Chapter 43: Bring it on!
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Sorcha, upon seeing that Edmund managed to escape safely, finally breathed a sigh of relief. Though, a wry smile formed on her face soon after. Now, she has to stop these people alone.

She is aware that hiding is no longer a smart choice. They must have heard Edmund's loud steps. In order to not let them go after him, she has no other option but to show herself. Although that action seems really unwise, she needs to do it.

"I am here." Sorcha said, as she slowly stand. 

No fear could be seen in her eyes. Instead, if you look carefully, you'll see excitement in them.

"So you're finally tired of playing hide and seek, little miss?" The same man who talked not too long ago said. He looks composed and calm, and yet the vigilance against the little girl in front of him didn't diminish upon seeing her small frame.

Sorcha remained silent and chose not to bother with the troublesome talking.

She hasn't experienced real fight for years after her reincarnation. With her new body, what would fighting feel like? She asked herself inside. 

Her heart beats wildly, not from fear, but from extreme excitement.

With the appearance of the people after her, she shouted in her mind, "bring it on!"


Edmund is trying his best to run as fast as he can. Knowing the danger Sorcha is in right now, his hands couldn't help but clench. 

'Sorcha, wait for me.' he said in his mind. 'I will come back to help you.'

He is running towards the direction where his companion went, while making short glimpses of his back from time to time. For his safety, and the assurance to complete the task Sorcha gave him, he needs to make sure that no one is following him.

Not long after, a familiar silhouette could already be seen from the distance. Edmund rejoiced and beamed. The figure in front of him, in his eyes, appeared to be like a messiah right now. His eyes started to form mist, giving away his calm facade. After what happened, he realized that he is still but a little kid in front of real danger. Because of his total dependency on the person in front of him, he couldn't help but show his real feelings.

With trembling voice he shouted, "Teacher! Please save Sorcha!" 

Perhaps because of the intense feeling he have now, he didn't even stutter. He continued to run towards him. 

Upon hearing the voice of his student, the man turned his head towards him. He walked hastily towards Edmund and with a worried look he asked as he patted his back, "what happened?" 

"Sorcha! Sorcha is in danger!" Without bothering to catch his breath, Edmund shouted. Despite the already short distance between them, he shouted, showing how nervous he still is.