so let’s just get this climax over and done with so we can ride the falling actions back to the way things should be.”

Abigale: “I do not know whether to find your confidence admirable or concerning.”

Terra: “She’s God. If she wasn’t confident, then I’d be worried.”

Verde: “Guys, I literally told you what was going to happen back at CapCap. I know how the VDVerse works, and if you follow my lead, there is a 90% chance that we’ll attain a victory!”

Raiyne: “Those are some pretty good odds.”

Abigale: “A 90% success rate is still a 10% chance of failure.”

Verde: “Oh, for the love of beans, you guys! Just follow my lead and things will work out. Okay?”

Standing in line with one another, the four members of the Righteous walked forward, each step bringing them closer to a group of four who, walking in-step, moved closer to them. They continued until a mere 5 meters stood between the two groups, and they stared each other down.

On the north side stood the Genociders. The destructive band of miscreants who murdered over 15 million people within less than 9 hours. Their destruction had all been leading up to this, and with their goal in sight, the four stood both eager and ready.

Punky, a chipper young woman with a sporty haircut, who dressed herself like a character from a children’s hero show. Her jovial attitude was reflected in her vibrant violet eyes that looked at the opposition with determination.

Genocider Jad, a man bound in metal armor, carrying on his back a slab of metal too jagged and coarse to be called a blade. His eyes peeked through two holes in his helmet, and all that could be seen was blackness. Pure, uninterrupted blackness that almost mirrored his darkened soul.

Peatrice, a living devil who clad himself in leather and wore a boyish face with a soft, small frame. His eyes shined a garish serpentine yellow, and while his stature was shorter than all others in the line-up, his devil wings allowed him to flutter above the ground.

Nari, the mastermind behind this entire Scenario, stood wearing an outfit of white and cyan, which reflected his features. His platinum blonde hair shined like the snow around them, and cyan eyes practically glowed amidst his pale skin. He looked on at his opposition with a sinister grin, his hands shaking in anticipation.

On the south side stood the Righteous. The self-dubbed heroes who, upon coming together in the East, ventured West to try and take down their enemies. While they failed to reach them in the past few hours, it was now time for them to finally clash.

Raiyne Underwood, a woman with a youthful face and shaky demeanor, attempted to steel her conviction as she stood down her opposition with her sapphire eyes. Despite her history, she was the least experienced with battling other humans and using such great powers. Nevertheless, she tried to let her conviction shine as the final hour drew ever closer.

Terra Flare, a woman clad in a shimmering coat with hair of silver and a face sprinkled with dark freckles, stood confidently, with her arms folded against her chest. Experience taught her to be bold when in the face of danger, and that was true here, as she passively looked on at her opponents, her muted red eyes masking both confusion and worry as she took in the rogue’s gallery before her.

Abigale Quinlan, a woman needing no introduction, maintained a muted expression as she looked at her foes with her crimson eyes. She showed neither fear nor worry, but something closer to disappointment.

Verde Dusk, the former master of this entire universe, stood with immense confidence and pride as her green eyes glimmered and flawless teeth showed. She was sure of herself, cocky even, and she was the first to approach an opponent.

Verde walked toward Nari as his face morphed into a scowl and a mantra escaped from his lips.

Nari: “I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

Verde: “Wow, you turned out to be quite the edgelord, now didn’t you?”

Nari: “I wish to kill you. For what you did to me.”

Verde: “Look, Nari… I fucked up. I’m sorry that I put you through so much, and if you cooperate with me, then I can give you whatever you desire. I can erase your trauma, create a world to your liking, and allow you to be your own person. I never wanted to hurt you, but—”

Nari: “I am Nari the Genocider of God, and I will not be swayed by such platitudes of promises from an unstable monster who cannot even be trusted to care for herself.”

Verde: “…Could you at least listen to what I have to say… all of you? Please, I… I would rather end things off here, before they get too intense and before we know even more suffering. Just… give me a few minutes to make a speech.”

Nari: “…Fine. What is a few minutes next to an eternity?”

Verde: “…Even in my earliest memories, I hated myself. I never wanted to be me. I… I was ashamed of what defined me, even if I didn’t understand it at the time. I wanted to be something different. Something normal. But… I couldn’t do that. Because I could never change who I was. I could never change my past. I could never erase my sins. I… I call myself Verde Dusk now, but… that is not who I’ve always been. No matter how much I like to distance myself, I am Daniel Varres. I am Vincent Dawn. I am the child who, at age 6, penetrated a girl’s throat with a pencil. I am the child who, at age 14, murdered his parents in their sleep before taking his own life.”

Verde: “I took the one woman in my life who felt more than a modicum of affection for me, one who nurtured my existence and inspired me to do better… and remade her into my loving spouse. Shaving away what I didn’t like in order to create my own waifu. I took the only person who I had ever called a friend… and I tormented him until he was begging for his own death. I took an innocent young woman, one who I wanted to be my friend in this world… And instead of taking her down a path of enlightenment, allowing her to come to terms with her own issues… I made her into a rapist and a murderer.”

Verde: “At this very moment, my parents are still alive, unable to think thoughts more coherent than raw emotions, living a life where they do nothing but consume, kill, and rape one another, in perpetuity repeated over the span of… decades, probably. I could have stopped it at any point… but I didn’t. I tried to justify my actions by saying this was revenge, that they failed to love their only child, and deserved such a fate. But I was looking for a means of justifying my malice.”

Verde: “I am not a good person. I am a monster. I have sins of unbearable weight. And I have turned to death… four times, hoping that I would be absolved of them and granted life anew. I was. I was every time. But that did not truly change me. It did not erase my past. And now… my past has caught up to me. Specters of my creations, of my youthful impulses and desires, all lay before me. Some good, some bad, and all… remnants of a past.”

Verde: “To Abigale, to Raiyne, and to Terra, I am sorry your lives were fraught with sorrow for my own enjoyment. And I thank you for standing by my side. To Jad Spencer— Genocider Jad, I am sorry for breaking you beyond repair… and I will do what I can to ease your suffering. To Peatrice, I love you, ya little cunt, but you are a manifestation of malice that will only bring agony in its wake. To Punky… the fuck are you doing with these thugs, girl? You used to be cool!”

Verde: “And to Nari… your life is untold and incomplete. You were a puppet with no past and only purpose. I am sorry for the torment I put you through. The abuse, the pain, and the discomfort. You have known death more times than even I, and what should have been your heaven was a relentless neon-hued hell of sensory numbness. I cannot imagine the pain of falling through a kaleidoscope while immersed in the sound of abrasive nothingness for an hour, let alone a decade.”

Verde: “Please, I will ask you once more… can we fuck off with all of this genocidal bullshit? Can you just stand down and allow me to put an end to all this? I will try to be a better person, try to do better work, and while that might not mean much… That’s all that I can do. For without me, if I were to truly pass away, everything would be erased. The system would fail, and you would be reduced to nothingness. No past, no present, no future, no memories, no matter, no body, no mind, no hope— FUCKING NOTHING!!!”

Silence followed Verde’s speech, and all parties wore their own reactions. 

Raiyne’s eyes were watering as she took in Verde’s words, though even she was not sure why. 

Terra was nodding her head along, knowing all too well what it is like to have a monstrous history. 

Abigale remained stoic, having already deduced the trauma that Verde must have undergone.

Genocider Jad had not moved an inch, for his mind was closed off to all but his objective.

Peatrice was stifling laughter as he saw what a fuck up ‘God’ truly was.

Punky… had completely checked out of this conversation and was sitting down, making a little foot-tall snowman.

While Nari looked at Verde with glazed over eyes, before letting out a sigh.

Nari: “Verde, you seem to be mistaken. I hate you. I hate you more than anything. Thoughts of confronting and killing the one who put me through the Omni, through that hellish vortex, were the only ones that kept me from succumbing to sheer madness. I don’t CARE if you are sorry. I don’t WANT to make things right. I want to see you SUFFER… and so do my friends here. Genocider Jad hates you for what you stole from him. And Peatrice… well, he’s just an all-around fucker with a penchant for fucking things in the ass. And Punky knows that you, the wife of Abigale Quinlan, are the epitome of evil, is that not right?”

Punky: “Heck yeah! Whatever you say, Mister Nari!”

Nari: “I WILL bring everything to nothing if it means you are no more. I will take the decillion of centillions of bits that comprise the universe and reduce them to nil if it means I get my revenge.”

Raiyne: “But… why?”

Nari: “Because it is all that I have. It is all that I want. Without it… what even am I? Just another one of your hundreds— if not millions— of playthings?”

Verde: “What about the Doctor? What about Max? What about Y’vonne? What about getting revenge on Uni?”

Nari: “That was all drivel. It does not exist beyond where I left it. Because you abandoned it and left it aside. Left me aside. It doesn’t matter… just like how I don’t matter. Just like how nothing matters. We are all the puss spewing from the abscess of a diseased mind that should have been killed years— perhaps even centuries— ago!”

Verde: “Eh, you’re aiming a little too high there, chief. I’m actually 32. I was 24 at the end of The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, but then I went Quantum Leaping for 8 years, and this whole thing started on my 14th birthday. So, no, not centuries— not even decades.”

Peatrice: “Uh, nobody cares, chief. My buddy wants you to die, and I’m down with ending everything.”

Terra: “Aren’t you immortal? Why do you want to end the universe? Because then you would die too!”

Peatrice: “Yeah, but I did everything I really wanted, and if it’s between being stuck here in retard Abigale’s world, then I say it’s better to burn shit up in a glorious blaze than let it linger in mediocrity.”

Abigale: “It pains me to think that someone with such vernacular wore my skin mere hours ago.”

Nari: “Enough talk! There is nothing to discuss any more! The dies have been cast, allegiances have been made, and it is time. It’s time for four to meet four and become zero!”

Verde: “Yeah, I pretty much knew that things would end up their way, so… whatever. …But if you are planning for a 4v4 battle to the death, then you are asking for a clusterfuck. If we are really going to battle for dominance, let’s do this tournament style. 4 matches of 1v1, and whoever wins advances up the brackets. I even have the matchups already prepared, and I think you’ll find them plenty fair.”

Verde: “Raiyne, you will battle against Punky. Terra, you can take on Genocider Jad. Peatrice, you and I are gonna fight. And finally, Nari, you will take on Abigale Quinlan. We will all travel 10 kilometers from this point, and when we emerge victorious, we will all gather here to begin the next round… IF there is a next round.”

Abigale: “Verde, those matchups are—”

Verde: “Perfect? Yeah, I know.”

Raiyne: “Um, are you sure I can fight someone who can make anything out of nothing?”

Terra: “And you’re putting me, the weakest of the bunch, against someone with the most destructive powers of them all? I know you’re crazy, but this—”

Verde: “Look, we went over their abilities thanks to what Machi observed in Neo York City. I know their quirks, and— hold on, do you all know ours?”

Genocider Jad: “Such knowledge is unknown to us.”

Peatrice: “You ornery little cunt! I told you not to speak unless I TELL YOU TOO!!!”

Verde: “Genocider Jad knew I would just outright tell you guys if you didn’t know our powers, and I will—”

Terra: “The FUCK are you doing, Verde?”

Verde: “Saving us a bunch of exposition later, now simmer down and lemme gives these self-proclaimed genocide lovers the DL on what makes us who we are.”

Verde: “Raiyne has the ability of Rift Walker, which allows her to open Rifts in space— basically think of them as portals by another name. Terra has the ability to see one’s true nature— their very essence— with Aura Seer. Abigale can use the natural world as her weapon via Nature Manifest, which I’m sure you picked up on by now. And my quirk is Divine Insight, meaning that I have read the synopsis of this story before it happened, and know, generally speaking, how things are gonna play out. It’s how I knew you were behind all of this, Nari— before you transformed into an evil Mothra. Not to be confused with Battra, because Battra was a bat. And not to be confused with Megaguirus, who was a dragonfly, and dragonflies to not emit toxic dust thingies.”

Nari: “Are you done with your incessant exposition?”

Verde: “Sweetie, exposition is the lifeblood of any good narrative. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner—”


Verde: “Alright, jeez! Raiyne and Punky, you head 10 clicks to the north. Terra and Genocider Jad, 10 clicks to the east. Abigale and Nari, go 10 clicks south. Peatrice, you and I will dash to the west, 10 clicks. I’ll Real Boot a flag for us to follow so we can reconvene after the battles. We’ll start at… what time is it?”

As Verde asked that, she bent down to the tundra below and Real Booted a chunk of it into a rainbow colored flag and pole that she stabbed into the ground.

Abigale: “19:49.”

Verde: “In that case, hustle y’all bustles and get ret-2-fight by 20:00. I’ll shoot off a flare when it’s time to fight. Got it? Good. Ready? 3, 2, 1, Go!”

Following Verde’s declaration, the group of 8 splintered off into four groups of 2, all running at extreme speeds as they raced toward their destinations. Their confidence levels fluctuated as they ran alongside their opponents, and a sense of dread loomed within the hearts of the other three members of the Righteous as they saw who they were up against. But nevertheless, they ran forward, trusting Verde’s predictions and hoping there was some way they could overcome these foes, and help restore order to an expansive universe with hundreds of millions of Earths to call its own.

At long last, it was finally time. Time for the ultimate battle for the VDVerse to begin.