Chapter 121- Hydra Blood
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[Luna POV]

After kicking the door, it flew off it’s hinges and into the room.  I also saw the room’s occupant quickly jump to the side.  I quickly took out a potion of greater hurting and threw it in his face.




Soleil and I entered the room and I immediately set up a domain.  The scenery was the same as the one I used when we confronted Mortem.  The only difference was that this time, swords and various other types of weapons littered the landscape.  Once Beryl recovered from the potion he glared straight at me.


“YOU!  You’re the damn fox I’ve been seeing instead of my precious Tama-” (Beryl)


I cut his words off with a snap of my fingers.  Shortly after that, chains made from stellar magic restrained his arms and legs.  They lifted him off the ground, holding him in the air in the shape of an ‘X.’


“You are not allowed to say her name.” I said in a voice colder than Cocytus.


“Says who?  I am more qualified than any other to speak her name, for I will become her husband once she calls me to her side.” (Beryl)


“A shame for you since that will never happen.  And to answer the question of who, I do.  Might as well introduce myself properly as well.  Luna Reed, holder of Tamamo’s Divine Protection and Fated One of the Moon Goddess.  It’s a pleasure to be killing you today.” (Luna)


“And I am Soleil, little sister to Luna and her future Apostle.” (Soleil)


“I see, then it seems I really must kill you.” (Beryl)


I splashed his face with another potion.


“How rude.  As a noble vampire, I would expect you to at least introduce yourself after we have.  This makes you even less qualified to even think about Tamamo then before.” (Luna)


“AAAAGGGGHHH!  I am…Beryl Volkihar…leader of the vampires…of the Demon Empire…and husband of…the Goddess of…Night.” (Beryl)


Hearing his introduction, I readied another potion and he flinched.  When he saw I didn’t throw it, he glared at me, which is when I threw it in his face.




“Aww, poor thing, did you get a shard of glass stuck in your eye?  Let me heal that for you.” (Luna)


I used healing magic on his eye, but left the glass shard embedded.




“And why would I do that?  Soleil, I think he’s an idiot.  What about you?” (Luna)


“I agree.  In fact, I think this lowers the qualification to below knowing of the Goddess’s existence.” (Soleil)


“I couldn’t agree more.” (Luna)




“Now, now, there won’t be any of that from you.  Unless of course you can free yourself from my magic.” (Luna)


He started to struggle and attempted to use magic, but nothing happened.


“Why won’t my magic work!?” (Beryl)


“It’s the effect of the chains binding you.  They are meant to bind and seal the caster’s target.  This means that your magic and skills are sealed and unusable.” (Luna)


“What kind of magic is that, I have never heard of it before!?” (Beryl)


“Stellar magic.” (Luna)


“I’ve never heard of that kind of magic before!” (Beryl)


“I would be more surprised if you have.  I mean, it was created not too long ago when my Authority of Stars was established.  As far as I know, only me and Soleil have it, and at the moment only I can use it fully.” (Luna)


“You claim to hold an Authority!?  Absurd!  Only the gods or demigods are allowed that right!  Even I don’t hold an Authority!” (Beryl)


“You are correct, I am a demigod.  Double correct for you that you hold no Authority and soon, you will have lost your authority.” (Luna)


“What!?” (Beryl)


“You didn’t think I just brough Soleil with me, right?  I know you’ve been seeing me through divination for a while now.  I know you know about everyone in my party.” (Luna)


“So, Mortem failed to kill any of you.” (Beryl)


“Of course.  And since I’m so nice, I’ll even show you how it happened.” (Luna)


As soon as I said that, an illusion of the events that took place in the town of Mid appeared in front of us.  Beryl watched the whole thing with a look of pure anger and hate on his face.


“You lowly mutts.  When I free myself from these accursed chains, I’ll kill you slowly.” (Beryl)


“Like I said, you won’t be freeing yourself any time soon.  In fact, soon, these chains will be the least of your problems.  Now answer a question I have for you.  When was the last time you had any blood?” (Luna)


“What does that matter?” Beryl said as he glared at me.


I threw a potion in his face.




“It’s rude to answer a question with a question.” (Luna)


“A…month.” (Beryl)


“I see.  Then you should be close to needing some.” I then pulled out a bottle of dark red liquid.  “And look, I just so happen to have some.”


I undid the lid of the bottle and held it under Beryl’s nose.  When he breathed in, his fangs grew a little and his eyes started to glow a little.  While that happened, I could see fear start to creep into his eyes.


“What kind of blood is that?” (Beryl)


“Oh?  Just some hydra blood.  I’ve had it for quite a while, but could never find a use for it.  Then I remembered that you are a vampire and my enemy for coveting my wife.  After that, you targeted me and mine for assassination in order to keep you delusions and influence.  Sure, I was going to kill you even if that didn’t happen, but by doing that, you added suffering to what would have been a quick, painless death.  By the way, I heard Atmos has been throwing cakes around recently.  How have they been?  I bet they were good, I really like lemon cake.” (Luna)


He flinched again at the words lemon and cake.


“How do you know about that?” (Beryl)


“You’re only asking that now?  Not when I said I knew you’ve been watching me through divination.  Anyway, it’s the same answer for both.  You see, I am an Abyss, and when one stare into an Abyss, it stares back.  Naturally, that just means I’m more perceptive of people’s gazes, but ever since I obtained the Authority over space, I saw you every time you looked at me through divination.  I then started retaliating by dropping potions on your head.  Then Atmos wanted to join in on the fun and started throwing cakes in your face.  Just what you would expect from the Goddess of Fate and Mischief, right?” (Luna)


“What!?” (Beryl)


I yet again, threw a potion in his face.




“Stop yelling when I’m so close to you.  It’s loud and your breath stinks.” (Luna)


“Hehehehe.” (Soleil)


“Now, back to the blood.  Before I let you drink this, let me tell you a little story.  There was once an immortal centaur sage.  He taught many people that later became heroes.  Unfortunately, he died.  Killed by an arrow coated in hydra blood.  Now, you may be wondering why he died from that, correct?” (Luna)


I looked at my audience.  Soleil was nodding her head at my question while Beryl gave me a glare mixed with some confusion mixed in.


“You see, hydra blood is a poison that causes pain so severe that I don’t know how to describe with words.  Once the centaur sage was hit with the arrow and the poison started to affect him, he gave up his immortality to escape from the pain.  Now, let’s see if hydra blood is all it’s chocked up to be.” (Luna)


I started to walk closer to Beryl and he started to try and break free from the chains.


“Don’t you dare approach me with that!  If you kill me, Tamamo will never forgive you!” (Beryl)


“Oh?  Is that true Tamamo?” I asked as I let my mirror out of my inventory.


{OF course-}


Beryl’s face had both surprise at hearing Tamamo’s voice and relief that she was defending him.


{That’s not true.  In fact, I’ll even reward you later for doing this.}


At those words it seemed like his entire world shattered.  I took this chance to lean his head back and shove the open end of the bottle of hydra blood into his mouth.  Several seconds later the now empty bottle was spit out onto the ground.  A single drop of blood was left and when the bottle hit the ground and shattered, it started to sizzle.


“Oooooh.  Soleil, whatever you do, don’t go anywhere near that spot.” (Luna)


“I understand.  Now, if you need me, I’ll be over there.” Soleil said as she walked a small distance away.


I moved away from Beryl and watched what was going to happen.  My mirror floated up beside me allowing Tamamo to do the same.  Not even a minute later Beryl started to make a sound that I had never heard any living being make and hoped I would never hear again.  It was so loud that I felt my eardrums rupture.




{Yes, Luna?}


“Remind me to never use hydra blood again.  I mean, he deserves this, but watching what it’s doing is making me feel horrible.”


Currently Beryl’s body was in a state of practically melting from the inside-out.  Starting from his mouth, going all the way down his throat, and ending at his stomach was black line that made it look like a burn.  His head slumped forward a bit, but I could see that he was still alive.  I picked up one of the swords that was near me, went over to him, and beheaded him.  I then cast some healing magic on my ears and spoke to Tamamo again.


“Yeah, definitely never using that again.  In fact, I think I should hand all of it over to Grey and let him deal with it.”


{I think that’s for the best.  I’m sorry for encouraging the use of that.}


“You’re not at fault here.”


{But I am.  He has been like this for hundreds of years, but I put dealing with him off and now I’ve made you do something that made you uncomfortable.}


“You didn’t make me do anything.  I made the decision to kill him with hydra blood.  I just didn’t know it would be THAT effective.”


{What are you going to do with the body?}


“Purify it with Fox Fire.  I want to make sure he doesn’t come back as an undead.”


{Good call.}


I made several blue fox fires appear and they descended onto Beryl’s corpse.  It went up in beautiful blue flames and about an hour later was a pile of ashes.  At that point in time Soleil came back over to me.


“Big sis, I managed to get my stellar magic to level 2.” (Soleil)


“Good job.  I’m done here now, so let’s go and find Velvet and the others.” (Luna)


“Ok.” (Soleil)


I dissolved the domain and me and Soleil left the room we were in.  As we were leaving, I destroyed the statues by freezing them then shattering them to diamond dust.


Chaos Realm:
*I take a slow sip of coffee*

Damn, hydra blood is scary.

Skadi: I agree.  I'm glad Luna decided to not use it after this.

Grey: Same, but now I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it.

I'll take it off your hands.  I can dispose of it here.

Grey: Thanks.

Atmos: *Wakes up suddenly* What's going on?  Did I miss something?

Skadi: Yeah.  You missed Luna confronting Beryl.

Atmos: Awww.  Which way did she deal with him?

Grey: What do you mean?

Atmos: There were two ways Beryl was fated to die.  Hydra blood and beheading, or turned into a pincushion by innumerable weapons both real and illusory.

Hydra blood.

Atmos: Oooooooh.  Well, that's fine.  This means that my job is easier down the line now.

Skaidi: What do you mean?

Atmos: If Luna didn't use the hydra blood now, she would use it at some point down the line, which would cause a chain reaction of events that ultimately lead to a war happening.  Since she now knows what hydra blood does, she'll hand it off to Grey to dispose of, so that potential fate has been avoided.

Grey: It's good a potential war has been avoided.

Skadi: I agree.