Chapter 645 — Stealing A Woman Away From Her Harem
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Stealing A Woman Away From Her Harem




...A bit of time went on, almost a whole minute passed by in silence after those who 'had to die' had died, only the living ones who were mostly tearing up were feeling both guilty, ashamed and raging, grieving. But no one dared to make a scene not now nor any time in the world later, towards this person who has already been the one and only to transcend the Specialist 'level' on New Earth.

Swish, swish...

They then began to move the bodies of their fallen clansmen and began trying to move them away, at this moment, as if to try and ease the atmosphere, Flick Ternua spoke to Yun Beishang with his hands clasped and a heavy and tired countenance. "Chief Yun Beishang, the people who had been punished by you have received what they deserved, I'm sure, what will it be of these others?"

"They? You can begin calling them 'slaves' from now on, they will be arrested but not so that they could live freely the rest of their lives. Their work will consist in simple paper work of checking and making sure there are no errors, they will also be in charge of monitoring behavior among users in either the already famous Rising Essence forums and more. There's a few dozens and dozens around after all."

"But if they are to make even the slightest of mistakes, then they will suffer the same as those little friends of yours that we massacred that night, how 'bout it?" Yun Beishang had an expressionless face, but his words stabbed at the hearts of everyone present except for his wives. His words seemed simple at first, and even like a slap on the wrist, but they surely became horrendous afterwards indeed.

"Oh, then... wait!" Flick Ternua massaged his troubled eyebrows before thinking of  what to say next, when he saw Yun Beishang lift his right hand towards the lot of people from where the bloody scent came, stopping Yun Beishang's actions at once and the latter indifferently glancing at the former.

"What." Without it even being a question but also not enraged or feeling insulted, Yun Beishang still managed to scare off the young Clan Head for a few seconds as he finally gulped down his throat the little of saliva he had left before cautiously asking. "They are dead already, and the living ones want to bury them properly, is it that much to ask, Chief Yun Beishang?"

"...what happened to the bodies of my wife's parents and family, or what did the Flicks wanted to do with my other wife's body after buying her from her parents?" Yun Beishang still had his right hand lifted but stagnant in the air, while his words, this time, made all of the Flicks become taken aback; knowing well the answer. Yun Beishang emitted a sound through his nostrils before waving the back of his right hand at the left wing of the Flicks. "Hmph..."

Whoooosh~, swaaashh...

"Eek..." - "EEE-!" - "OH dear, fuck no..." What happened next immediately creeped out everyone except Yun Beishang himself and the two calmed down beauties who looked on at the grand hall and its 'demise' with a proper recomposing of themselves. While the whole Flicks in the grand hall, however, became stunned and could part their eyes from the scene of so many dead bodies turning to ashes by... just a movement from another person's hand and wrist.

Then, as if gotten out of a spell, every single Flick in the grand hall took a look at Yun Beishang with incredulous, big and bloodshot eyes. Not daring to believe but having no other option but to do so, and looking at Yun Beishang along with an ever so cold hiss coming out of their every single damn mouth; silently.

“Don’t call it retribution, for this is completely personal, my and my people’s vengeance.” Yun Beishang spoke at last, breaking the silence and ignoring the sounds of many knees on his group’s right slamming down the floor, losing strength but gaining a new will to live. As members of the Flick Clan, just like before, they were experienced and of a good enough mental fortitude to be able to be so decisive.

Naturally as well, the ones who managed to live could only be grateful and dare not let their ‘sacrifices’ be up for nothing, they could only live even if they were tortured and mutilated of their limbs and sexual organs. Even if they did not see themselves as sinners, they were the losing party nonetheless; as for whether they’ll want revenge in the future or not, that will be a problem for themselves in the future. Even their  descendants…if they regress and truly become stupid beyond any other salvation.

“The siblings too, they will become the Flick Clan’s most valuable treasures along Zbey, you owe them much more than that though, so their descendants will be treated like so as well as their partners and only until at least until their 10th generation from now on perishes. From then on, you won’t be the ‘bodyguard slaves’ of them all starting from any other newer generation.”

“Will do,” Flick Ternua directly nodded and obediently took his task upon himself and the whole Flick Clan without a trace of hesitation or unwillingness. Yun Beishang nodded at such and was looking around the grand hall in just about 2 seconds when he felt Fosk Yao tug at his left arm and Cyn wanted to whisper in his right ear but stopped to allow their Little Yao Yao to speak first.

“Mas-Husband, I want to go back home, Sister Cindy said that by the time we would return, she would’ve deciphered the tool that her teacher gifted her for her studies… I wanna see it, can we go back now, already?” Yun Beishang looked down at his left and gave the little monkey a light smile, he caressed his little monkey head with his left hand and softly responded.

“Okay.” Right after he spoke, Cyn was now the one tugging at his right arm, appearing like a shy little girl as she leaned her body over to Yun Beishang, letting those magumbos heavy their weight on him and his skin turning numb because of it. Changing the direction of his head from the previously pitiful, now content and smiley Fosk Yao to Cyn’s tender and tired face, Yun Beishang directly pinched Cyn’s chin with his left hand softly.

“My love, let’s return…I want to get back to our baby daughter, okay?” Finished saying that, she loomed her nose over his skin and began rubbing him lovingly up and down on his right cheek before booping his nose with her own. Feeling all of that outside and much more inside, Yun Beishang ¡gladly enjoyed the sensation before forcing Cyn to stop, smooched that bad nose and gently repeated. “Okay~.”

Standing up, Yun Beishang grabbed both his women’s hands and looked at both of them before giving Flick Ternua, Flick Mere and Flick Boton a glance. Then, without the need to clarify anything at all, Yun Beishang turned to his right and walked towards the exit of the grand hall. Following his back, that the Flicks locked their eyes on, they could never imagine of what he would be capable of ‘after’.

As for the ‘enslavement’ of the Flicks’ guilty part, though it would seem as if that time would be over in less than 1,000 years of such, with the secrets parts of Yun Beishang’s formidable power and capabilities that he casually showed; it would be strange instead if he were to let his people only live up to 500 years. If anything, he might as well be capable of surpassing the Crestfallen on that aspect!

Yet, all of that would be to the dismay of the Flick Clan who, even if they were to be given some room to breathe and act more like civilized persons in the future, their fates for a long, long time would always be that of a slave - enslaved by their own acts and the worst of it was that they would form their families still with that kind of fate.

But, on the other hand…wasn’t living better than dying? All they had to do, after all, was to live in their house arrest and if mistakes were committed; they would ‘just’ have to join that strange new organization that Yun Beishang himself brought to life. They would even be trained but still be nothing more than slaves, yet, at least they would have a life to live…no?

The silence that ensued into the grand hall minutes after Yun Beishang’s departure was heavy, everyone who was inside now tried to help up by picking up a broom and others picking up dustpans to pick those ashes up, and place them in a secured, safe and healthy place in the near future. Though done with sadness, and as it felt lethargic, it also symbolized their new beginning; so to speak.

. . .


Nascent Herb City Headquarters front street, 3 PM in the afternoon, still in the same day.


After getting out of the Flick Clan’s newly established headquarters, Yun Beishang drove his little wifeys back to their temporary home on New Earth, quickly arriving but only after going shopping for a couple of hours. Cyn went to buy tons of clothing for their daughter from age 0 to age 4 more or less.

Because Yun Beishang’s children take much lesser time in growing up, as well as developing so strong at a much earlier date since their birth day, by the time they were 4 years old or so, they would be as tall as a kid who was about to have their largest ‘stretch’ of their bodies in height and possibly start maturing for real from then on.

As such, choosing her little daughter’s clothes for 4 years would be all of her joy from being a tyrannical mother with the satisfaction of overpowering her daughter and dressing her up as beautifully, magically and cutest little most wonderful being in the world. With Yun Beishang being allowed to pick some for her as well, he was the father so, he had to get some out of it, right?

Fosk Yao, however, also went over to pick babies’ clothing for not herself, obviously, but for her Madams and sisters who either had given or were very soon going to give birth to her husband’s children. Though most clothing was already either made or bought, with Cyn having made tons of the children’s clothing, buying some more for them isn’t a bad activity at all.

Besides, they, both Cyn and Fosk Yao, could also…pick up some new lingerie and toys for when Yun Beishang wanted to watch his ‘little’ harem get slutty with each other. Ahem, but oh well, that was something that both Cyn and Fosk Yao hid from the baby clothes’ eyes and bought secretly, many shit and a lot from each  type, with their flushed faces.

With Fosk Yao about to be a young woman, only by seeing the big bad boy Yun Beishang backing her up did the clerks allow this naughty underaged girl to get her things, alongside Cyn as they envied these two pairs of beauties enormously, sigh. If only they knew that Yun Beishang wanted to eat them too but restrained because they seemed willing but didn’t hint at him anything at all.

Life is so hard some times.

Still, Yun Beishang took their numbers skillfully with some ‘I’m worried that if we break…’ move whereas the clerks innocently gave him what he wanted, possibly only realizing about it hours after he was gone at the very least and weeks at most. Though Yun Beishang wasn’t anything near ‘terribly handsome’ he was too appetizing, eye-catching and charming to women…or men since men can like other men too; unfortunately for his mental well being.

Oh well, but there were at least a lot of bodyguards for Yun Beishang’s frail and pure body, otherwise, he might’ve been harassed by some bad people.

Anyways, at this time and after about a few hours of going shopping, just as Yun Beishang was going to enter the gates of his Peaceful Rain Corporation in his car. He pulled Fosk Yao who was ‘sneakily’ trying out a new toy on her crotch and sat her on his lap. Knowing that nothing she did, especially naughty, could escape her hubby and that she’s been caught, she smiled embarrassingly.

“Kyah! Husband~, ah, I’ll wait, I’ll wait…but at night, I still want to see Sister Cindy’s new tool, okay?” Feeling his overly and always thick and wide Dragon on her bum and kitty, giving it oh so many kisses while slightly moving back and forth on it to give it extra huggies, Fosk Yao sweetly pouted and spoke to her master, man, husband and future father of her children in forgiveness and comfort.

“What are you thinking? Too much of my dick in your mind, I’ll have to focus on you next week, huh? Sigh, look, someone has come to meet me, go ahead and drive. It’s not difficult, I think you will be fine driving a car, but don’t underestimate it.” Yun Beishang turned Fosk Yao’s body around, making her face him and grabbed her chin with his left hand.

As he spoke, the golden haired beauty on his lap had her lower lip distorted to the side by his left thumb and looked at him with longing, infatuation and that devotion that is never lacking. Grinning, he teased her like this as he spoke for a bit before letting go of her, then, turning his head to look at Cyn, he returned his face to Fosk Yao’s and gave her a long, doting kiss.

Mchu~~...” Yun Beishang let the little monkey breathe and turn back to her senses after a while, changing his seat while the little monkey had a face of ‘are you kidding me?’; after all, this little monkey had been piloting spaceships for more than a year, how could a trifling car be any difficult? Dafuq?

On the other hand, as she boringly prepared her seat to drive and looked at her hubby, Yun Beishang had already cupped her Eldest Sister’s head with his hands and made her gaze go from the baby clothes of their daughter to her very own husband at last. Addicted to the clothes, she did notice Yun Beishang’s actions from before but was way too occupied with the clothes.

Now, however, as she was ‘forced’ to let go of her gaze on them and placed her eyesight on him, she smiled terribly beautifully as her bright silver eyes became crescent moons and hypnotized both Yun Beishang and little monkey. The joy and utter heart fulfillment showed so strong from within her eyes that it caused them both to turn stupid for a while.

“I’ll be absent for a day, or two.” Yun Beishang said, his eyes regaining focus while Fosk Yao smiled as she shook her head slightly but rapidly. Cyn then nodded, her eyes blinking so cutely with her eyelids appearing larger and tender, “Mn. I know.”

Not needing to explain anything at all, and knowing that their ‘adventurous’ husband would return to their home in just a few days’ worth of fucking and brainfucking-out of a certain someone, and that his care for his children would always be topnotch; Yun Beishang then proceeded to kiss Cyn with still some of Fosk Yao’s saliva to which Cyn tenderly and meekly followed up with his every move.

“Take care.” Said Cyn as she bit his lip to bleed twice, which healed back up so much it made her want to bite him more. And as Yun Beishang heard that, he gave an extra, long, kinda wet but so damn warm kiss on their glabellas to each of his wives in the car before going out of it with both of them waving their slender hands at him with ‘bye bye~!’ coming from their mouths.

Then, just as Yun Beishang set his feet on the ground, he gazed at the Peaceful Corporation Headquarters, and as if seeing through the main building at the highest floor about 200 meters in the air, he smiled with his eyes flashing violet. From the highest top floor, a bout of tender violet flashed in response to his that was discernible only to Yun Beishang.

Smiling so generously, Yun Beishang then waved at his wifeys inside the car and went over to the east of the gates outside the Peaceful Rain Corporation Headquarters. The personnel and guards around saluting him in silence, how they’ve been trained and told to, while Cyn and Fosk Yao entered their temporary home’s territory with ease and great, dumbish smiles on their fabulous faces.

…After just walking for over 3 minutes in total, not a second less or extra, Yun Beishang found himself a spectacular, abdomen visible, bronzed bodied beauty with large sunglasses on and a large suitcase being dragged by her left hand as her right one held her black leather-like jacket. This beauty was famous herself, and thanks to her gaming career as well as now because of Rising Essence, she was even more so incredibly well known through all of New Earth, if she wanted to get into the bed of the most ‘popular’ man on New Earth, she might need to go ‘undercover’ after all.

An athletic bronzed body, long smooth black-gray hair tied to a ponytail and with an elegant face; though she was somewhat small on her bunnies and her valleys that led to the paradise of both men and women, for Yun Beishang…she was so sexy; oh man…

“Miss Selina.” Selina heard a voice calling out to her very own name just as she was looking to her right, where tons of vacant buildings had a lot of different logos. One of them had a pair of large letters on top of the entrance of a vacant building, one on top of the other, the one below was smaller but had a much bigger width, it said ‘Journeyer Selina’s House Sunbreaker’. While the one on top was much taller and less wide, it said ‘Selina Ross’.

But as she looked at her front, she saw a young man without really being handsome yet having a strangely attractive jaw, broken-glass like eyes. Not that tall, barely above 1.80 but definitely below 1.90 and with broad shoulders, a strong back which she could discern even as she looked at him from the front. Experience from her bedding of many strong men she’s met as well as making each of her hubbies become a greek god bodied handsome fella.

His arms weren’t bulging with muscles but had veins showing rather well and his posture, though somewhat hunched, uncaring and lackadaisical, was still somehow extremely attractive, eye-catching furthermore and even appetizing for her salivating mouth. A strange occurrence, but one she welcomed with her legs-no, her arms open.

“Miss-ahem, Mister Beishang, an honor.”

Tap tap tap.

After saying so, Diana began walking forwards with her sandals which sounded much more like high heels instead, her hips swaying and trying to hypnotize Yun Beishang. Though Selina was a beauty for sure, and had a well tonified body that wasn’t overly grown in volume at all, she wasn’t one of those beauties who could destroy galaxies or universes with just her temperament, walking or movement of her arms.

Even then, however and according to Yun Beishang’s previous qualification of his liking towards her whole self and body, it really did hypnotize Yun Beishang for a little. But that little was enough for Selina to reach before him, place her hands on his strong shoulders and then begin sliding them up to on top of his shoulders.

“You know how long we’ve been trying to get…’together’, right?” Selina asked while her hands slowly moved, Yun Beishang gulped down, not backing down nor lowering his body and even pushing forth a bit, her small breasts fully flattened by his torso as he could only say so much as an answer. “Aha.”

“Then scan all over me, don’t you see it? I’ve been keeping myself for you for more than a year…though my hubbies are weirded out because of this, they respect me too much to act like idiots crazed by sex.” Selina whispered into his ear as her body easily reached his left ear without needing to tiptoe at all, with her clever words kicking Yun Beishang’s senses into action.

“!” Seeing that she was fully absent of any other male’s saliva, sperm and even skinship contact with each other, and for so long, made Yun Beishang fully crazed as he couldn’t believe this sexually active queen of a harem had managed to resist the urge. Even he himself would not be able to!

‘Damn, what did Kara say to her? …Everything?!’ But just as Yun Beishang managed to understand what was going on, completely without fault, a Selina with her lips puckered spoke softly, just before planting a tender tap with a lip-to-lip simple touch; but also exchange of lovely moments as if they were husband and wife.

“I’m all yours for the time I’ll be here, not I nor my men would mind if you put ‘something’ in my belly, ah.”



Let It Rain's Note: (゜ ロ゜)...