[Vol.3] Quest 231- Next Time
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Back to where Ais and Cirrus were fighting.

Clang!! Clang!





Cirrus and Ais viciously clash with Revis and Arbuda.

Haa! haa! They're tougher than I expected.” Said Cirrus as he faced Arbuda.

“Hm, they must have eaten more magic stones.” Said Ais, facing Revis.


“He’s dangerous Revis.” Said Arbuda with her spear in hand. “We should prioritize killing him above all. Aria, we can take after.”

“He is not so easy to kill. Remember what he did to Wu. He hasn’t even donned his armor nor used his magic,” said Revis.

“… Oh I see.” A smile grew on her face. “Could it be he can’t summon more than one armor?”

Revis looked at her, and for the first time, a smile cracked on her cold, expressionless face.

“Why don’t we find out?”

They both kick off, charging at Cirrus.

“Seems I’m the target now, remember pay attention to your surroundings!”

 Cirrus charged ahead, meeting their clash.


Cirrus held Arbuda’s spear and Revis’ fists.

Ais came in behind and thrust her sword at Revis, but she quickly jumped back.

Arbuda then placed her hand on Cirrus’s spear, and frost covered it.

Cirrus then used more strength to push her off and used the ice on the spear to fling it at them.

“(Frost of samsara, turn the earth back into laminating white- Aṭaṭa)!! [Naraka]!!!” Arbuda made a magic circle and from it, a volley of iceless formed. “Fend this off!!”

“Ais get behind me!! (Damocles)!!”

Ais quickly got behind him as he spun his spear into what was like a blurry metal plate.

Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!! Ting!!

‘Cirrus, they dealt with the Corrupted Spirit! With great teamwork and strength!! It was really amazing!’ said Circe.

“What of—"

‘Cirrus! We’re leaving! Without a key, we would waste too much energy here! And a Water Spirit is roaming around!’ said Nox.

“Heard that Circe was leaving. I’m going to disengage the armor. Tell Gareth to get ready.”

‘On it!’

“Nox, does Ai have the scent?”

‘She does. We're returning to where we first left.’

“Good, Ais, we have to leave. For now, Gareth and the others dealt with that Bull Spirit.”

He could see her face scrunch up a bit.

“What of them!?”

“Remember that move we did to that dragon on the 18th floor?”

“!” she nods her head. “Got it!!”

As the volley of icicles whitens Cirrus’s sight, he moves back while retaining the rotation of his spear.

“(Exousía, Adorn: Cerberus)!!!!!”

“(Awaken, Tempest)!!!!!!!”

The two spirits could feel the hand of death on their throats.


Arbuda stopped her attack to see a spiral of chains and a blinding tempest surrounding it.

“Too late! (Vespers of Damocles)!! (Sing your Vespers, Swords of Damocles)!! [Dia Dikastí̱s: Logia]!!!”




The cracks of thunder were deafening in the room as the lighting was all condensed and rotating from the chains into a twisting nail of power with lines of electricity swirling around it like a star trail. The sheer power and heat melted the frost, and the wind only made the room into a sauna.

“(Frost of samsara, turn the earth back into laminating white-Mahāpadma)!! [Naraka]!!!”

Revis quickly got up and close to Arbuda as her magic circle appeared under her and a massive frigid blue lotus appeared, encasing them.




The whole of Orario and Knossos violently shook enough to knock everyone down to their knees, and cracks appeared in several buildings. Several windows also cracked from it.


Outside the Knossos a while later.

Huff! huff!” Cirrus was breathing heavily, having quickly picked up several beaten and exhausted people.

“Is everyone alright!” shouted Finn.

“Ugh… I’ve felt better.” Said Gareth, sitting down with broken bones and fractures everywhere. “Tiona, Tione, how are you lasses holding up?”

“Bad. I wanted to be carried by the captain.” Said Tione, laying down with several broken bones and fractures as well.

“I… wanna sleep for a month…” said Tiona.

Cruz and Alicia nodded.

“Lucky he gave you his armor, Gareth sir.” Said Alicia.

“Ay, thanks for it lad, but it has a hefty price to use. I've never been so exhausted and batter in my life.”

“Hahaha!! You’re lucky when I used it as a level one. It fucking shattered my entire fucking arm.” Cirrus said, leaning against a wall.

“That explains your absurd endurance.” Said Cruz. “But… this could have gone far worse.”

“From the sound of things, it seems you found more trouble than us?” said Riveria.

“As it should.” Said Gareth. “We are the vanguard. We should have come back. uninjured we would feel shame worse than death.”

“Shall we meet back at your office Finn?” said Ai. “So we can discuss our next course of attack?”

“Yes, Cirrus can you—"

“On it, alright you all? You’ll all feel better soon.” Cirrus holds out his hands and his chains come and drag all the injured together and put them in a bundle. He then slung them over his shoulder.

“Ai go get Amid and the best healers to the Loki Familia home. It would be bad if they saw me with them like this.”

“Got it!”


The operation ended luckily with no casualties, several people were injured in the exploration and Gareth even made it to level 7. Many of the people who stayed back found more doors to the Knossos and some found by the Artemis Familia were kept hidden and monitored.


Deep within the Knossos.

“What a great tragedy.” Said Thanatos. “To think they would use such a massive attack down here.”

“Gaaaah!!! Fuck!! Fuck!!” screamed Valletta as she gets used to her new ‘Limbs.’ “How the fuck was I the only one severely hurt!!! You two fucking fucks took that attack!!” she shouted at Revis and Arbuda.

“We did not get out unscathed. He drained a massive amount of my strength; my magic is an ultimate defense that the more I pour in the weaker I will become as a result now even a goblin can give me trouble.” Said Arbuda snacking on some magic stones.

“And I lost my right arm from her frost.” Said Revis. “Only Thetis came out with no damage.”

“Yes, she decided to run away, smarter than to let the battle continue and DAMAGE MY DAMN KNOSSOS!!!! I SURE HOPE YOU PLAN TO HELP REBUILT IT!!” Barca shouted in such a tone and vigor many were surprised he could get this worked up.

“I will help.” Said Revis. “Thetis!! Help Arbuda regain her strength and check up on the Nursery while you are down there, some more should be born soon.”

Jumping down from the rafters, Thetis had a look of inconvenience.

“Fine, it’s the least I can do. I’ll send Wu to back up here for some muscle in case they attacked again.”

“I doubt it,” said Dix. “The place is seriously banged up, but still enough to kill them if they’re not careful. Why do you think only level 4 and above came in?”

“He is right,” said Ein, walking in. “Currently, there are no plans of returning but we will need a way to reach the surface, so Enyo said to build a tunnel from Knossos to the surface that is far away from Orario.”

“Do you know how much time and effort it takes to make a tunnel!” said Barca. “And we don’t have the resources for it!”

“You have the Violas to help dig to make a useable tunnel. That is. All we need is no Orichalcum doors or Adamantite walls. This is for our survival, so put aside your artistic pride and ensure you live long enough to work on your project.”

“Grrrrrrr!!!” Barca’s face was turning red in anger. “FUCK YOU UNCROWNED!!!! FUCK YOU, SWORD PRINCESS!!!!!” He howled to the rafters. He then glanced at the spirits as he walks away. “AND FUCK YOU FOR ALL OF THIS!!!”


So Arbuda is a Great Spirit, so because Demi-Spirits are mixed with a monster and human body they have a natural base strength of a Level 5. They get stronger the same way monsters and Xeno do.

Also when we reach 500k views I am gonna post an extra chapter.