Chapter 120- Lead up to the Confrontation
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[Luna POV]

We travelled quite the distance by the next night.  We were still going as the full moon shone above our heads.


“Let’s stop for a bit.” (Luna)


“Is something wrong?” (Velvet)


“No, I just need to rest for a bit, folding space like this is a lot more complicated than you think.” (Luna)


“I’m surprised you haven’t run out of mana by now, Lady Luna.” (Mordred)


“Heh.  That’s because I can’t run out of mana.  A perk of being a demigod.” (Luna)


“That’s amazing.” (Mordred)


I moved over and sat down on a rock that was nearby.  When I got comfortable, I looked up at the moon.


“*Sigh*” (Luna)


Several emotions were contained in that sigh with anger and sadness being the most prominent.  Sadness that I wasn’t with Tamamo at the moment, and anger at Beryl for forcing my hand like this.


“Prepare yourself Beryl Volkihar.  You will regret ever making me this angry.” (Luna)


At this moment, I felt a little squeeze on my arm.


“While I know it’s nothing compared to being with your beloved, we are with you master.” (Ophidia)


“Fufu.  Thanks Ophidia.” (Luna)


“There is no need for thanks.  It is one of my jobs to support you master.” (Ophidia)


{Not to mention that this is only a slight delay.}


‘That’s true.  We’ll see each other soon.’


{By the way, when you confront Beryl, pull out anything lemon related.  I think the combined onslaught from you and Atmos has him traumatized of the things.}


‘Got it.’


I sat on the rock for a while longer then decided that it was time to set off again.  I took another look at the moon then called the others to get ready to go again.


“Did you rest enough, big sis?” (Soleil)


“Yeah.  Expect to see the city by morning.” (Luna)


“While slower than teleportation, making it this far while on foot is surreal.” (Mordred)


“Well, what I’m doing is basically just a slower teleport.  It’s kind of the same concept, but less disorienting than a sudden change in scenery.” (Luna)


“If I’m completely honest, I think I prefer travelling this way more than teleportation.  No matter how many times experience that, I still get a bit uncomfortable at the destination.” (Mordred)


“That just means you don’t experience it enough.” (Velvet)


“Yeah.  You get really used to it if you experience it almost every day.” (Soleil)


“It must be nice to have space magic then.  All I’m stuck with is dark and lightning magic.” (Mordred)


“Hey, lightning magic is useful.  You can use it to speed up your movements as well as thrown weapons.  Not to mention it’s fun to call lightning down on things.” (Luna)


“I won’t deny that.” (Mordred)


“Dark magic is also useful.  I need to train it more, but my mother uses it quite a bit.  Her favorite thing to do is travel through shadows.” (Velvet)


“I know that.  The last time there was a meeting that Beryl forced me to attend in his stead, she made her entrance that way.  I mean really, I though dark magic was supposed to be discreet, yet she managed to make a flashy entrance using it.” (Mordred)


“How like her.” (Velvet)


“Anyway, let’s head off.  The sooner we get there, the sooner this can be finished.” (Luna)


Everyone grabbed onto my arms, and we started on our way again.  After several hours we could see a large wall on the horizon.


“Two more times and we’ll be there.  When we arrive, you need to lead the way Mordred.” (Luna)


“Yes.” (Mordred)


I folded space two more times and we ended up right un front of the wall.


“Now to teleport over.” (Luna)


Ophidia got off of my arm and transformed back into human form.  She put a hand on Mordred’s shoulder while Velvet and Soleil were next to me.  We teleported to the top of the wall.  The scenery of the Onigashima spread out before our eyes.  For the most part, the city looked like Kyoto though I could also see ancient Greek style buildings here and there.


“Lady Luna, do you see that section of the city?” Mordred asked while pointing to the eastern part of the city.


The section of the city Mordred pointed at had a lot of Greek style temples.


“That is the temple district and our location.” (Mordred)


“Then before we go over there, we should figure out what to do from here.  We will go with Tamamo’s oracle plan, but in order to pull that off, we need to gather the vampires.  How do we go about doing that?” (Luna)


“You can leave that to me.” (Mordred)


“Ok, then should we split into groups when we arrive?” (Luna)


“That’s fine with me.” (Velvet)


“I’ll follow whatever you say master.” (Ophidia)


“Sounds fine to me.” (Soleil)


“Ok then, Velvet and Ophidia go with Mordred.  Soleil, you’re with me.  I’ll go and deal with Beryl while the others go and gather the vampires.” (Luna)


“I’m fine with that, but why am I going with you, big sis?” (Soleil)


“I’ll be using a domain, so while I take care of Beryl, you can get some stellar magic training in.” (Luna)


“Is this really the time for that?” (Velvet)


“Why not?  It’s not like I’ll have any trouble dealing with Beryl and Soleil still needs to practice the magic, so it’s killing two birds with one stone.” (Luna)


“*Sigh*  Fine, but make sure to keep her safe.” (Velvet)


“That’s only natural, I’ve already messed up once, and I don’t plan on messing up again.” (Luna)


“Don’t blame yourself for that, big sis.  We all knew that we could have been targeted and even then let our guards down.  Not to mention that you healed us immediately.” (Soleil)


“Even knowing that, I feel bad about letting it happen in the first place.  Anyway, we can discuss this more later, for now, we finish our objective.  I’ll bring us to were you showed us, then you take over leading the way Mordred.” (Luna)


Everyone grabbed onto me, and I folded space one more time.  Since we were high up, the location we went to was the roof of one of the temples.  We then jumped down to the ground and Mordred led us to our destination.  After several minutes of walking, we came up to the entrance of a temple made from black stone.


“This is the Temple of Night.” (Mordred)


“Very nice.  Fitting for Tamamo, though I think it needs some silver coloring here and there.” (Luna)


{Now that you say that; I agree.  Especially after you create the stars.}




We entered the temple and I was immediately hit with the faint smell of lemons.


“I know what I’ve been doing is one thing, but what did Atmos do that made it so I could smell lemon all the way here?” (Luna)


{The last cake she used was massive.}


“I wish I could have seen that reaction, not to mention that this will make it easier to find him.  I just need to go where the smell is the strongest.” (Luna)


We split ways and me and Soleil followed the smell.  Several minutes later, we came up to a large door.  Outside of it were two statues of Tamamo.


“I don’t mean any offence, but this is just bad taste.” (Soleil)


“I agree.  Only I should be allowed to have something like this.” (Luna)


{Why do you need statues when you have the real thing?}


‘Fair enough, I’ll destroy them later then.’


“Are you ready, big sis?” (Soleil)


“Yep.  It’s time to remove Tamamo’s stalker from the world.” (Luna)


I walked closer to the door and kicked it with all my strength.


Chaos Realm:
*Yawn*  Damn it, I'm sleepy again.

Skadi: Then go take a nap or something.

And miss the exciting conclusion of a stalker vampire's life?

Skadi: Then why bring up how sleepy you are?

So I can start a conversation.  It gotten a bit quiet here since Atmos went to sleep after watching Luna's group travel in a straight line for two days, Grey left to get back to his paperwork, and Tamamo left so that she can be ready to spend time with Luna.

Skadi: That's true, it has been pretty quiet in here lately.

Want some coffee?

Skadi: Sure.

I'll go make some then, be back in a bit.