Bout 18: Verde Dusk X Peatrice
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Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 19:55 UTC – 16:55 LT
Coordinates: 67°N 46°W (Greenland, North America)

I ground my heels against the ice, bringing myself to a stop. Looking west, I saw Peatrice hauling his pudgy little fuckboi ass over here. It was his own damn fault for giving himself tiny child legs, and while you’d think that his wings would help, they really didn’t. 

This gave me a moment to reflect on this whole situation. On the fact that, after 8 years of bullshit, I was nearly at the end. All I had to do was shoot off the flare, teach Peatrice the err of his ways, and then let things billow into a bombastic finale. And I was excited as fuck for what was in store for me over the next few minutes. Now I just needed to wait for this legal shota to get here, do his thang, and wait for the battle to begin. I Real Booted a clock for myself, Real Booted a flare gun to fire off when the time was right, and then looked forward, where I saw Peatrice.

The walking fetish character was fluttering a half-meter above the ground, folding his arms as he stood in the air, looking at me like a hunk of meat. I snickered at him, he did the same, and once things hit 20:00 on the dot, I raised the flare gun up… and let the red light shoot high into the sky, dousing me with scarlet smoke. With that done, I threw the gun aside and closed the distance between Peatrice and I.

He looked down at me with a sinister look in his cat-like eyes, while I looked up at him with the smile of a class-A shit eater.

“Do you have any idea how much I know about you?” Peatrice said, his voice as annoying as I originally envisioned.

“Yep! You probably know all about me. Dontcha, bucko?”

“I learned much from Nari, and now that we are so close, your mind is mine to play with. You trauma is my weapon, and I—”

“Look, can we cut the gouda and get on with the gooder? Divinity is poking through my door like a 17-inch cock, and the sooner you let me put it in my mouth and go hog wild on that sausage, the better it will be for all of us.”

“…Oh, you’re going to be a fun one.”

“That’s one way of putting it. Now use your Trauma Amplifier ability and explore my head. I’ll meet you inside.”

With a smile, Peatrice fluttered right up to me, positioning his face centimeters from mine, shining his vibrant yellow eyes against my dull green ones. As I stared into his eyes, the world around me collapsed, and I found myself… elsewhere. 

I was in my bedroom. A massive room with a shelf of tastefully organized tat, a desk where my computer sat, and the bed where I slept when I felt like it, and made love to my dearest wife when we felt like it. It was precisely as I remembered it 8 years ago… because this was merely a projection of my mind. I knew this the moment I laid eyes on this room, but it was still comforting to sit down in my beloved chair as I waited for Peatrice to creep in from my closet.

“Nice choice of scenery, but if your plan is to break me… you’re in for a rude awakening. Unlike Lily Orchid or Jad Spencer, I am incredibly aware and intimately cozy with my past transgressions. I wear my sins on my sleeve, and I have nothing to hide.”

“So what you’re saying is that I have a little challenge ahead of me. Sounds good. I was hoping for a bit more resistance during the third act.”

“There is resistance, Peatrice, and then there is trying to make a demon atone for their sins.”

I stood up from my chair, and threw it at Peatrice. He tried to grab it, holding out his hand all casual-like, but his efforts to catch it failed, and he fell to the floor.

“My name is Verde Dusk. My name was Vincent Dawn. And my name was Danny Verres. While my name changed, and gender too, I was always the same fundamental and underlying person. And that person did some fucked up shit.”

“My name is Verde Dusk. I assaulted children in my class to the point where they had no hope of ever living normal lives. I tortured and abused my only friend, putting him through hell until he begged for death. I raped my elementary school teacher and made her into my wife… after robbing her of her race, that is. I sentenced my parents to an abstract and psychotic rendition of hell, and left them there for… years, because I don’t like them. I created beings simply for the sake of abusing them. I find joy in the death, trauma, and suffering of others, because I think it’s fun!”

“I am painfully aware of all of this. I hated myself for as long as it was possible for anyone to hate themselves. I killed myself not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES! But you know what happened after number four, you know what happened? I accepted myself for who I am. I accepted myself for what I am. I’ve had 8 years to stew over this shit, and learned that there is no getting away from my past. That all I can do is accept it, move on, and be a better version of myself going forward.”

“That’s awfully admittable, Miss Dusk,” Peatrice said, fluttering as he raised himself above me. “But do you truly think that you lack any secrets that I can exploit? Come now, do you truly believe that? Everybody has their share of weaknesses.”

“Yes, I believe that. I have made peace with my past, and I am immune to anything you could try. Go on, look deeper. See if you can find anything in my memories to dredge up.”

I stripped down to nothingness and stood with my arms stretched out. My mind was clear, my body was bare, and I tried to make myself as inviting to Peatrice as possible. He sifted through my mind, changing the environment around us as he looked for the best moment to lie down the trauma hammer. It was like watching my life flash before my eyes, but eventually, we returned to this bedroom. Peatrice looked through my past and saw no easy opening. He saw no weakness to exploit and looked at me with confusion. He was trying to formulate some excuse, but I did not give him the opportunity.

I grabbed Peatrice by a leg and swung his body against the wall. The wall shattered upon impact, we entered a room with no walls, ceiling or floor. It was a void with a surface we stood on, surrounded by snapshots of my life. However, my attention was squarely focused on the fuckboi at my feet.

I snapped my fingers, and his clothes came off. His pale and supple body was presented in all his glory, looking boyish and almost prepubescent, except for his dick. A truly massive dick that was already stiffening before I robbed Peatrice of his clothes, when it became erect. As Peatrice saw his member grow erect, his cheeks pinkened. 

“Wh-What do you think you are going to accomplish here?”

“I am testing to see if your point is correct, my li’l Peaty-kun. I am going to see if you have your weaknesses. If you, Kuro Abigale Quinlan, have trauma that I can amplify.”

“Pfft! You think I could put up this ish with a load of—”

“That is precisely why I know you have trauma, Peatrice. Because you try to hide it behind your strength.”

Oh my. God, it appears that you have finally lost it. I knew you were always a twisted fuck, you created me after all, but seeing it in person like this is—”

Before Peatrice could finish his last word, I got down on my knees and rammed my pussy onto his dick. It was thick, it was mighty, but that just meant I had to be even harder as I fucked him into submission. I could feel him inside me, pulsating against my inner wall, forcing it to widen to accommodate his girth, but in return, I only tightened my loins, choking him and locking his dick into me, and robbing it of any control in this position. 

“Bahahahaha!” Peatrice laughed as I suffocated his dick. “You’re insane, you truly are insane—”

His ranting was interrupted once again as I rammed my fists against his head, punching him again, and again, and again. His face bled, skin bruised, and I felt my knuckles scrape against his body, but I did not let the pain perturb me. Next to the dick in my pussy, it was nothing.

“You know what your weakness is, Peatrice? The fact that you think you are the greatest being in the universe! That you think yourself to be the epitome of evil, the master of malice, and the smartest sapient! Your view of the world was shattered when you learned of me. When you learned that there is a God! That you are not the master, that you are not original, that you are merely a vessel created by someone else, and someone who knows you better than your FUCKING SELF!”

“You… you don’t know about—” Peatrice stammered, his face red with wounds, humiliation and blood pumping through his body as I choked his dick.

I made you,” I said as I stopped assaulting Peatice’s face. “And we both know how meaningless you truly are. Tell me, Peaty-kun, what is your origin? How did you come to be?”

“It matters not where I—”

“You cunt muffin! You KNOW you were going to bring your origin up until I brought it up for you! Your past is where you come from! It doesn’t define you, but it defines part of you, and you don’t want to acknowledge that part, do you? Because you are a little bitch and don’t want to accept that!”

“But I won’t pry any more on that front,” I continued, tightening my vaginal walls until Peatrice’s whole body quivered. “Let me ask you, if you are so mighty, so intelligent, then why do you lower yourself to such behavior? Why do you cast yourself as naught more than an animal who breaks the world and revels in destruction? Why do you get off on something so simple and trivial? With your power, you could change the world… but that would require thought and effort. For you to get over what humanity did to you. Your entire life has been spent hating humanity, and you have been reveling in its destruction since you gained your powers. Is that not true?”

Peatrice did not answer me. His face, unhealed from my assault, looked up at me with piteous eyes. His nonverbal call for mercy gave me an out, a way to end this on some sort of truce… But fuck that shit, I was going to break this bitch like a pack of cards thrown into a blender.

“Fine. Your origin is shit anyway. Let me just ask you more questions, ones that I actually want you to answer! Why do you act like this, Peatrice? Why do you crave such destruction and power? What do you get out of it? Do you get off on it? Do you really?”

“I… I love the sense of power I have over people. I am beyond humans, and I want to see them squirm and suffer! That is what I love and I—”

“Honest. I want you to be HONEST! Is that what you really want? Because I can feel your dick., As I am controlling your dick, preventing you from cumming, I can tell, you are having the best fucking time!”

“I get off on destruction! I spent so much of my life living amongst shit, being a fucking slave, and being abused by those with power, and once I got power… I went wild, I reveled in it, and I… I got bored of it. I kept aiming for bigger and bigger highs. That is what I want! That is what drives me! And that is—”

“—Not what is making you harder than a steel pole. I can feel your dick just as much as you can, Peatrice, and I know this— this right here— is bringing you the greatest pleasure you have known in centuries! Like it or not, you’re nothing but a little bitch, a sub, and I am going to make you into a fan for life in… one… two… three… four…”

“Okay, I love this, I like how you are abusing me, and I will tell Nari to fuck off! I’m sorry, God! please forgive me for my—”


A cascade of semen gushed into me like a torrent pouring through a severed submarine hull. It pelted the end of my innards with intense heat as the juices flooded downward and out my body, spraying out and onto Peatrice, jumping onto his chest, and seeping down to the floor, coating his entire crotch in his own honey-colored juices.

I let out a deep breath as the 15 second assault came to a close, and as I did so, the world around us deconstructed itself, transforming from my mind’s image of my room into the Greenland tundra. Our bodies were both naked, our positions were identical, and even the cum was in the same exact place on Peatrice’s body.

“Huh. I guess his Trauma Amplifier doesn’t prevent us from moving while in our minds. How curious.”

As I mused this, I slid Peatrice’s penis out of me and looked down to the ground to make some clothes for me. I decided on a sharp green suit with a navy dress shirt and a pair of matching navy heels. The suit was a stylistic thing, as I always loved the feel of a suit, but the heels… they had a far more specific purpose.

I looked down at Peatrice. His face wrapped in sorrowful acceptance, his cum-covered dick shrinking back into a tuckable little weiner, and his body unmoving as he laid in the aftermath. I watched him stew in this erotic euphoria… for six seconds. After that, it was time to expedite this shit with a rude awakening. An awakening spurred by a stiletto heel crashing down on his shriveled little balls.

“KYYYAAAAAAHHHH!!!” He screamed as the skin around his gonads broke free, and a bloody ooze secreted from the opening.

I thought this would merely cause him to squirm in pain, release him from his stupor. But his half-flaccid dick stood up as I ground my heel in and shot a dollop of cum that hit me right in the eye.

“Gyah! How the hell do you have anything left?! Did Punky give you a cyborg prostate or some shaz?”

“That… felt really good, Mistress Dusk.” Peatrice said as he remained lying on the ground.

Mistress Dusk? I have to say… I like the sound of that more than I thought I would. So, does that mean you accept your new lot in life?”

“Yes, Mistress. I was obsessed with my gifts, with using my powers, and with being dominant. It was all I wanted. To feel powerful and to be powerful. But now… now I have seen there are other avenues for pleasure that don’t require me to murder millions!”

“Yeah, I expected as much. So, tell me, Slave-kun, what is it that you want in life?”

“I… I just want to feel good, Mistress. I like feeling good, and you are amazing at making me feel good. I’d apologize for killing so many millions, but that would be a fucking lie. It felt great… just not as great as you made me feel. And… I guess that was all I really wanted. What I… always wanted.”

Peatrice stood up slowly and looked down at his naked body and cum-coated penis before continuing to speak.

“For the early years of my life, before I gained my powers, I was in a state of constant misery. I was always hungry, always thirsty, always tired, and… I had no home to call my own. The nights were scary, the days were cruel, and as I traveled across Europe, I was rejected by all I came across. They saw me as something inhuman. They saw me as something that brought with it an ill-omen. And after I hid in a barn one rainy night, I was treated as a witch. I died in a pit of wood and fire, but instead of my life ending… that was when it truly began.”

“I like to think that I was born through this kindling,” Peatrice continued. “By surviving the fire, I proved them right. I proved myself to be a witch. But no matter what they did, no matter what they tried, I refused to die. And as they kept trying to kill me, I tried to kill them… and I won. They died. I took all they had, and for the first time in my life, I was full, I was satisfied, and I was able to sleep soundly and peacefully.”

“I knew murder was bad,” Peatrice said, “that to kill was a sin unless it was blessed by the divine, but that only inspired me to lash out against others. To me, killing was revenge on the world that wronged me. A world that wanted to wrong me. The world looked at me like a freak for so long that I thought the only thing that gave me pleasure was getting revenge. Revenge on humans, the race who branded me a monster again, and again, and again. 

“But you, Mistress,” Peatrice continued. “You taught me otherwise. You taught me that there is pleasure that comes with being services, with being pampered, with being submissive, and with enduring pain both physical and mental. For that, I thank you. It is as if the wool has been lifted from my eyes and… now I can see myself for what I truly am. I am not a power-hungry megalomaniac who wants to control or destroy the world. I am a dick. A dick that wants to fuck.”

“Beauteous shit,” I replied. “Mister Whitman would be proud. Look, can we please get on with this? I taught you the joys of not being in power, and you realized the error of your ways or whatever. You are no longer a murderer, and you are no longer going to stand with Nari, are you?”

“Yes, Mistress. All I desire is to feel pleasure and if you can promise that, promise that I will feel pleasure in the world you create—”

“—Sweetie, trust me. I can see the ending— I can see the damn epilogue— and you are going to experience an erotic high the likes of which you can seldom imagine. Just, um, brace yourself for some kinkiness. I should not need to tell this to someone who dresses up like a baby dominatrix, but… y’know.”

“You have my curiosity and interest, Mistress Dusk. Now, how shall I aid you in making this future a reality?”

“Well,” I said as I scratched my head, “We should get back to the flagpole and see how everyone else is doing. If my foresight is correct, things should have gone swimmingly, except for—”

As I said that, I looked to the southeast and saw a glimmer in the evening sky. It was faint, but I knew it had to be related to Abigale and her inevitable victory.

“C’mon, Peatrice! Get your gimp suit on and I’ll show you what it truly means to be subjugated!”

Peatrice did as I asked, Real Booting the cum off of his slender frame and hopping into his discarded leather harness. As he did that, I carried out my part of the plan, reaching into the snow to Real Boot a sled for one, a leather whip, and a leather collar that I attached to the sled.

“Peatrice, your Mistress demands that you mush!”

“What am I? Your dog?” Peatrice barked, looking down at the collar like an ornery bitch.

“Yes. Did you somehow not understand that? Wear this and start running… or else Mistress Dusk is gonna whip yo white boy ass until you meet her exceptionally high standards.”

“Heh. Sounds like you know how to travel in style, Mistress,” Peatrice said as he slid the collar around his neck.

Peatrice then ran as fast as his stubby little man legs could carry him, while I kept my whip on standby, to give him the occasional slash of encouragement every few seconds. It was a… surreal chariot for a hero to ride into the true final battle. But, somehow, it was the most appropriate way to enter the climax.