Bout 19: Abigale Quinlan X Nari
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Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 19:55 UTC – 16:55 LT
Coordinates: 67°N 46°W (Greenland, North America)

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

That statement has three objectives. I have accomplished the first, for I met Verde Dusk. I spoke to her, and I made my desires clear. But before I had the opportunity to kill her, she sent her allies against mine, and denied me the opportunity to fight her myself. Instead, I must fight against this world’s savior. Abigale Quinlan. Or I suppose Zen Abigale Quinlan. The most powerful of all the Righteous permutations, and the God figure of this world. 

Truthfully, I did not want to fight her. If her shrine was any indication, then she brought this world prosperity and worked to better others. While my mind lacked the experience needed to truly understand the minutiae of a society, she was, by every stretch I could imagine, a good person. A God who used her powers to enrich and enhance the lives of others, instead of abusing those beneath her. However, this selflessness put us on diametrically opposed paths. The path of the Zen, the Good, stands in opposition to my path— the path of the Genocider. And in order to achieve my goals, I, Nari, must knock her down, and pound her into the dirt.

“Nari,” she began. “I will offer you one opportunity to surrender and cease this mindless destruction. You have done incalculable damage to the world. Yet I—”

“Fuck off,” I barked. “Do you seriously think that would work? Are you seriously so socially retarded that you think there is even a possibility that I might give up now? After I murdered millions upon millions? After I traveled halfway across the planet? After I mutilated my body time and time again to become a vessel of destruction? I have made my stance so clear that even the dimmest of dullards could understand it, but you… you think otherwise. That I might change my ways? I am the leader of the Genociders. My purpose is genocide! I want to do nothing with my life other than kill the fucker who brought me into this world and wry the life from their body, before killing myself. That is all I desire, and no platitudes or convictions could ever hope to dissuade me!”

“I see. You are as insatiable and unstable as I was led to believe. Very well. You brought this upon yourself. Someone as mighty and vile as you has no place on this Earth. Goodbye, Nari.”

A fraction of a second later, I felt something pelt the back of my head, hitting it with enough force to shatter my skull. Consciousness faded with this latest death, and by the time it came back, my body was spinning out of control, and as I looked forward, I saw the sun, surrounded by darkness, and growing ever so slightly larger with each passing moment.

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 20:02 UTC – 17:02 LT
Coordinates: 67°N 46°W (Greenland, North America)

After demolishing Nari’s head with a chunk of ice moving as fast as a bullet, Abigale looked down at Nari and snapped her fingers repeatedly, preventing him from regenerating himself as she willed the planet to move. The ground beneath their feet shook, and soon the iced tundra between them and the ground melted as a pit of magma billowed upwards. The magma consumed Nari’s half-regenerated corpse, coating him in fire before melting his skin, flesh, and bones into a paste that meshed with the lava pouring onto the surface.

While his entire body was consumed by deadly heat, he was not truly dead, and he would find a way to restore himself eventually as his consciousness flickered on and off for microseconds every minute. He was incapacitated, but he would remain a threat for as long as he remained on this world. Meaning there was only one logical recourse to follow if Abigale wished to be rid of him. Sending this genocidal freak into space.

The vacuum of space was a place where Abigale’s powers mattered not. If one cannot breathe, they cannot think. If one cannot think, they cannot act. And if one is divorced from matter, the ability to Real Boot is meaningless. Nari could never be killed… but he could be shot into the sun. A force so powerful that it was unlikely that he could ever escape from it. Its density, mass, and heat would immobilize him, much like it would immobilize her. While this was a cruel punishment… he deserved it.

As Nari burned in lava, Abigale Real Booted herself new attire. It was similar to her usual dark jumpsuit, but bulkier and capable of withstanding the harshest of environments. Once dressed, Abigale looked toward the lava consuming Nari’s body, and forced it to rise above the Earth’s surface, where she manipulated it into a large sphere of burning stone. She glanced at it, confirming its proportions, before she propelled it upwards, along with herself. Abigale and this rock propelled higher and higher, bursting through the troposphere to the thermosphere, before finally coming to a stop as the two passed satellites and their connection to Earth’s gravity loosened.

Abigale took a moment to look down at the planet she had worked so hard to protect, and she saw the damage done by Nari and his cohorts. Islands had been decimated and radiant splashes of lights were replaced by specks of ruin. It was a level of destruction that the Earth had not seen in two hundred years, and the mere sight of such meaningless devastation filled Abigale with a rage the likes of which she had not felt since regaining her powers.

With a twist of her neck, she turned away from the Earth and to the dark recesses of space, illuminated only by a scattering of distant stars, and one not-so-distant sun. It shined brighter than it ever did on Earth’s surface, but Abigale did not afford herself the luxury of staring at the burning ball of gas. Instead, she looked at it, exerted her will, and sent the rock shooting toward the sun, bound by its gravity and unable to escape it, no matter what nature would ordinarily dictate. The speed of the rock was profound, causing it to leave Abigale’s range of vision within a matter of seconds, but it would take hours upon hours before this rock reached its destination. Something that Abigale did not have.

Even if Nari were to regain consciousness and recover his composure as he boiled inside that lava-filled rock, he would still need to find a way to combat the force pushing him closer and closer into the sun. It was not a flawless plan, but it was the only one that achieved Abigale’s objective. Getting Nari, this self-proclaimed Genocider, as far away from Earth as possible. She wanted to reason with him. She, despite her disdain for the act, wanted to kill him. But for now, this was all she could do. Return to Earth and hope that he would not be able to restore himself. Hope that, even with his Omni Shift, his ability to turn into anything, there was nothing powerful enough to combat the overwhelming might of a sun.

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 20:55 UTC – 17:55 LT
Coordinates: 67°N 46°W (Greenland, North America)

An hour after departing to begin their battles, the permutations gradually found their way back to their designated meeting place, denoted by a large rainbow flag piercing the ice below. Raiyne Underwood, Punky, Terra Flare, Jad Spencer, Verde Dusk, and Peatrice all stood around, chatting amongst themselves as they waited for the final of the four battles to conclude, and for Abigale to rejoice them with good news.

Punky: “…I don’t understand. How didja know that Raiyne and I would get along?”

Verde: “Because Raiyne is a pacifist— well, that’s not strictly true, but she has the lowest body count of anyone here—”

Terra: “I thought you only killed one person?”

Verde: “Nah. I un-existed my friend Terra Tanaka— no relation to you— but over the past 8 years, I got up to a war crime or three. I had to burn some villages, kill some kids, and become a cybernetic warfighter who carpet bombed the brainwashed masses of the Black Moebius Empire.”

Peatrice: “Ara ara. It appears that even Mistress has a darker side to herself.”

Verde: “My self-designated surname is literally Dusk. You ever seen dusk before? It’s dark. And I chose it for two reasons. To show that I progressed from Vincent Dawn and show that I was accepting the darkness that throbs within my soul.”

Jad Spencer: “I still can’t get over Peatrice right now…”

Terra: “If you think he changed, he really hasn’t. His aura is still as disgusting as it was before, but he switched from being a terrorist who wanted to fuck a pile of corpses to… a predator who wants to get eggs shoved in his ass while burning his back with hot wax.”

Raiyne: “…The future truly is bizarre.”

Verde: “Nah, that’s not the future influence. That’s my influence. Back in my day, I used to find all sorts of wackadoo porn, and that shit scared my psyche forever and evers.”

Terra: “So, you’re saying you’re the reason why Maxxie was so… perverted?”

Verde: “Blame that dude who drew that green-tunic-wearing hero guy getting plowed by his gender-swapped horse. Saw that crap when I was, like, 11, and here I am now.”

Punky: “How does a horse plow a person? A person uses a horse to plow a field!””

Peatrice: “Oh, Miracle Girl Punky-chan, I don’t know whether I want to preserve your innocence or rape it into oblivion.”

Jad Spencer: “You’re not going to rape anything, you deplorable cretin.”

Peatrice: “Or what, you’ll crash my matter? Big whoop!”

Verde: “You’re not fucking anything, or doing any-fucking-thing without my permission, or else I’ll go in deeper. Because trust me, there are layers of trauma I could fuck with if I felt you needed to learn a lesson.”

Peatrice: “Well… maybe I want to be punished from time to time.”

Raiyne: “I don’t mean to put a plug in… whatever this conversation is, but does anybody know what happened to Abigale?”

Verde: “She’ll be here any moment now. She made a round trip to space and, even when nature’s your bitch, it takes a while to fly through the atmosphere.”

Jad Spencer: “Okay, and how do you know all of this again? Because there’s predictions and then there’s telling the future.”

Verde: “I have been immersed in procedurally generated Scenarios based on my own psyche and storytelling tendencies, so I can accurately predict how things will progress. It has not been written, but it has been outlined.”

Terra: “The short and simple is that she’s God, and it’s best not to question it.”

Verde: “You’re goldarn right I am!”

As Verde made this declaration, she turned her head to look at the evening sky. Darkness had settled, stars were shining, and a stream of green light glistened in the air. It was a gorgeous sight, but it was not what Verde was looking at. Amidst the lights, there was a speck of black that blended with the night’s sky. The speck moved swiftly, and as it neared Verde and her group, it grew larger, before finally descending to reveal itself as Abigale Quinlan.

She landed against the frosted ground in a discernible thud before bringing her hands to her helmet and revealing her face. As she saw the six before her, all casually standing about, clearly not bothered by each other’s company, she gave the group a smile before walking closer to them.

Abigale: “It appears that things went well with all of your battles.”

Punky: “I’m super duper sorry for breaking so many things— andkillingsomanypeople— Miss Quinlan. I thought they were all fake and—”

Abigale: “Please, Punky. I am not here to judge you. I am merely glad that your encounters were so expedient. Though, I have to wonder, how did you manage to defeat Peatrice, Verde?”

Verde: “I fucked him!”

Peatrice: “She sure did! And it was the best fuck I ever had. …But only the third most traumatic.”

Raiyne: “Is that why you’re so… eccentric, Peatrice?”

Jad Spencer: “Assuming this Peatrice is like my Peatrice, they do what they do for pleasure, no reason more, no reason less.”

Abigale: “And I assume you are Genocider Jad, is that correct?”

Jad Spencer: “Yeah, I… I was, but Terra beat some sense into me—”

Terra: “Figuratively and literally. I saw that Jad had a kernel of light within himself, and I did all I could to pry and beat it out. I had to air out my demons to exorcise his. Hell, I’m not sure how I would have managed without our mutual experiences with Zoe Xing and Maxxie Flare.”

Punky: “Oh, I know those people! Lou killed them…”

Raiyne: “Wha-What? My uncle killed people?”

Verde: “Look gals, guy, and slave. We could spend all night yapping about the shared universe we all have, or we could get on with the climax.”

Peatrice: “Oh, so that was just foreplay, eh?”

Verde immediately retorted Peatrice’s joke by turning her body and causing her long and malleable 69-centimeter penis to burst from the fly of her dress pants, where it thrust itself through the air and landed squarely in Peatrice’s face, knocking him down to the ground below.

Verde: “PREDICTABO! You walked right into that!”

Jad Spencer: “Huh. Guess I’m not the only person who punched something with my dick.”

Raiyne: “Uh… Was that before or after your transformation?”

Terra: “It was after. Dude punched a mirror with his dick.”

Abigale: “While there is a time and a place for discussions such as these, we have more important matters to attend to. Verde, you were saying that we needed to get on with the climax?”

Verde receded her penis and zipped up her fly before turning to Abigale, acting as if her spontaneous dick punch never happened. Peatrice similarly recovered from this punch, but he was still rubbing his face, easing his unhealed ‘emotional wound.’

Verde: “Oh. Well, you know how you sent Nari flying into the sun? Well, when you did that, you remembered how his Omni Shift allows him to transform into anything, right?”

Abigale: “Yes. His ability requires him to be conscious though, and he would need to fight against the gravitational pull of the sun while within a vacuum traveling at thousands of kilometers per hour.”

Verde: “You do realize that some things are not affected by the pull of gravity, right?”

Abigale: “Yes, light for instance—”

Verde: “Light is a thing.”

Raiyne: “I’m pretty sure that light is not matter. It is a form of radiation, of energy, and it is not tangible in the same way a solid, gas, or liquid is.”

Punky: “But if you can see it and feel it, then isn’t it a thing?”

Verde: “Nailed it. That’s my Punky, saying it like it is when it comes to all things scientific!”

Abigale: “Are you saying that Nari can use his Omni Shift ability to transform into light?

Verde: “Yep, and it’s already happened. In fact, you should be able to see a twinkle of cyan in the sky if you look really hard for it.”

On Verde’s cue, the group of seven all looked upward at the aurora borealis hanging in the sky. It was a gorgeous sight to behold, but amidst the green wave of light, they saw a faint cyan speck. It was innocuous, no larger than one of the hundreds of stars littering the night’s sky. Though, right as the seven registered it, the light had already moved to the surface, where it penetrated the frosted ground.

The light lingered and pulsated as it reached this destination, where it manifested matter from nothingness and adopted the form of Nari. He stood tall, unphased by whatever it was he just underwent, but as he looked at the seven before him, a scowl developed on his face.

Nari: “Explain why my allies are standing amongst my enemies.”

Terra: “They lost, we won, and now you are the odd one out.”

Punky: “You’re a dirty stinky dookey faced jerk, and Punky will never ever forgive you for using her as a weapon of mass des-a-ma-struction!!”

Jad Spencer: “Technically, I was never your ally. You were the boss of the fuckwad who abused my trauma and turned me into his slave.”

Peatrice: “And this ‘fuckwad’ isn’t the sort to keep allegiances. If you trusted me then, congratulations, you’re a dumbass.”

Nari: “Heh. But of course. I see it was a mistake to trust any of you. You are all tainted by her design. By her persona. By her will. I am no better. Every facet of my being was created by her. It is why I can never live. For I am corrupted by her. All of existence is corrupted by her. And the only remedy for such corruption is complete destruction.”

Verde: “Nari, I get it. You lived a life of constant suffering. You were traumatized due to my carelessness. And after learning about me, you discarded any and all hope. However… you lost. You never had any chance of winning. And if death is truly what you want, you simply need to give up and I’ll make it so.”

Nari did not reply verbally. Instead, he merely glared at the seven, stewing in his own frustrations as Verde’s attention was diverted elsewhere.

Raiyne: “You mentioned that earlier, but… how does that work? How could all eight of us restore your powers?”

Verde: “Abigale? Terra? Could one of you be a dear and explain to the class the secret ability of Abigale Quinlans?”

Abigale: “Are you referring to Critical Adaptation?”

Peatrice: “Nah, dawg. Mistress Dusk is talking about the power that made Terra into the Terra we know today.”

Terra: “You… you mean the fact that I fused with her. That we—”

Verde: “—Become As One. A power that extends beyond all others, and allows an Abigale Quinlan to fuse with another person. Or persons. It is a powerful ability capable of melding consciousnesses and causing untold destruction. It was a remnant of an idea that infected The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, and led to its sorrowful conclusion.”

Peatrice: “Yeah. That shit was marvy-licious!”

Verde: “Anyway, if we use Become As One, then we can not only wipe the floor with Nari, but we can also capture the attention of my wife— Shin Abigale Quinlan. No matter how she is searching for me, her instruments will pick up on the formation of an entity as powerful as two Abigale Quinlans, let alone eight.”

Nari: “How could you even think that I would consider joining you in body and mind?”

Verde: “Uh, I don’t, actually. But I could fuse with you by force if I felt like it… but that would make me seem like the villain, and I would rather end things on a more… bombastic note.”

Punky: “What’s that about bombs? I’ll make you all the bombs you need, Miss Dusk!”

Verde: “Not what that word means, dear. But if you want to help me out, you’ll give up your autonomy to Nari and help him achieve his ultimate form.”

Terra: “Verde… what the fuck are you doing?”

Verde: “Making things more interesting, Terra. Punky, Peatrice, and Jad, I want you three to join with Nari and let him absorb you. I want you four to Become As One. Meanwhile, myself, Terra, Raiyne, and Abigale will do the same.”

Jad Spencer: “Verde, are you… insane? You want us to give up our powers and lives to make Nari, our ENEMY, more powerful?”

Peatrice: “Ya goldarn right! This bitch is crizzle to the dizzle, and she owns it.”

Abigale: “Verde, based on experience, I have come to trust your judgment. However, do you think this is a truly wise decision to fight against an enemy with the ability to become anything, make anything from nothing, and reduce anything to nothing?”

Verde: “Abigale, I told you once, and I’ll tell you twice. We have a 90% chance of winning here, and I have taken EVERYTHING into consideration.”

Nari: “Even if the odds are against me, so long as there is a chance, I will stop at nothing to put an end to you. Now, tell me, Verde. How do I trigger this Become As One ability?”

Verde: “I mean, the trigger method is not consistent, but… I know a surefire way to activate it. Peatrice, Punky, Jad Spencer, go to your former leader. Raiyne, Terra, and Abigale, gather around me. Nari, I know you’re going to hate this, but you need to copy my moves and repeat the words after me.” 

Nari scoffed at Verde’s remark and stood his ground, folding his arms over his chest while glaring in the general direction of his reformed allies. The three looked back at Verde one final time before walking over to him. Peatrice fluttered with a smile on his face. Jad sulked with his head down. While Punky puffed up her cheeks while stomping the ground, leaving indentations in the ice as she did so.

Raiyne, Abigale, and Terra all drew closer to Verde and, once everyone was in place, Verde triggered her ‘secret’ power. Verde began with her legs wide and her arms outstretched. With a smile on her face, she swung her left arm above her right shoulder before swinging it back down and spinning 360 degrees on her left foot. She then brought her right foot forward and jumped up into the air, spinning 180 degrees while raising her right fist into the air. As her feet returned to the ground, she found herself looking at her allies, who looked at her with confusion.

Instead of saying anything to them, Verde spun around and looked back at Nari.

Verde: “Okay, so you do this little henshin dance, look at them, and then say, ‘we shall become as one.’ Then your transformation shall—”

Nari: “This retarded shit is exactly why I want to kill you! How fucked in the head do you need to be to include something like this as a failsafe?!”

Raiyne: “In Verde’s defense, this is a complicated gesture that, combined with the verbal cues, makes it—”

Instead of letting Raiyne get the last word in, Nari began doing the dance, and swiftly positioned himself before his former allies, where he released a hoarse shout.


What followed was an explosion of white. A burst of light that lit up the sky above. One that shined so vibrantly it could be seen from space. And one with such force and intensity that it sent the Righteous flying back, their bodies flying tens of meters away as they were blinded by the overwhelming radiance before them. 

By the time Verde and company regained their vision, the blinding light was gone, and where four people once stood, there was now only one. A person whose body emitted a pulsating white aura visible to all. A person with platinum blonde hair that practically shimmered, with skin so pale it was comparable to porcelain. They possessed a lean and muscular frame clothed in a stark white jacket, white pants, and white boots, leaving only their flat chest exposed. The only thing about their form that was not white was their eyes, which emitted a cyan light that consumed their pupil and expanded into their sclera. There was not a hint of black or white in their eyes, only cyan.

This figure thrust a hand through their short hair as they stretched their body out, before finally directing their attention to the four onlookers. As they saw the Righteous, they spoke in a deep voice, one that sounded like Nari’s, but an octave lower.

Figure of Light: “I have always known you were a fool, Verde. But to give me such immense power… it is beyond avarice and beyond foolishness. Perhaps you have finally seen the error of your ways and wish for me to end your life. It would not be the first time you sought death, but I assure you, it shall be the last! For I am Nari The White! Genocider of God!

Verde: “Now that’s the Saturday morning edgelord I was looking for! I’m so happy with how you turned out that I’ll forgive you for ruining our synchronous transformation sequence. Raiyne, Abigale, Terra? Y’all ready to see what it’s like to be part of me?”

Raiyne: “Y-Yes! I’ll do whatever it takes!”

Abigale: “Affirmative, I am ready.”

Terra: “Ready? Sure, I guess. But I don’t think we have a choice.”

Verde: “No, you really don’t.”

Following that declaration, Verde began to repeat the dance-like sequence she did minutes ago, and looked at her three allies before repeating the activation phrase.

Verde: “We shall Become As One!”

Following her utterance of this phrase, Verde’s body became encased in a field of darkness. It was thick, dense, and drained the light of all surfaces near it. It was an anti-light so dark that it was visible from space, but not powerful enough to push Nari away like he did to the Righteous. He stood his ground, stared at the burst, and as he did so, he could tell it was not mere darkness, it was something more. It was blackness. He looked on, fathomed how much darker, how much more black, this absence of light could be. And the answer was none. None more black.

As the blackness receded, Nari struggled to adapt to the returning light and squinted his eyes slowly, focusing on the person standing before him.

A person whose body emitted a pulsating black aura. A person with jet black hair sat flat on her head, with deep brown skin, slightly darker than that of Abigale Quinlan. Their body was tall, lean, yet muscular, and dressed in a dark suit, with a black shirt, black jacket, and black pants. With a huff, they pushed their shoulder-length hair away from their eyes, revealing the only thing that broke up the darkness that covered their entire body, a pair of radiant orbs that emitted a fierce scarlet. 

The dark figure looked down at themself, opened and closed their hands, and unleashed a laugh— a chuckle— that quickly evolved into a hysteric uproar. Their voice was higher pitched, almost girlish compared to the relatively deep voice of Abigale Quinlan, and after unleashing their boisterous laughter, they looked onward at Nari, and clenched their teeth.

Figure of Black: “FUCK! This is everything I hoped it would be. Perhaps even more. I feel like I could bend the universe through my will alone… and I’m sure you feel the same, Nari The White.”

Nari The White: “But of course. As a God, I trust you can comprehend the might I wield! But trust me, I shall use it with far better care and better focus than a being as wretched as you… Verde The Black!”

Verde The Black: “…Not the name I would have chosen, but I guess that works. And it is mostly Verde up in this dome. Tell ya what. I could end things here and now if I felt like it… but I don’t. I want to see what you are capable of. Physically… but mostly mentally.”

Nari The White: “I see that power has made you even more insufferable. Heh. Very well. If you wish for me to demonstrate my divine might, then you shall bear witness to a level of destruction the likes of which you have never seen before.”

Verde The Black: “Ganbatte. Just… try to be original, okay? You are the literal white to my black. You are my anti. You are the greatest threat I’ve faced in my whole life. And I would hate for you to disappoint during your one moment to shine. …Hey, you remember that one bit from Verde’s Doohickey?”

Nari The White: “No. Why would I intentionally remember your abusive drivel?”

Verde The Black: “‘You only got one shot! Do not miss your chance to flow! This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!’ And think of it this way. I am giving you one opportunity to end me. I am putting my head on a silver platter for you. All you need to do is take this opportunity… and pull the fucking trigger! Pull it and bring an end to me! Manifest your destiny, motherfucker!”

Verde looked at Nari with a smile. He could not tell if she was lying, or if her sanity had gotten even less stable following her fusion. Nevertheless, he was not going to let this opportunity pass him by, and looked high into the sky… before transforming into a white light that soared higher and faster than Verde’s scarlet eyes could follow. 

Verde adopted a smirk as she realized Nari must have left Earth, and rose up into the sky to reach him. She used the wind around her and the gravity of the planet to launch herself high into the sky, where she moved at a speed beyond Abigale’s maximum of 6,000 kilometers per hour, traveling higher and faster until she pushed herself through the Earth’s atmosphere and into space. But as she reached the recesses of space, she found her attention drawn to the moon.

It was over twice its usual size, and as Verde paused to examine this anomaly, she realized the moon had not grown… but that it was moving closer toward her, and toward Earth. While this sight was utterly terrifying to the billion plus people on the planet below, Verde merely smiled as she saw this challenge approaching her— the first true test of her abilities.

With eagerness filling her body, Verde lunged forward and through the exosphere. Unlike Abigale, she did not need a spacesuit to survive in the recesses of space. Her dark aura prevented her body from being destroyed by the vacuum and allowed her to function with no oxygen. Meanwhile, it was her body and its natural abilities that allowed her to propel herself through space with no propulsion. Soon enough, after minutes to travel, Verde collided with the giant space rock, planning her feet onto its cold surface and sending a ripple through its surface.

Abigale’s Nature Manifest ability was immensely powerful. Her power over nature allowed her to topple cities within a matter of minutes. She could harness the power of the sea to flood the settlement into ruin or she could fracture the very foundation the city was built upon… but such feats were dwarfed by what Verde was capable of. 

By stomping her feet against the lunar surface, the stony exterior of the moon began to grind against itself, ripping apart as fissures spread longer and deeper than any disaster that would occur in the ‘natural’ world. The fissures grew rapidly and spread just as fast, fragmenting more and more as chunks of the moon ground together. Even from Earth, the cracks in the moon could be seen, but this act alone would do little to prevent the moon from finishing its collision course with the blue planet.

The dark aura around Verde grew in size and intensity as she looked down at the lunar surface… and punched it with all her might. An explosion surrounded Verde after her fist collided with the surface, and the entire moon stood still for a moment as a fissure traveled from one end of it to another. While Verde could not see it for herself, she knew what this meant. The moon’s surface was cracked into two. 

Her face beamed as she realized what she had done— as she understood the true magnitude of her power— and she continued to punch the surface. Again, and again, and again, creating a massive crater for herself as she tore through the crust within minutes, and entered the mantle. She traveled kilometers downward at a rapid pace, and the moon became coated in thick cracks that would maybe help break up more of the moon as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere… but the collision would still result in the deaths of hundreds of millions. 

Verde The Black: “Literally destroying a planet is a fuckuva lot harder than figuratively! C’mon, Verde, you knew that something like this would happen, so look within. Look within and find the strength to be the hero these people need! You can’t just Megaton Punch this bitch like you’re Knuckle Joe. You gotta do something smarter. Something… craftier.”

As Verde gave herself a pep talk, she shut her eyes and changed her perception of the world. She chose to view it not using her ordinary senses, but her sense beyond. Her senses beyond. As the amalgamation of Verde, Terra, Abigale, and Raiyne, she had access to greater versions of all their abilities. And while creating a Rift to transport this moon was obviously out of the question, she did have two other abilities. Aura Seer and Divine Insight. She could see within others… and also knew many things about the VDVerse that few others did. Because she made it!

Verde The Black: “Zxkuqyb Ivdvre Voyzrize!

As Verde uttered this passphrase, a wave of energy spread from her being, traveling 20 meters before stopping. After unleashing this wave, she saw a semi-transparent square floating above the surface of the moon. The square had assorted information across it, but what Verde fixated on was the FileID, which read Moon_Sol.obj. She identified this object, learned of its properties, and let out a laugh.

Verde The Black: “ Ha! Yes! I knew it would work! Let’s hack this shit!”

Verde then activated her Aura Seer ability. While this power allowed Terra to view the aura of people and indirectly communicate with them, Verde’s rendition was on another level. Not only could she view the aura of people, she could view the aura of objects, and what’s more, she could communicate with objects directly. 

After identifying the moon as an object, Verde was able to see a faint flicker lingering in the background. A flicker that Verde shot her disembodied essence at, crashing into it and entering a world of no sight, no sound, and no sensation. It was merely a void. A void with two entities who communicated by thought.

Moon_Sol.obj: “Why are you attacking me?”

Verde The Black: “Sorry Sol, but you can tell something’s wrong, right?”

Moon_Sol.obj: “Indeed. An object is pushing me closer to my planet, and there is nothing I can do about it. Could you do something about it, powerful creature?”

Verde The Black: “I’m afraid not. You see, you are getting closer and closer to Earth, and at this point, there is simply no stopping your path. If you crash, you’ll wind up killing billions of life forms created via evolution over the course of a billion years.”

Moon_Sol.obj: “I know not what you are speaking of, creature. If my impact with Earth is inevitable, what is it you desire from me?”

Verde The Black: “So, like, basically, I need you to die and stuff.”

Moon_Sol.obj: “The end comes for all things, and if I crash, then I will cease to be a celestial body. I shall be reduced to a series of asteroids. My end is near.”

Verde The Black: “Yeah, I get that. But if you die now, as in, right now, then you will save another ‘celestial body.’ But if you refuse, and die later, then you will die and another ‘celestial body’ will be reduced to nothing but a bunch of asteroids.”

Moon_Sol.obj: “I see. Then how might I go about bringing an end to myself?”

Verde The Black: “Heh. You’re asking the right gal for that, bud. You need to blow up, to explode into millions of pieces— and dozens of enormous chunks. And the only way to do that is to get your core to explode.”

Moon_Sol.obj: “How might I accomplish that?”

Verde The Black: “You self-destruct!”

Moon_Sol.obj: “I know not what that means, creature. How does one destroy itself?”

Verde The Black: “You just need to think, to will it, to execute a command known as Zxkuqyb Gxfighvw Uovh.

Moon_Sol.obj: “‘Zxkuqyb Gxfighvw Uovh.’ What does th—”

As Moon_Sol.obj uttered that phrase, Verde found herself thrust away from the spiritual realm and back into the reality she could perceive with her own eyes. And the first thing she noticed when in this reality was the violent shaking coming from underneath her feet. 

Verde The Black: “Heh. I never thought I would need to use a workaround like that. Normally, such commands were reserved for the Admin of VDVerse. Characters such as myself cannot influence objects with such commands, but when the object themselves do it… that’s a different story. Some might call it bad design, but I call it an intentional exploit. After all, a truly well-designed system has workarounds for every—”

As Verde explained how marvelously designed her system was to herself, and no one else, the ground beneath her feet caved in, and she found herself falling into an abyss.


As Verde fell deeper and deeper into this dark crevice, she soon saw the results of her labor. Beneath the cold mantle of this rock, there was a billowing pool of glowing fire that rose up as quickly as she fell. While she could have realistically stopped herself, she instead chose to quite literally dive into the pool, sticking as fashionable a landing as you could manage while entering something as dense as molten rock.

This, naturally, caused her body to become overwhelmed by heat and swiftly melt, leaving her absent as the moon continued its self-destruction process.

A mere five minutes after Verde ‘hacked’ the moon, a glowing redness was pulsating through its thousands of fissures, leaking molten stone onto the surface. The pulsations grew faster and faster until the pressure proved to be too much, and this celestial body burst into a vibrant explosion of stone.

As the explosion subsided, Verde’s body regenerated itself, suit and all, and she looked down at Earth. Several dangerously large chunks of moon rock were drifting into the atmosphere, and depending on their contents, they might be durable enough to make it down to the surface, where they could deal real damage. Much like she almost did when she entered this world.

She thought about demolishing these remnants, but paused and recalled her true objective: To stop Nari. She spun around, searching for wherever he may be, and as she looked through the wreckage of the moon, and the destroyed machinery that once propelled the moon toward Earth, she saw Nari. The two were close enough to lock eyes, for Verde to see the smile on his face, and for Nari to see the smile on Verde’s.

Verde thought of making a quip to get him going and kick off the second phase of this final boss battle. But then she looked past Nari and… saw a sword. 

Actually, no. It was not a sword. It was a slab of metal, dozens of kilometers thick, hundreds of kilometers wide, and over ten thousand kilometers long. It was too misshapen to be a planet and lacked any features that would classify it as a spacecraft. It was merely a slab of metal. A preposterously massive slab of metal with what looked to be a hand, a humongous disembodied white humanoid hand, wrapped around its handle. 

Despite its impossible mass, the hand moved the metal slab swiftly, traveling thousands upon thousands of kilometers within seconds as the hand rose it upward and then downward, onto the Earth below. Verde could not have propelled herself quickly enough to stop it, and even if she could have, she lacked the power needed to stop something of such unfathomable size and power. All she could do was watch as the slab severed the planet in two clean halves. 

As the halves of Earth began to drift apart, the hand moved the weapon once more, and continued to attack the remnants of the severed planet. The halves became fourths and from there, the assault continued. Even as the chunks of Earth struggled to maintain themselves, fragmenting from the residual force of the weapon, the weapon continued to attack these remnants again, and again, and again. 

Until all that was left of Earth was a scattering of rocks, drifting outward into space, no longer bound by the gravity of a solar body, and no longer capable of sustaining anything more than resilient microorganisms. Remnants remained, and it was possible that some Machi survived the assault, but what Verde witnessed was the end of humanity. The loss of humanity’s history. The loss of humanity’s accomplishments. The loss of humanity’s future. All lost, all destroyed, within a matter of minutes.