[Vol.3] Quest 218- Conversion To The Moon Goddess
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After sleeping in the house, Hera left to them, Ai and the Artemis Familia returned to Orario.

Since they couldn’t stay with Astraea, Cirrus had bought an empty home inconspicuously with cash near where he lives, but it hasn’t been refurbished or renovated as of now.

“Yeah sorry! We didn’t have enough time to furnish the place!” said Ai.

“It’s fine, everyone. Let's clean this place up, and then from there we will plan what we are going to do next.” Said Artemis.

Knock! Knock!

“Excuse me.” said an elf in a black uniform and red cloak covering the bottom half of his face. “You are Lady Artemis, correct?”

“I am, and who are you, child, to enter my Familia’s home?”

“My name is Lissos, a commander of the Apollo Familia. I apologize. I have come to give you an invitation to Lord Apollo’s banquet.” He hands out a letter with Apollo’s emblem. “Lord Apollo said to walk in and give it to you, my lady.” He said, bowing his head.

“I see… I will consider it. Now go and tell Apollo if he does this again, I’ll shoot an arrow into his face.”

“M-my apologizes Lady Artemis!”

Lissos quickly takes his leave.

“A banquet huh?” said Artemis. “Hmmm… Ai your fine if I take Cirrus right?”

“Of course! But I won’t give you the surprise!”

“I’ll take the banquet! I always wanted to—ah wait… didn’t he say he wanted to be inconspicuous for a bit?”

“Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind going to some banquet! Besides, there is only one person he liked to avoid.”

“Ah, you told me before last night a boy named Bell Cranel who’s Hestia’s child.”

“Yup! So I’ll go get him over so the conversion can be done and over with!”

“That’s right… you are now my child… it’s a bit odd now.”

“Any odder than the goddess of chastity getting married?” said Rethusa.

“Yeah, that sounds pretty weird.” Said Cale.

“Yup, especially when you already had your honeymoon.” Said Phi.

“Hmm… I’ll let this slide. I expect this house to be shiny and clean with furniture when I come back!”

“Yes ma’am!”


Leaving home, Ai took Artemis to the Colosseum.

When they arrived, she could see Cirrus collaborating with the other smiths on improving the Colosseum.

“Oy!!! Cirrus!! Art is here!!” Ai shouted.

He turned to see them. Ai was waving enthusiastically while Artemis waved normally.

“Sorry I’ll be back.”


Coming down, Cirrus greets his two wives.

“Sorry I’m so sweaty. I’ve been working for a while now.”

“It’s fine,” Artemis said, fixing him up a bit. “But, um, could you come with me to a banquet?”

“A banquet? Who’s?”


‘Ah… Apollo, her brother in Greek myth… a rather "passionate" god, if I remember correctly. So many lovers yet no one returned that love back… except one person who was then slain… wait didn’t Apollo also killed Orion in some myths trying to protect Artemis’s chastity?’

“… You know I don’t want the city to know I’m here, Art.”

“I know, but can you do it for me? It will be the only time I ask you for something! If not, well, I had to exert my will as your goddess and wife to make you come with me!”

‘Fuck…… fine then.’

“Alright, but I will want something in return.”

“That’s fine! So long as I can shove you in Apollo’s smug, pretentious face!”

He never saw Artemis make a face like that before.

“… Alright, so when’s the banquet?” he said with a smile.


“… Hey!! I’ll be taking today and tomorrow off!! My goddess asked me to do something!” Cirrus yelled at the smiths.

“Got it!!”

“Now… do you wanna use the clothes from- “

“Of course! You still have it in your shadow, correct?”

“Yeah, never took it out.”

“And mine Cirrus?”

“Still in there Ai.”

“Oh, before we go, Cirrus,” Artemis said in a calm and firm voice. “Are you still up to be converted?”

“… I am, I have discussed it with Astraea, and… she is fine with it.”

“Then shall we do it somewhere private?”

“Oh! we can go back home!” Ai said. “Nox is currently out eating at her favorite cake shop!”

A chill ran down Cirrus’s back.

“Is that so… tell me Ai how long have you and Cirrus been together since I left?”

“Um, I would say over seventy-seven…. oh.” Ai realized what she had asked.

“Well, I’ll be sure to have my fill tonight, Cirrus! Ai, you can join us after I had my missed time with him.”

“S-sorry Cirrus…” Ai said dejectedly.

“Let’s go Cirrus! Daylight is burning!”

‘…. Guess I’ll ask that favor. I’m sure it’ll help me last 77 rounds… hopefully.’


Back at home a while later at night.

“Honestly to think you have these tastes…” Artemis said wearing a bunny girl outfit, leggings and all.

“You should ask that to Ai as well her tastes certainly… changed over the years. And you not have any right to critique my tastes when we have similar tastes! Lets not forget Boar play."

Ahem!" Artemis cleared her throat. "You are right... lets just move along shall we?"

“Fine by me. So tell me did you enjoy each other in Melen?”

“A little, now are you ready?”

“I am.”

She pricks her finger and drops her blood onto Cirrus’s back. He could feel a warm sensation on his back and just as quickly as he felt it, it was already gone and done.

“There. Now to update your status and…” Artemis begins to update his status.

As she started to read it her eyes began to widen more and more.

“You’re seeing my skills, aren’t you…”

“S-sorry… I just didn’t think you will have this amount of an overwhelming advantage over other adventures… if this were to get out, every god would really do whatever it takes to have you.”

“Then it is a good thing it is my lovely wife who knows it… and also Astraea and Ouranos… and Fels.”

“… I’ll be sure to keep it a secret! Oh, paper!”

Cirrus takes out a sheet of paper from his shadow and hands it to her.

“Mmm… mmm and here! All finished!”

She hands him his new status.

Cirrus Zephyr

Lv. 8

Strength: G204--> 222        Endurance: D533--> 556

Dexterity: G289--> F309    Agility: E474--> D500

Magic: E435--> 450             Mage: A

Immunity: B                           Martial Arts: E

Crush: E                                  Blacksmith: F

Chain Attack: H                     Luck: G


[Dia Chrysomallos: Exev̱genisménos]

  • Super Sport Chant.
  • Enchant Type.

[Kaló Spirtáda: Synafxáno]

  • No Chant.
  • Summoning Magic.
  • Transformation Magic

[Dia Dikastí̱s: Logia]

  • Short Chant.
  • Enchant Type



[Amaryllis Leo Antheia Nemeaeus: Pride]

  • Increase speed of growth.
  • Recovers the user's stamina drastically. (Passive)
  • Pain tolerance is increased. Strength of effect is dependent on the user's Endurance stat.
  • Grants the user the development abilities Strong BodyStrong Defense. Strength of effect is proportional to the user's level. (Only activated when using [Dia Chrysomallos: Veltió̱]).
  • When on the border of life and death user’s basic parameters are multiplied by the user's level.
  • When in nature all skills and magics are increased.

[Lefkí Nychteriní Mágissa Sýmvasi̱: Logia]

  • A pact forged with the Spirit of the White Night and Spirit of Witchcraft the spirits and user have been bounded through mind, body, blood, and soul. They can now truly share one being.
  • Grants Shadow Storage.
  • Grants new creations.
  • Grants user Development Ability Spirit Healing and Magic Resistance. Strength of effect is proportional to the user's level.

[Orgisménos Anemos Sámael]

  • When in the sand, wind, poison, cursed all physical stats are increased. Effect stackable.
  • Increased resistance to heat, strong winds, poisons, and curses. Effect strengths depend on Endurance stat.

[Orpheus Megaleíologia Psychí̱]

  • When playing or singing, all will feel your soul.

[Skiés Rin Yagokoro Voí̱theia]

  • Able to summon the versatility of The Hecatoncheires.
  • When engaged in battle, user thoughts will be accelerated.
  • Grants user Development Ability Metal Working, Mixing, and Mystery. Strength is proportional to the user's level.
  • Its essence empowers you.

“…. Hmm my first skill… it’s gotten… more…”

“Unbelievable. That skill alone warrants you to be highly coveted. Fufu! I can see why Astraea and Ouranos placed so much faith in you all those years ago. Now can we get back to our time lost?” she said, sitting on the bed with a smile. "Finding and explain to Chang'e took far longer then what I would have liked. So now I liked to be spoiled a bit!"

“…77 just 77. It's just a number, a mindset."



Artemis in a bunny suit, as per Cirrus's request.