Chapter 33: Trap
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"How was your first exam?" Uncle David asked while watching Sorcha punch and kick a training dummy.

"I think I did good." Sorcha answered. Her face is covered in sweat. Her black hair tied with a ponytail sways as she moves.

"Really?" Anthony appeared walking towards them with Aria beside him.

Sorcha stopped and smiled. She wiped her forehead then said, "Yes, father."

"Haha my dear is so confident." Anthony laughed loudly.

Sorcha grinned, showing her cute canines. "Of course" she said.

"Aye aye since when did my daughter become so cheeky?" Aria laughed too, with a warm voice. She went near Sorcha to help her wipe her sweat.

"Hey, she has the right to be confident. Just from whom did she inherit such good genes ah!" Anthony said, matching Sorcha's cheekiness.

Such a warm atmosphere enveloped the Barrons' mansion during the night.

"My sweetheart, stop training for today, you should rest early for your next exam tomorrow." Aria said.

Sorcha and her mother looked at her Uncle David, awaiting his approval.

David could just helplessly nod his head upon seeing their expectant looks.

"Okay okay.. training will resume tomorrow okay?" He raised both his hands in defeat.

"Good! Good!" Anthony's loud voice was heard again.

Only Aria's face is not contented. "Only just for today?" She asked with a pitiful look. Her eyes seemed to be covered in mist, as if tears could fall down suddenly.

Anthony and David had awkward expressions upon seeing her like that. Even Sorcha didn't have the heart to refuse her with that expression on her face. 

Sorcha glanced at her father and uncle, who refuses to meet her gaze. She sighed, she was the only one who can answer her mother.

"Mom, Dad and uncle only wants me to become better." She said, trying to coax her mother.

Her mother only looked at her sadly. Making her at a loss, so she added, "I promise I will spend more time with you when I'm free."

After hearing that, Aria's face beamed. "You promised!" She happily said. The sad look in her face vanished instantly.

Sorcha nodded her head. 'why do I feel as if I fell into my mother's trap?' she sighed inwardly.

"Come! Let's go inside and have some light snack." Aria said, then grabbed Sorcha's arms.

David and Anthony shared looks with each other and sighed. Nobody knew better than them, how black bellied Aria could be. Poor little Sorcha, always the target of the beautiful woman. Pitying her inexperience towards her mom's tricks, the two can only sigh once again, and follow them inside.

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