005: Get Out!
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A bright ray of light broke its way past the half-open blinds of the ward, and with it, a new dawn arrived. The morning sunlight was cool, and the sky outside, cloudless; a typical start for a mid-autumn City-Y. But what first entered Sophie's eyes as she woke up wasn't the scenic view of City-Y's run-down buildings; nor was it the comforting Heart-Rate monitor beside her, whose wire had somehow disconnected from her during the night. No, what entered Sophie's sight first, before the picturesque cityscape, before the steady jumping line on her EKG, even before the two mice having fun in the corner of her room, was the bundle of pink hair resting quietly on her shoulder.

Sophie stared at the intruder that had wrapped itself around her, treating her like an unusually comfy body pillow. She took notice of its crinkled eyes; its sloppy smile; and its drool that seemed to never end. Her screwed-up eyes grew increasingly full of rage as she, word by word, uttered through clenched teeth, the name of the hoodlum atop her.

"Doctor. Lily. Smarts!"
"Mhmm...?" an indolent whimper returned.
"Who let you in my bed?" Sophie yelled.
"... you?"

Flabbergasted, Sophie glared at the guiltless girl in her arms but Lily just stared back, her half-lidded eyes portraying such innocence that Sophie couldn't help but second guess herself. Without waiting for her, Lily stretched her arms and hugged a little tighter, "Mhmm, morning, babe," she whispered.

Growing up in City-Y, Sophie was used to seeing all sorts of strange and curious characters. For example, there was a kind and gentle granny about four doors down from her house; the granny would sit outside, every Thursday afternoon, and watch the kids playing on the streets. Every so often she would come up with a new game for the kids to play, such as Bag; It's like Tag but you put a bag over the other players' head instead of tagging them, and only then can you take yours off. They don't play that anymore though. Not after what happened Little Kevin...

Her ability to adapt was something she prided herself in, but nothing—not even the Grim Reaper—could prepare her for the word 'babe'. An ominous shiver ran its way up her spine, causing her no end of discomfort. She flung Lily's arms off of her and scrambled out of bed, only now realizing that she was mostly naked. "Where is my gown!" she shrieked.

Lily sat up, rubbing her eyes as she looked, blearily, at the stunning bod- No, patient standing on full display. She took a moment to process the question before mumbling in reply, "I err... As your doctor, your professional medical, I mean. In your medical opinion—I mean mine—you had too many clothes- No, I was afraid you would overheat."

"What sort of doctor are you?" Sophie exclaimed as she raised her arms across her chest, her voice reaching a high she never knew she could reach, "And where is my bra!"

Only now did Lily look down, trying to hide her rosy cheeks, though, no matter how much she tried, nothing would hide the twinkle in her eyes. While she had her gaze planted upon her own two legs, she silently passed over a pink and black polka dot bra, "It's cute," she murmured.

"Stop acting like a child!"
"And get out!"

Twenty minutes later, Sophie stood at the hospital's front desk as she waited for the receptionist to process her check out. While waiting, she looked around the reception, noting the dust-covered surfaces and the floor covered in food wrappers and "... is that a syringe?" she choked.

"Okay, Miss Bright, that's you checked out. Hope to see you soon," the receptionist smiled, "have a nice day, now!"

Sophie flashed a weak smile at the receptionist's dubious best wishes before turning and stepping through the glass entrance of the hospital. As she walked towards the closest bus-stop, she heard a loud beep coming from a black PMW on her right. Inside, sat a waving Lily, beckoning her to get in.

The PMW suddenly revved its engine as it lurched forward to catch up with the Sophie who ignored it, "Hey! Sophie, please wait. I'm sorry, let me buy you dinner to apologize, okay?"

"Go away! I've already applied for a different doctor, we're no longer related to each other."
"No need to worry about that, Sophie, I'll speak to someone and get the application revoked."
Sophie stopped and turned to face her unreasonable doctor, "Don't do that!"
"Sophie, I'm sorry, okay? Please, get in and I'll drive you home. Let me explain."

Sophie's face scrunched up as she hesitated. On one hand, she knew the busses in City-Y don't actually run on weekdays, so she'd have to walk home. On the other hand, Lily Smarts. She stared into Lily's eyes and noticed them to have changed to an icy blue, "Did she remove her contacts?" Sophie thought, not that it mattered, though. After staring and glaring at Lily's tear-filled, pleading eyes for a while, she relented, "Fine."

"Great!" Lily cried.

Hearing such an enthusiastic shout, Sophie frowned, "Don't forget, Lily, I'm expecting one hell of an explanation for what you did."

"Yes! Yes!" The click of the door-locks sounded out as the car's engine once again revved itself, shooting the PMW towards their destination.

A few minutes passed by in silence. The two shared a look now and then but neither spoke up, both waiting for the other to break the ice. Finally, Lily couldn't take it any longer, and looked towards Sophie once more before squinting her eyes in desperate resolution. She opened her mouth but quickly closed it again, she then lifted her hand and—"You're not putting on the radio."—placed it back on the steering wheel.

"Why did you say that?"
"Say what?"
"That I let you in my bed."
"... isn't that why you left my phone so much space?"
"Stop the car."
"I'll stop at your house, babe~"