Chapter 36: Take care
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"Hey Sorcha, what happened before the exam?" Luke asked, feeling confused with the gazes other students are giving them. "Why's everyone looking at our Edmund?"

Sorcha shrugged, "Nothing much, Edmund has just learned how to fight back." She said in a tone that didn't suggest that she's saying anything important.

"Oh." Luke was speechless for a while. Then his eyes turned large after. "You mean.. Literally?!" 

"Yup." She nodded nonchalantly.

Luke turned his gaze to Edmund and patted his shoulder, "Our Edmund is now growing up."

Edmund's face turned beet red. "I.. I am not.. I didn't do anything.." he said while stuttering, then took a glimpse at Sorcha.

"He's growing up indeed." Sorcha smiled proudly, making Edmund happy with her praise.

"Hey guys, are you missing the point here?" Rica butted in. "Sorcha, who did he fight with? And why?"

"Don't worry too much, they didn't fought physically." She answered.

"It is those girls again, right?!" Rica fumed. "I should really teach them a lesson!" She abruptly turned around, but Sorcha stopped her from leaving.

"Stop okay? It's alright now. It was no big deal." She said, while sweating in her heart. 'I just stopped one guy, and now another one is looking for another round. *Sigh* these kids, when did they learn to be so violent?' she said internally, forgetting how she fought with some bullies before.

"They better stop or else, hmph hmph!" Rica answered.

"Who better stop?" A gentle voice was heard from their back.

"Mr. Ryan!" Rica said, feeling a bit surprised. "No one!" 

Ryan raised one of his brows, but didn't pursue the topic. 

"Are you leaving with us?" Luke asked.

"Ah, no. Not this time. I still have things to do. I just wanted to wish you guys good luck in your next exams." Ryan explained.

"Oh. Thank you sir." Luke said while grinning. "I think I need a lot of luck"

The others laughed at him for a while, including Ryan. 

"Then I'm going." He said after, then brushed Sorcha's hair.

"Mm, goodbye." Sorcha said to the man.

When they reached the school gates, Sorcha saw their family car waiting for her.

'They're early today.' she thought.

"Guys, I'm leaving first. Take care of yourselves." She said.

"Yeah, we will." Luke grinned while waving his hands. 

She started walking towards the car and stopped when she remembered something. She turned around and said,

"Edmund, go apply some ice if you're hand is hurting." She gently reminded.

He covered half of his face, feeling extremely shy and happy, then nodded.

"I thought they didn't fight physically!" Rica said, surprised.

"N-No! I, I just hit my hand a bit.." Edmund fastly answered.

"That's right." Sorcha smiled. "I'm really going now. Ba-bye!"

"Take care.." Edmund said while bowing his head.

Sorcha nodded, then left for real this time.

Thank you for reading! ❤️