[Vol.3] Quest 234- Define Invasion
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Some days after the Rakia invasion began.

“… This is fucking boring,” Cirrus said, watching from the chair that he brought with him. “All they fucking do is try to get close and when I look at them, they scramble away, running.”

“Well, it must be because of the sign over your head, Cirrus.” Said Ai, sitting next to him as well, practicing her drawing by slowly drawing her sword.

Over Cirrus’s head is a sign that reads: Uncrowned Emperor and Flashing Saint! Continue at your own risk!!

“I could be helping with the construction, but here I am… at least I can read in peace.”


A familiar voice came up to him.

“Hm?” Cirrus turned to see Beta. “Oh, you what’s up?”

“I wanted to ask you a question?”

“Go on.”

“Do you know… how to get rid of Amazoness?” he said, turning around to hide his red face.

“Oh~, did you beat up an Amazoness?”

“… Yeah, by accident, she was on my way back in Melen and when I was in the dungeon, she found me and latched onto me.”

“… Hmm yeah no, you uh kinda fucked their man, Amazoness only latch onto strong men so unless you know a man stronger than you who can beat you up you're out of luck, the best you can do is simply to avoid them or you know find yourself a strong lover to act as a repellant.”

“… Shit.”

“Such a shame.” Said Ai. “If only you were softer.”

“Tch… Can’t I just pawn her off on you?”

“I already have enough Amazoness trying to become my 3rd wife. I have those in the Entertainment District and those in Telskyura, but from what I heard, your Familia really took a lot of their affections.”

“… So… We're just screwed?”

“Yeah pretty much. If it’ll make you feel better, wanna train a bit? These fucking soldiers have been pussyfooting around and I’m bored, so… You up for it?”

“Of course!! It’s better than wasting my time with them!”


On a hill overlooking the invasion.

“Yup… Beta is fighting Cirrus.” Said Loki. “I guess he was bored, right, Finn?”

“Hm, well he has been sitting there and reading for the past 4 days, so I would assume he would spar with Ai.” Said Finn.

“I would like to see that, the fighting of a Swords Master and a Spear Master.” Said Freya. “It certainly would ease this boredom.”

“Hm and deter these pests,” Ottar said. “Maybe I should join in. I’ve wanted a rematch with Ai.”

“Now would be a good time.” Said Finn.

“They have been busy rebuilding the territory you burned to the ground, Freya.” Said Loki.

“It worked to both our benefits, Loki; they have their eyes on the 'rats' roaming under the city.”

“… Seems you grabbed some of Ishtar's children before you left, huh…”

“Fufu, just some souvenirs is all.”



Huff! huff! huff!” Beta was breathing heavily.

“Hmm… it’s not a full moon, it's damn shame you can only go full out one night uh give or take on certain months.”

Huff! huff! huff! What about it?”

“Well… I thought ‘Hey, why not make a magic item to help him?’ is what I thought.”

“Help? With what making a full moon in the Dungeon?”

“Hmm… it’s not impossible… just very, very difficult and you would need to be used as the one testing it.”

“… Are you actually going to make it?” he said, a bit surprised.

“I mean yeah, I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes and another species could delve into the Dungeon and be able to go all out.”

He grinned at the idea of it. He loved it.

“You were the one to make those stuff for Ais and the old man, right?”

“You mean her sword and that shield of his that I haven’t seen him use once, then yes, I was.”

“Then I’ll be more than happy to be your test dummy for that power! Now I’m all rested up! HAAAA!!!!!!” Beta kicked up, charging at Cirrus.

‘… I wonder where Ai went?’


Elsewhere on the battlefield.

“Hahaha!!! This is so much fun!!” Ai shouted as she clashed her blades with Ottar.

“Hmph! Your blade work is as deadly as ever.” He said in his usual tone of voice with a smile on it.

The two were both refining further their techniques and polishing them up against themselves.

“This certainly makes for good entertainment.” Said Loki.

“Indeed, ahh~ seeing her blade work is always so enchanting. So fast and precise, but with so much power behind them.”

“Built to cut a level 8.” Said Finn. “Ottar is going to challenge him again, isn’t he?”

“Guaranteed, once he kills the Balor and levels up, that’s the first thing he’s going to do,” Freya said with a smile, ear to ear. “And I can’t wait for it.”

“… Hmm, maybe I should get a bit reckless.” Said Finn, getting up.

“Where are you going?”

“To fight a fellow spearman to ease this boredom, besides, these two fighting pretty much wards off any fool who thinks they can survive two level 7’s fighting one another.”


Next day at Rakia’s Camps.

“Grrr!!! We have made no headway!!” said Ares.

“Lord Ares, we have been over this. No one wants to even get near. Them, on two sides, there is the Uncrowned Emperor, the world’s only level 8 who has crippled a country before as a child, and Vanargand. Even if they are weakened, it will do nothing to give us an advantage. On the other side is the Flashing Saint! A new level 7! With only 4 now in the world! And she’s fighting with another one of her level, the King!” said the crown prince of Rakia, Marius.

“Cowards the lot of them!! I will just have to do it myself!”

“Lord Ares, please let's just go back… they failed to get Welf Crozzo back from Orario, so let’s just leave.”

“Not until I do my plan of sneaking into Orario and kidnapping one of their gods for ransom!”

“…. Please don’t—"

“Ahahahahahah!!!!” he said, running away.


The prince of Rakia followed behind his thick-headed god.


I updated the glossary with the characters if anyone is interested.