Heresy, Markcheal
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Ahh. I can't believe you would fall into the traps so easily. I should have taken over your body a bit longer to avoid this incident from happening.

Cynthia regained her consciousness not while after being kidnapped earlier by a heresy group that lurked within the shadow of this town.

Of course, her arrogant ego was the only reason she was on target in this significant case. The grudge was held by one of her classmates, Jessica. She was the one who reported and revealed her whereabouts after school this late evening.

"Where am I?!" as she barely can speak through her vocal cord, Cynthia still filled her mind with wobbliness and blurred sight.

Humph. You are helpless, aren't you? Where do you think you are?

Cynthia can't remember anything, only the last incident of her alter ego, who forcefully submits herself to salvage the innocent lives in that forbidden area.

She tried to lift her arm, yet the fruitless effort had taken her awareness when she sensed nothing but numbness all over her body.

It is futile to struggle, my dear sister. Should I help you to escape from this stupid cult gathering assembly hall?

"For the last time, I am not your sister! What do you mean of cult gathering…."


Informing every follower, around fifty people or less have gathered in this abandoned church right outside the town where they lived. Nothing is more surprising than the sudden loud, hoarse voice of a middle-aged man who shouted his voice aloud. Gathered everyone wearing a resemblance of a demonic heresy culture robe to pay their attention at the center of the podium.

The leader looks like a mid-age salaryman, wearing a one-of-a-kind robe that differentiates him from others. He was the only one who would direct his self-judgment toward Cynthia, and in front of his followers, he branded her a devil in disguise.

"Sir Markcheal! Please save this girl from the demon who has leeched onto her soul. She is a sweet, passionate, and kind-hearted girl. No one would like to see her innocent turn guilty as the devil took all her deed becomes sins."

One follower voiced her protests, hidden among these people. She dared herself to shout, enticing her leader to embrace himself and place a judgment on Cynthia.

Although she may hide her face, not her voice when Cynthia could hear it loud and clear, it was someone who had a conversation with her last few hours ago. Someone nosy enough to poke her nose into other people's privacy.

"Jessica…. You are the one who is behind this scheming," said Cynthia. Her feeling boiled in anger and disappointment at one time. Yet, she felt helpless, knowing there wasn't any energy left in her body after getting drugged by Markcheal followers.

There wasn't any response from everyone in the hall, but only Markcheal footstep approaching Cynthia. He had her hand and leg chained by some particular spell enchantment, disabling her movement and hindering the flow of energy within her body.

"Ms. Cynthia. It was an honor to finally met up with you. Unfortunately, I've never thought we would end up this way for our first meeting," Markcheal said. At the same time, he briefly stretched his finger, continuing till his head filled it with a cracking bone sound.

"I don't know who the hell are you. But I guess it would be rude to tie some ladies on this ridiculous plank…."

Markcheal didn't hesitate to use his so-called 'punishment' on Cynthia, who couldn't even speak her voice loud. The mysterious chain made by one of his followers got into the effect of restraining Cynthia into paralysis.

A slight touch on her chin sparked a bolt of dark-colored lightning. It shocked Cynthia into a deeper paralysis state. Her voice couldn't even express her pain but only a widened mouth, gasping for breath and enduring the side effects.

It was a dark element of power displayed by Markcheal. A follower of heresy rather than a punisher of justice. He didn't even leave Cynthia a chance to explain herself when his emotions were getting lively from torturing his victim.

"That was close, Ms. Cynthia. One more word from your mouth could lead you to death. So, I'd advise you not to attempt to do anything ridiculous from now on." Markcheal stated his warning beforehand. He's just saying there wasn't any guarantee if Cynthia insists on struggling in this specially made power seal restrain.

Whoa! Look at this cheeky little brat. Should we punish this demi-human and allow me to fill in my stomach?

Cynthia's inner voice, the alter ego, began to rebel as she saw the excitement was getting out of hand. Little did she know that Cynthia held tight onto her awareness without letting her retake control of this body.

"Shut your mouth! I didn't need your goody two-shoe advice!!"

A loud shout of warning came out from her injured throat. Throwing her tantrum while getting into an awkward situation with Markcheal, who mistakenly took her word as if it was spoken directly to him. He draws a smirk on his face while channeling another dark lightning bolt on his palm.

"I can see your courage in provoking me to take a little further step to banish this little devil inside your body," said Markcheal.

Markcheal attempts another way to torture Cynthia into a more agonizing state when his palm snaps onto her neck. He deliberately channeled his energy directly to her body rather than tingling her sense of pain.

Suppose this was the so-called purification of an innocent soul. His action was witnessed by many who couldn't even express their feeling while watching Markcheal inhumane act toward Cynthia. What's made Markcheal bear a wicked mind, fanatically laughing at his torture against Cynthia has a right to be called a saint?

No one would ever have guessed that his action had gone this far. As well as someone who had endured this scene from the beginning, gripping a firm fist, Cynthia couldn't bear to watch this brutality any longer. Yet, her action was halted by the one who made this restrain—advising her to wait for the right time to stop this madman's action.