Chapter 277 — Second Essence Attained!
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Second Essence Attained!




Yun Beishang didn't dawdle in the middle of such a dangerous situation, he immediately after sent Rosey into his White Space, to protect her any incoming insta-killing hit and whatnot, but the moment he did so, Yun Beishang felt his entire body completely slow down to an almost full-stop with his body being moved 1 single millimeter every second. Realization struck him hard and fast as he quickly took Rosey out of his White Space and held her back into his arms, his 239% Movement Speed -plus the +25% from No Gods or Kings title- went back to him as he was barely able to dodge the next incoming jaws of the Black Turtle's gargantuan head.

"Rosey, hug me!" Yun Beishang said towards Little Rosey as he placed her on his chest, closer to his collarbone and guided her little hands to his Petals of Destruction Suit Aegis, pulled out her claws manually by softly pressing on her palm and the base of her fingers while also having Rosey's authorization to do it. Like this, Rosey didn't had to wait for the Gravity Pull to act up for her fingers and hands to clung onto his suit.

"Brr~r~rrr~r~r~r." An ultra slow and dragged out tender 'brr' went out Rosey's mouth as her throat similarly slowly emitted them out at last, her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth was seemingly besotted. Hearing her, Yun Beishang's eyes flashed as he gave her back a little, light pat before rolling towards the side. Indeed, the system would penalize him for trying to safeguard Rosey like that, it would just be the same or even worst if he sent her into her Pet Space. Even then though, as Yun Beishang carried her around and Rosey remained still while tightly, and cutely, holding onto him while feeling guilty of keeping on being a burden for him.

It of course wasn't her fault, and it was even less unlikely for such a thing to happen. Though previous complete-but-forced-Fallen beings also were quite something themselves, Yun Beishang had obviously never saw one that could very well become one but remained in the middle of that and a dead being instead. Intelligence, reflex or simply randomness; whatever it was, it worked hella well. Even then, even if Rosey was to blame and whatnot; Yun Beishang would still hold hear tightly and protect her at all times.


Like now; as Yun Beishang evaded the jaw about to pincer his body in two, he became increasingly more and more irritated. His Movement Speed wasn't directly affected, but the holding and carrying of Rosey made his body still be affected somewhat. Such was the system having it for him, it was really just against him, but he wasn't going to pointlessly take it out of his system with the system, ah.

Tri-link, tri-link, tri-link, tri-link...

His Mind-Sensory's true body started working, harshly. In but another 5 seconds, the gargantuan had already once again come close enough to bite his ass off in two and probably instantly kill him. Rosey was still enveloped by some shadowy effect and her 'weight' on him was making it really difficult for him to even run, his body -virtual body- was being constantly stressed out to move, dash, jump and twist dexterously every time; and it was really growing tired of it.


With both his feet together against the ground and a light tap, Yun Beishang jumped 30 meters high up into the air, the gargantuan head of the Black Turtle following his oh so every and each movement as it chased him as if it was a guided missile in a creepy manner. His legs were folded onto his stomach as Yun Beishang tried to jump into the air once again, successfully doing so after the second attempt for as the system made it harder for him to nail it with Rosey on him.


But the Black Turtle wasn't the least enraged by that fact as it saw Yun Beishang 'fly' higher into the sky by another 40 meters. In fact, it didn't even moved its body a tiny wee as its neck was the only thing that was being extended out if anything, though the movement of it was slow, it was more than enough to catch up to the slow insect in front of itself. Similarly, another 5 seconds passed as the even then, still powerful virtual body of Yun Beishang made a fast jump higher into the air before; but was now about to get crushed by the gargantuan's jaws once again.

Kick-PAM! PAM! Whoosh!

At once, Yun Beishang allowed both his feet to fold onto his stomach, and at the moment that the Black Turtle's head was going to bite the shit out of him, Yun Beishang kicked away at it and propelled himself forth into the opposite direction of the Black Turtle's shell. With a much solid 'platform' to step on this time, Yun Beishang managed to traverse 150 meters in but a few seconds while the Black Turtle was left far behind and it finally began to grow impatient.


Stomp... stomp, stomp... STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

Crazed; and without seemingly an ounce of decency as not only a Mythical being, a Sacred Beast Protector nor such a legendary creature, the Almost-Fallen Black Turtle's limbs finally began to move. Around the base of its neck, it seemingly solidified and became balefully furthermore disgusting, while its tail made small twirling motions. At the same time, its legs began to unreasonably move forwards in a very creepy manner; each time they moved, they would only elevate slightly before already rushing forwards to take that step. And it was even worse considering that those legs were disgustingly-looking as an armored, gigantic worm whose skin has been shred off and whose body had been constantly mangled. For as they looked as if they really just wanted nothing more but to eat Yun Beishang themselves instead of the gargantuan head at the end of its neck.


'Fucker!' Yun Beishang thought, he was now fully stopped from his previous stomp against the Black Turtle's head, now descending rapidly onto the ground. Now being able to depend on Rosey's flight, Yun Beishang could only wait to smash his own body against it as he was afraid that his legs would straight up break if he landed on his feet.

Swish, swish, swish!

Feeling some weird kind of windy feeling, Yun Beishang proceeded to ignored whatsoever as his incredibly vast Mental Power also continued to see the terrifying sight behind him. Both his hands were fortunately free enough to hold both of his Mind-Sensory huge Gladiuses indeed, but he wouldn't be able to avoid damage from this fall.

'Ah, what the hell. If it's so, then let's do it.' Though a somber Yun Beishang as he was then about to land on the barren floor.

Right behind him, just a few dozens of meters away; the Black Turtle's gargantuan head had its jaws widely opened vertically, no real emotion across its eyes as lust and greed colored them nonetheless, real excitement did flashed through them though.

Pwfwaah! Whoosh!

Not even 10 meters before reaching Yun Beishang's back, the Black Turtle saw the little insect suddenly plummet down even harder against the floor, raising up a few dozens of meters tall mushroom of dust and dirt as it extended across 100 meters in but a moment. It emitted a shot 'GRWAAH?' as it suddenly stop with its jaws still positioned extremely vertically while some of the dust entered into its mouth, as it gazed at where the little insect was previously falling toward.


Suddenly, as if noticing something, the gargantuan head's eyes opened in a really ugly manner before lunging itself towards a certain direction. As it did, it discovered a pair of extremely calm eyes whose light was perfectly reflected even on top of wearing the Petals of Destruction Suit Caberg. As soon as the Black Turtle discovered him, Yun Beishang's eyes remained unmoved while its hands instead were put to work powerfully.

Without saying anything at all,  Yun Beishang brandished both his Mind-Sensory old pals towards the Black Turtle's left cheek, both of them were held together by his hands with his left hand behind and below the right one holding the other gladius. With a hammer-like motion, he swung them at the incoming, ugly and creepy gargantuan head!


-1,000, -1,000.

"HAH!" Yun Beishang continued, in fact, he seemingly became emboldened with the sight of both of his 2.25 meters long and 45 cm wide old pals striking the damnable monster, even if he only managed to although successfully smack it apart; but only half a meter. Even then though, its head momentarily stopped, and that was enough for someone like to take care of such an advantage.

'Just...!' Being helpless even in his own thoughts, Yun Beishang still powerfully brandished his old pals without a single reservation, an unknown but clear fury adding up to his already enraged state!

Pam, pam, bang! PAM!

-1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000.

Smacking both of his Mind-Sensory Dual Gladiuses as if it was a hammer, from the left, top and directly aiming at the front of the Black Turtle's gargantuan head; Yun Beishang didn't ceased at all on landing more and more hits, each one being used with but all of his strength and capabilities even when still being slowed down by carrying Rosey on his bosom. What could have been Critical Hit Attacks and Pierce Attacks, became miserable -1,000. No matter what he did, no matter how he tried with all of his efforts put on each millimeter in which he brandished his old pals; no matter how he felt!


With an incredibly horrifyingly raging and furious face, Yun Beishang's still extremely calm eyes looked striking to no end as the Black Turtle had finally recovered its mobility after so many subsequent heavy strikes; yet, at the simple sight of those eyes, its no-longer existent heart quaked terribly once. Naturally allowing the insect to have more advantage upon the destruction of its ever so heavy skin.

Pam, pam! Pam! BANG! BANG! Pam, pam, pam, pam... BANG BANG BANG!!

As even his Mind-Sensory Gladiuses were emitting powerful and incredibly flashy effects every time a huge sound came out from his hits, the still humiliating -1,000 numbers hovering above anywhere he hit still struck his heart and dug deeper into his skin, eliciting a furious smirk to appear across his lips.

"JUST. FUCKING DIEEEE!" Yun Beishang roared at the stupid head below his feet as he uncaring-ly his left and then right Mind-Sensory Gladius down at it over and over again! Leaving a slight mark on its skin, sometimes a simple mark while other times, a mercury-like mark on them. But his eyes were impervious to those mercury-like ones, even if he activated them, so what? Hahaha! So what? He could only do so much after minutes of having hit it for so long, and what was best? The effect put onto Rosey didn't had any sign of disappearing at all, at fucking all.


Yun Beishang's senses then were blocked out as he became stunned, not as a feature from the system but simply from the deafening sound coming from the throat directly below the head of the Black Turtle and his current proximity to it. At once, the Black Turtle abruptly catapulted Yun Beishang's body with its head, the previous marks that were still being made to it already disappearing as Yun Beishang was sent flying upwards for more than 500 meters straight up.


While he was still stunned, a completely overwhelmingly scary gargantuan head made its way towards him in a creepy manner, with its jaws still extremely vertically open.

'Are-... are you fucking kidding-' But before even his thoughts could be completed, the Black Turtle's gargantuan head had already reached Yun Beishang, with only his dual gladiuses up to defend himself. What could he do?

ATTACK! That's the only thing he could do!

Yet, as Yun Beishang gave a glance to the HP bar of the Black Turtle that, after so many minutes of free-attacking it, it had not downed a single 1%, helplessness invaded Yun Beishang as he placed both his arms in a 'V' form downwards to his legs. The Black Turtle's jaws were not clearer than clear right in front of him, and he only had two huge gladiuses to fend it off.


Excitement filled the gargantuan head's eyes as it had finally caught up to the little insect, he even felt Yun Beishang's body step onto its putrid tongue and land on it for a solid 3 seconds, before slipping inside it.

'Fuck...' Groaning mentally with a furrowed brow, Yun Beishang quickly descended into the Black Turtle's throat, but he knew of what even its throat was capable of. As such, without waiting for the muscles of such horribly enduring skin to tighten and squash him like an insect itself, he instantly sent both his old pals to each side of the throat to stop his fall. Surprisingly, he made it, but the numbers hovering above the area where he stabbed his Mind-Sensory Gladiuses was still the same.

Bvreee-Vwlsht, Bvreee-Vwlsht.

-1,000, -1,000.

"Ha, ha, haha..." Yun Beishang poorly laughed to the sight, his grimace becoming so bitter. After a few seconds, he remained in the same position with that very same bitter countenance, he felt that the Black Turtle had already noticed it and was going to make some countermeasures from this 'slight' mistake. As such, Yun Beishang moved to send all of his strength onto his arms and then proceeded to hang himself by holding the two handles of his old pals with his hands, his arms extended as his body fell a bit more down the Black Turtle's throat.

"Huff... huff... huffff~..." Seemingly calming down, Yun Beishang closed his eyes, the nearby sections of the Black Turtle's throat starting to convulse and tighten nearby, which would just make about anyone else terrified and anxious from the thought of being squashed in this very same 'erotic' manner. That sight would just be terrible, but Yun Beishang paid it no heed, calming down with his eyes still closed.

Then, he suddenly opened his eyes as they were extremely calm, but his visage turned viciously furious and utterly raging.

Flowp! SWISH!! Vwong.

He launched himself upwards while Unparalleled Manipulation was used by him to move alongside with his quickly elevating figure. Yun Beishang had never before been inside the body of a Fallen, but he had indeed been inside that one aberration, 'Mortal's Terror'. He knew very well that whatever those 'shadowy' things could bring, was completely out of the ordinary, something that not even he knew how to deal with should he actually be forced to face it head on. For as death meant failure in his Evil God Class Advancement Quest.

At the same time, his Mind-Sensory Gladiuses didn't broke off from their previous stab into the inner throat but instead began to make damage for every tic as they ascended along with Yun Beishang.

-1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000, -1,000...

Ending up dealing more than 100,000 damage right before coming out from the inside of the Black Turtle's throat, Yun Beishang found himself springing up into the air with the force from his pull. The gargantuan head was seemingly relishing in the taste of Yun Beishang and the thought of consuming Rosey, but didn't expected its still extremely vertically opened jaws to suddenly throw out that very same pair of delicacies at any point.


While the Black Turtle was seemingly superficially stupefied at the sight of the still intact Yun Beishang, he failed to notice that he was already low in HP. And a strange white light surrounding his body, because at the same time, Yun Beishang had a face that contorted out of anger, fury and extreme calmness. The combination of the trio somehow made even an Almost-Fallen to turn silly out of a scare alone, and it was now dumbstruck just looking at Yun Beishang.

"IF I TELL YOU TO DIE..." Yun Beishang's voice resonated through the entire Sacred Underground, one which he hadn't even had the chance to properly scan with his Mental Power for being at an all-time occupied with battling the Black Turtle. And with such a voice powerfully traveling across the entire Sacred Underground, this woke up the Black Turtle but instead of lashing out bestially, it trembled along the entire Sacred Underground that was now truly going through a small magnitude earthquake. Though it was trembling, no dust nor dirt was sent about, and not even the sound of the earth quaking could be heard. Similarly, Yun Beishang's next words were ordinarily thunderous, as it carried with itself the impossible to recognize might of a being beyond what a mortal could ever accomplish. "THEN IT'S FOR YOU TO DIE!!"


An impossibly to defile, beautiful white with a purity that went beyond reason; surrounded Yun Beishang starting from his back and traveling to form at the top of his skin, connecting with him as if it was just fitting. As if it was just meant to be.

The Black Turtle's light blue ghostly eyes turned fervent and uncontrollably excited, but right after those emotions genuinely came from it, a plethora of emotions came instead; becoming terrified.

A never before seen expression on Yun Beishang's face came to be, and as his body slowly turned to face the gargantuan head, his extremely, fearsome calm eyes dumbfounding the Black Turtle as a whole. As his impossible to disobey commanding voice drifted out into the distance, the unique white light surrounding obediently followed his every will, incorporating fully with him. Then Yun Beishang received another system prompt, this time to his advantage.

*PING* has successfully attained his second Essence, as a reward, MP and Stamina+10,000 permanently. Please name your newest Essence.