Chapter 41: Unexpected Appearance
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*Huff huff* 

Sorcha has been running for a long time now. Her breathing starts to become heavy. She didn't expect that the men following her, would see her in no time after she made one of them unconscious.

That man underestimated her but she also underestimated the other guys. Although at the moment they couldn't see her, the distance between them has shortened a lot.

She looks around her. Sorcha found a vacant, tattered house. Taking advantage of the terrain, and her still undeveloped body, she ran towards there while trying to remain hidden from their sights.

Upon entering the house, she saw that it is actually cleaned up. As if the place isn't abandoned like how it's appearance suggested from the outside.

She put her guard up. 'is this a trap?' she asked herself, but instantly scratched the idea. It isn't possible to be one, when their plan was disrupted by her.

She carefully walked inside, looking for any signs of human presence. She looked at the table and frowned. She went near it and extended her hands towards a bowl on top of it. 

'Still warm.' she noted in her mind as she observes the food inside of it. 'there definitely is someone in here.'

'should I ask for help?'

'No. What if they're just normal civilians?

 They'd be in danger if I get them involved.'

Sorcha played a monologue inside her head.

'I should leave.' she finally decided. But when she's about to go away, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the outside. She halted immediately, and took cover behind a kitchen cabinet. 

The sound became louder and louder, and she can finally hear their conversation clearly. 

"Look around. She must be here." One man ordered the others. "Remember, do not be fooled by her weak appearance." He added. They weren't careful before making them spend so much time in searching for her. If they still can't catch her any sooner, they'll be in deep trouble.

"Miss, I know you're here." One man said, his demeanor seemed more experienced than the others. His tone isn't warm, though he sound polite.

'how to leave?' Sorcha calculates in her mind the possible ways to leave the place. When she saw an opportunity to escape she calmed herself in preparation, but another sound of footsteps was heard again from the direction she's going. Her heart skipped a beat, as she stopped on her tracks once more.

When she finally saw who's coming, her eyes widened. 

'How could he be here?!' she exclaimed inwardly. Recovering from her shock, she hurriedly ran and pushed the person down on the ground with her. Thankfully, her actions didn't make a loud noise, and the person below also didn't produce any sound.