Chapter 9: A Girl’s Reason to Live
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Third Person POV

Dark clouds covered the sky, heavy rain beating on the ground. A decrepit carriage pulled by an old horse moved along the dirt path of Unsterblich forest. The carriage was mounted by a plump, young man wearing expensive attire adorned by jewelry. However, this young man wasn't alone, he was accompanied by another man, a woman dressed in costly garments with a middle aged warrior and a group of malnourished people.

One of these people were a young girl. Her eyes were sunken, she had no meat, only bone. Huddled in a corner, bruised and tired with a metal collar chafing her neck. Her skin was swallow, she barely wore any clothes, only wearing a drab brown cloth around her small body. Only one word could describe her, sickly. 

There were many people like her in the carriage. But they were different from her, most were teenagers and young adult adults while she could've been barely above eight. However they were all still feeble, just like her.

She didn't know how long it has been since she has eaten full meal, has it been three? No four years?

"Move out of the way! We are on a business trip and we cannot be late!"(Plump Man)

The horse suddenly stopped along its tracks, the plump man shouting at two young men. 

"Hey, hey, calm down, calm down, we are customers."(Young Man 1)

"Is that so? Then why didn't you say so! Listen gentlemen, as long as you pay the right price you can buy anything here!"(Plump Man)

The plump man got out of his seat, showcasing his 'goods' to the men. At that moment, the second man took a step backward, his face contorting into one of disgust. 

"hey, Friedrich, they are slave traders."(Young Man 2)

"I can tell Erwin."(Friedrich)

"should we ambush them while we have the chance?"(Erwin)

"no, if we were to do that, we could possibly be in a wanted list."(Friedrich)

"tch, coward."(Erwin)

The two whispered to each other, Friedrich shot a quick stink eye at Erwin before approaching the carriage to take a closer look. 

"they even kidnapped a child."(Friedrich)

Erwin's fist balled tightly, he was biting his lips. He was a balloon, about to explode, barely holding it all in.

"buy her, we can't save everyone but we can at least save her."(Erwin)

"got it pal."(Friedrich)

"Excuse me sir, how much would the kid be?"(Friedrich)

"Oh her? Are you sure? She ain't strong enough to work at a plantation nor is she mat-"(Plump Man)

"Just tell us the price."(Erwin)

"Well, she is only 1000 quils."(Plump)


Erwin extended his hand, a bag of quils in his hand.

"Sandra! Count this! Gerald get the kid!"(Plump)

The young woman took the bag and started counting, whilst the other man took the girl.

"Does she have a name?"(Friedrich)

"Eh? Don't knw."(Plump)

"Sir, it's exactly 1000 quils."(Sandra)

The plump had a grin across his face as Gerald brought the feeble girl to the duo.

"Pleasure doing business!"(Plump Man)

"Pleasure doing business!"(Friedrich)

"not Pleasure doing business."(Erwin)

The three and slave owners parted ways. As the trio retreated back to their home, they could hear hysteric laughter in the distance.


"tch, bastards."(Erwin)

The gate to Traumland's army base opened, multiple soldiers were seen training their bodies with spars and exercises. 


Friedrich greeted everyone as they trio  made their way indoors.

The little girl was accompanied to a small room.

"Take a seat."(Friedrich)

The girl ordered her orders without hesitation, almost as if she had no will of her own. 

"This here is my room and you are right now in Traumland!"(Friedrich)

The little girl simply nodded, not saying a single word.

"This may come as insensitive, but did you have any names before you were taken?"(Friedrich)

There was a long period of silence before the girl opened her mouth.


Her voice was monotone, devoid of any emotion.

"What a sweet voice! You should start talking more!"(Friedrich)

Friedrich said with a smile on his face.

"Oh yeah, my name is Friedrich and this creepy man's name is Erwin, be careful around him, he likes to be around kids."(Friedrich)

Friedrich winked his right eye as he whispered to Faye. Erwin raised his left eyebrow in response to Friedrich's comment.


"It seems like you are hungry, we can get you something to eat after you get cleaned up kid."(Erwin)

"Good idea, I'll get Felicia."(Friedrich)

Friedrich left the room right after saying that. There was only the sound of the clock ticking, Faye simply stared at Erwin like an owl, not a single emotion on her face. She was unmoving like a statue, she was almost non-existent. 

"Hey kid, I know it must have been scary, but now you're safe. Friedrich and I promise we will never hurt you, you can now live a happy and normal life here, well unless someone wants to adopt you. Let go of the past and move onwards okay?"(Erwin)


At that moment Faye felt a tear running down her face. Was she happy or was she sad? She simply didn't know.

"Hello hello!"(???)

The door was burst open by a woman with cat ears. Her deep purple eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky.

"OH, MY, GAWD~!"(Felicia)

The catgirl squealed in joy as she saw Faye, her hands up to her face.

"Friedrich really wasn't lyin' she really is adorable~~~!"(Felicia)

"Felicia wait up!"(Friedrich) 

Friedrich was too late for Felicia was already hugging the life out of the detached girl, Erwin was powerless to stop this.

"Uhm, Felicia I think you are killing her."(Erwin)

"Oops! Sorry!"(Felicia)

She quickly loosened her embrace and gently place the girl on the chair, her yellowish skin had turned purple.

"But you weren't lyin' she really do need a make ova"(Felicia)

Felicia grabbed the girls arm and ran away.

"'scuse us for a bit, while I get her cleaned up!"(Felicia)

Faye only had a shocked stare on face for the entire time. 

Bubbles, pink bubbles filled the air, as the blue haired girl was scrubbed, washed and brushed by the older woman. 

"Jeez, ya really had a hard life didn't ya! Like I mean on what world would a little girl be this dirty! Darn those slavers! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM."(Felicia)

Everything Felicia said went right through Faye's head, she was distracted by the bubbles around her body and in the air. It was magical to her, she has never seen something like it before.

"Oh, don't know what bubbles are?"(Felicia)

Felicia said with a warm smile on her face. Faye only nodded to her question.

"Well this is made from the soap and shampoo I bought especially for ya!"(Felicia)

Felicia held her nose high as she cleaned the little girl. She got a bucket of water and poured it onto the girl rinsing the soap off her body.

"There ya go! Look at how cute you are with all that dirt of ya body."(Felicia)

Felicia swiftly retrieved a blue sun dress and adorned the little girl. It was a total make over, the girl who, just an hour ago, was wearing nothing, but now, she was wearing hair ties, dresses and bows. Her blank face had a little tint of pink.

"Ooooh, look at ya! I can just eat ya up! Let's show you to the boys and get ya somethin' to eat."(Felicia)

Felicia grabbed Faye and took her back to Friedrich's room. 

"Awe, look at you, you're adorable."(Friedrich)

"I know right!"(Felicia)

"Felicia, Friedrich, control yourselves, we should get the kid something to eat before she starves."(Erwin)

"Oh yeah, right."(Felicia)

Faye was still filled with confusion, her heart starting to beat with worry. What were they going to do to her? She was nervous, why would they buy her? She was not useful, nor was she pretty. She wanted to simply drift away with the winds of life but simply couldn't. While thoughts were jumping in and out of her head, she was taken to an area filled with people and food, she was taken to the cafeteria.

"You must've been really hungry. Here have a look at the menu."(Felicia)

Felicia handed the menu to the young girl. 

"bread... just... fine..."(Faye)

"Awww, that's a bit borin' ain't it?"(Felicia)

"bread... okay..."(Faye)

"Come on, look I will buy ya anythin' ya want, just choose somethin' other than bland ol' bread!"(Felicia)

"it.... okay..?"(Faye)

"Yes! Yes! Anythin', darlin'!"(Felicia)

"then... om-el-et.."(Faye)

"That's a wonderful choice!"(Felicia)

Felicia got off her seat and darted towards the counter.

"Oi, get the kid the omelet and make it well!"(Felicia)

A few minutes had passed, and Felicia brought the omelet on a plate to Faye. 

"Here ya go!"(Felicia)

Faye only stared at the omelet, not a moving even a finger. Drool started leaving her mouth yet she didn't even grab a fork. 

"What's the matter? Go on eat it, it's all for ya."(Felicia)

"tru, true?"(Faye)

"On my momma's heart."(Felicia)

At that moment Faye grabbed a nearby fork, she stabbed the omelet and took her first bite. Her eyes widened, her pupils twinkling. After she took the first bite, she didn't stop eating, it was like eating a slice of heaven to her. There was a giant smile on face as she greedily devoured the omelet. 

"Is it tasty?"(Felicia)

Faye responded by nodding her head vigorously, she was a chipmunk with her mouth all stuffed like that. Felicia patted her head with a smile on her face. 

Faye was walking down the hall, holding Felicia's hand, an hour had passed since she ate her meal. She was entranced by the paintings, she had never seen something so beautiful, she never even knew if it was possible. 

"Here you go~"(Felicia)

Felicia opened the door and revealed a quaint room.

"This is gonna be your new room~!"(Felicia)

"my..? room...?"(Faye)

"That's right~!"(Felicia)

Faye felt her heart tugging, her life made a full 180 in the span of a day. She had lost hope that her life would ever be good again, she always thought that she was going to spend the rest of her life as a worthless, meaningless slave. Her cheeks became wet, she didn't know what to say, so she didn't. She tightly embraced Felicia, burying her head into Felicia's dress. In the distance people swore they heard the sobs of a little girl...

"miss faye? Miss Faye? MISS FAYE?"(???)

"ah, oh sorry... I was just reminiscing."(Faye)

"It's very rude to just stop talking to people you know!"(Cheryl)

"Ya right, sorry Reiko, for ignorin' ya."(Faye)


"Oh yeah, Erwin, also the man you saw, is someone I knew.. but that's not really important to ya, so let's talk about somethin; else"(Faye)

Cross-popping veins formed on Cheryl's head while Faye coughed up a dry laugh. 


"Oh my, who made this, actually ya know what I think I would like some alone time so why not you two just skedaddle."(Faye)


"Come one chop chop."(Faye)

Reiko stopped her questioning and just obediently left the room.

After the two left, Faye only stared out the window as a sigh left her mouth.

April fools, fool