Chapter 35: Edmund’s thoughts
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Edmund is currently doing the English exam. He is actually good in every subject. If not for his super shy attitude, with his high intelligence, he wouldn't have been bullied.

Edmund's family is a bit different than his friend's. His biological mother died early, leaving him alone in an early age. His father remarried after two years since she died. Her step mother is a good woman, and he actually likes her very much. She gives him so much attention and love, as if he is her real child. 

What's unexpected is that, his father decided to leave them both. So, he is living with his step mother, while his real dad left them.

Edmund's father became addicted to alcohol, since his real mother died. His mood changes really fast and is very unpredictable. He didn't even know how her good step mom fell in love with such a man. He pitied her so much, but he can't do anything, especially when his dad started to hurt them physically.

He wanted to protect her, but he is too weak. So when his father decided to leave, instead of being sad, he was really happy. Atleast with him gone, her step mom wouldn't get hurt anymore. Though he is relieved, when he sees her sad eyes every time she miss him, he also feels bad. He is still useless.

When Sorcha protected him from bullies that day, he felt as if he's seeing his step mom on her. Even if they're not blood related, she still protected him. His eyes were full of worship towards her. 

Everytime he is near her, he gets really happy but he knew his feelings towards her isn't that of attraction towards the other gender. They're still kids anyway. It's more like loyalty and trust. 

When Sorcha is with him, he feels safe and warm. As if he can go anywhere if he is with her.

When he saw the girls talk bad about her on the first day of exam, he felt bad. Honestly, if Rica wasn't there to confront them, he'd go forward and lose himself.

This morning, when he again heard someone ridicule her, he finally can't control his anger and snapped. He remembered when his father started hitting his step mom. He just stood on the corner crying, and didn't even tried to stop him. So when he saw Sorcha facing with undeserved ridicules, he felt that he needs to stand up for her. He didn't want to be useless again. 

When he was about to hit them, he was stopped by a very warm and powerful hand. Though it was small and beautiful, it feels as if it can carry even the heaviest problem she might face. Those hands brought him back to sanity. 

He knew that hurting someone is still wrong. If he did that, he'd be like his violent father, and he didn't want that to happen. He felt guilty and worried. Will she hate him? 

No, she didn't. She even said that she's thankful, and asked if his hands hurt. He knew, that what he did, was worth it.


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