Chapter 32: Exams
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After the test paper were distributed by the proctor, Sorcha immediately focused her whole attention on it.

The first exam is Mathematics, her favorite subject. She finds it really useful, especially since people can't use their instincts all the time. Math helps you in making logical decisions. The formulas are tools for people to simplify the way of solving problems.

Sorcha was able to finish the test fastly and easily. When she was done, she glanced for a bit to her friends. Luke seems to be especially troubled, scratching the back of his ears with an ugly look. On the other hand, Rica is answering the exam, though not as fast as Sorcha, but her face shows that she's still doing it with ease. Lastly, Edmund is answering the test proficiently, and is almost done as well.

Sorcha stood up. She gave her papers to the proctor, who just nodded his head at her, then placed it on his table. "You'll know the results after all the exams are done." He said as Sorcha returned to her seat to take her things away.

While she's walking back, she heard someone sneered at her. It was the girl a short time ago, which Sorcha doesn't find surprising. She just took her bag and went outside, to wait for her friends to finish.

While she was waiting, she saw Ryan approach her.

She smiled a bit then greeted him. "Hello Mr. Ryan." 

Ryan smiled back and brushed her head, then asked, "How's the exam? Easy?" 

"Hmm." Sorcha shrugged neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

"Haha I'm sure it was easy for you." He said.

Then after a short while, the three other kids finally left the classroom. They saw them talking with each other, and proceeded towards them.

"Hi Mr. Ryan." Rica said happily, while Luke just nodded his head at Ryan with a dejected face.

"Sigh, It was too difficult! How could they give a hard exam when they only teach us how to answer simple problems!" He complained.

Edmund released a soft laugh, at him and said, "Yeah" 

Edmund finally started to feel more relaxed with them. Though, he's still quiet, at least he joins in the conversation once in a while. 

"See? Edmund agrees with me." Luke grumbled.

"Tut-tut that's because you don't listen to class well." Rica mocked him.

"Was it my fault that the lessons are boring?" Luke replied.

Ryan looks at them while smiling. It feels nice to look at these children getting along well. But, suddenly he frowned.

"Someone really thinks highly of herself. Only studied for the exam this morning, but she's still the first to pass her test papers." A girl said, though she didn't say it loudly, it was still heard by many.

"She just probably couldn't answer anything, so she just decided to give up early." The other girl on her side said.

"Heh, you're probably right." Then they walked away, after glancing at Sorcha contemptuously.

"What the cow is their problem?! Sorcha didn't even do anything to them." Rica exclaimed with furrowed brows.

"Just let them be." Sorcha calmed her down. Who knows? Maybe this war freak kid would suddenly lash at them.

"Hmmph! They're just too irritating!" Rica replied, while gnashing her teeth.

"What's happening? Are they bullying you?" Ryan asked, with a serious expression.

"No. Don't worry." Sorcha said. Not really caring about it.

"Tell me if they went overboard. I will not tolerate it." Ryan said, sternly.

Sorcha felt warm with all her friends concern for her. She didn't want to worry them any further. It was but an act of childishness, not something worth bothering about. So she just nodded her head, then said, "Okay."