Quest 0- Prologue
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"***’* use *** elevator ****!"

‘I don’t know what they're saying?’

"*** *** listen?"

"Hm?" He blinks his eyes slowly. "Y-yeah I understand." He nods his head. He doesn’t want them to worry.

"*******, don’t *** **** ********, *** *** stairs."

"Yeah, yeah I got it."

‘Fuck, I think too long working. Wait? That doesn't sound right, right? Oh, Jesus.’

He looks at the corner of his computer to see the clock.

‘3:55 AM… fuck me.’

He takes a deep breath and opens his eyes again.

He looked around his surroundings to find everyone gone. He was so out of it, time blurred before his eyes.

"… Shit, I am losing my mind. Working so many hours for this… why am I talking to myself?’

That was the sign to go home. He gets his stuff and as he walks past his friend's office; he looks out to see the Tokyo skyline.

‘How the hell did I even get here? I majored in history, and I barely know enough Japanese to get by… oh yeah, my friends are rich.’

"Ahhh~," He lets out a deep sigh. "Why did we have to make a start-up company in Japan of all fucking places when we're foreigners?"

He shakingly walks to the elevator.

‘They said to use the elevator. I remember someone coming in to fix it. Maybe it’s already fixed?’

He walks towards it to find the yellow tape.

"Odd? Did they forget to take it off?"

He clicks the button down.


"It’s oddly dark? Is the power out?"

He took a step and plunged.

‘Oh, I'm dreaming again, ahh… this feels nice. Peaceful, almost as if I’m falling--"


Peace… that I what I’m feeling, but I can’t tell where my skin begins and where the air ends.

I see stars, millions, and millions of stars all around me, all a bit dirty, but beautiful nonetheless.

I feel at home; I feel—Pluck!

I found myself in the hands of a woman so beautiful I didn’t feel comfortable being in her hands.

"***… *** **** **** ** ***** ******."

She covered me in a veil, and my senses told me I was at peace, hidden from the world itself.

As the peace in me increased, my mind went blank.


He will not remember this event.


The next vivid memory he can recall was a bitter one. It was the sight of his mother’s face when she left him.

"Waaah!! Waaaah!!"

"I… I am sorry, my sweet Alcides…. the path I take is one I cannot take you with…"

She had a beautiful, sorrowful face and eyes like a polished emerald. He could even remember the scent of her hair, a light fragrance of lilies.

She leaves with tears in her eyes as they left him at the doorsteps of an orphanage on some random street in the middle of nowhere.

He had cried so much he couldn’t keep his eyes open, but he stayed awake long enough for someone to pick him up after a bit.

The person, in particular, wore a black robe that covered their face, hiding all of their features. They came up to him and picked them up.

"Forgive me Ouranos… but I can’t let this child of hers be abandoned. "

That was the only time he would ever see his biological mother and the first time he would meet the one who he would call his father/mother.

‘Ah… I have been reborn… I… I don’t wish to waste it like I… I’m tired. ’

He closes his eyes and falls asleep once more in the arms of his father/mother.


His fate requires him to leave before the Cycle of Samsara can bleach his soul. A second lease on life that he was determined to make use of to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, the era he will be born in will strip him of an experience many in his previous world had—a childhood. In exchange, he will leave his name etched in the annals of history and among the gods.


Hello! So I started this series on April 12, 2021, and since then I have been stockpiling chapters. In full honesty, I am nervous about publishing but thought "... Fuck it." and finally decided on doing it after saying to myself "I'll do it when it's finished!" It is not finished, just so you know. If there are some spelling errors, comment on them and I'll try to fix them as fast as I can.

I also will use a lot of profanity like "Fuck," so no will I tone down on the fucks. There is a strong language warning, so if you don't like profanity then I suggest not reading. It's that simple.

Also, I am writing this assuming you, the reader, are already familiar with the lore and mechanics of the franchise.

Like the chapters, if you like them, if not, that's fine. This story is not for everyone and that is fine if you drop it. We all have our tastes.