Chapter 37: Danger Ahead
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After just a few minutes since the car left from her school, Sorcha suddenly got a bad premonition. She looked around, and besides the new face of the person in the driver's seat, there's nothing suspicious.

"Are you newly hired?" Sorcha asked the driver, her appearance is that of just a curious girl.

The driver gave her a skeptical look and asked, "Yes, I am. Did Mrs. Barrons forgot to tell you?"

"Oh. Yeah, it seems so. What's your name?" She asked again.

"My name is Dante miss." He answered.

When Sorcha heard him, she turned quiet for a while. 

Dante glanced from the front mirror and questioned, "Is there a problem young miss?"

"Nothing. I just felt that your name is familiar." She lied. Her instincts is telling her that this is definitely not nothing. Having been exposed to a lot of danger in her previous life, she has developed her sixth sense. Although her gut feeling is not hundred percent accurate, she still depends on it a lot. It has saved her life countless of times already. 

Her parents would have definitely informed her about the change of driver, and now they didn't. Obviously, just from that fact, it was already doubtful.

She took out knives from a small compartment inside the car and placed it in her body. She inserted a small one in her shoes, tucked one in her waist, and hid one in her sleeves. Her action was swift and went completely unnoticed, even by the driver. She always bring weapon with her, her pocket actually have a knife as well, but it's too small and disguised as a pen, and it didn't seem reliable in real trouble. It's not as if she really expects to encounter danger. The safe environment she experienced in this life has lessened her vigilance, though not by much, it still frustrated her. What if she's not inside the car where she hides her real knives? The pen-knife, can it even be used to intimidate someone?

After doing all those, she glanced at the mirror and observed her surroundings. If a while ago she wasn't sure that there's something wrong, now she has confirmed that there is.

A car is definitely following them. Although it was trying to stay inconspicuous, it couldn't hide from Sorcha's sight.

"Can we go back to school?" She said, while pretending to search her bag.

"Ah?" The driver frowned. "But miss, we're already too far."

"I'm sorry. I forgot something."


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