Chapter 40: One down
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"Where did she go?" One of the men asked the person beside him.

"I don't know. You guys go there, I'll go on the other direction." The other man suggested.

"Good. Give me a signal when you find her." The man again said, then turned around with the others to continue his search.

Sorcha is hiding behind the tree, trying to breathe as slow and quiet as possible. She's only a few meters away from them, thus, she heard their conversation clearly. The men separated, good news for her. She don't know if this person is just confident about himself, or if he's a fool to look for her alone. Either way, she can't afford to underestimate the enemy.

She silently bent down, and picked up a pebble. When the man isn't looking at her direction, she tossed it towards the bush, creating rustling sounds.

When the man heard it, he became alert and looked to where the sound came from. He smiled, then slowly walked towards the bush.

"Girl, don't be scared. This uncle definitely won't hurt you." He said playfully, while approaching the bush. He didn't bother making a signal for his comrades, thinking he's enough to catch Sorcha.

When the man almost reached there, sorcha shouted in her mind, 'chance!'

Then she instantly jumped and ran forward to him. She lifted her legs, then kicked the man's arm, making him lose his grip to the gun he's holding.

"Damn it!" He hissed. He glared at the unexpected appearance of the girl from his back, scolding his self for not being careful. 

Sorcha quickened her pace then, with her other leg, she kicked the man again.. on his crotch.

"Argh!!" He shouted angrily. "Girl, my patience isn't as high as you think." He gained his stance, then prepared to catch the girl.

Sorcha was prepared as well. She raised her right arm, deflecting the blow. Then she put both of her hands on his shoulder to lift herself up, and used her knees to hit his jaw.

'Pang!' a crisp sound was heard. Having been hit there, the man blanked out. Taking the opportunity, Sorcha with her hands, chopped the back of the man's neck, making him completely unconscious.

'One down' she thought inwardly. She took the man by his collar, then pulled it towards the tree she was hiding from before to hide him.

She's lucky, this man underestimated her. She looked around. When she deemed it safe, she once again ran to create more distance. 

'Hiding the unconscious guy will only delay the time for the other men to discover him.' She calculated in her mind. 'The next time, they will no longer put their guards down.'