Chapter 11: A Tale of Two Sworn Brothers 2
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Third Person POV

"So, what are, you, doing, all alone?"(Friedrich)

Said the lad as he stuffed his mouth with bread.

"Are you doing anything shady? Ooh, maybe I can help, as long as I get paid of course!"(Friedrich)

"No... I live here."(Erwin)

"You do? Why? Shouldn't you be in like an orphanage or like maybe a foster parent or something like that?"(Friedrich)

"It's because nobody wants me."(Erwin)

"Why? Did you like blow something up or?"(Friedrich)

"no. You don't get it. No one wants a Bezwinger, they fear what we can do and what we might do."(Erwin)

Erwin had a melancholic expression on his face, as Friedrich had a curious look.

"Then come to Buttercup orphanage, we don't discriminate much here."(Friedrich)

"How are you so sure?"(Erwin)

"Cause I live there, of course, come on, I can take you there."(Friedrich)

Without giving Erwin even a moment to think, Friedrich took hold of his hand and dashed away. The two were like the wind, jumping, ducking and swiftly moving past the residents.

Soon, Friedrich slowed down, making a complete stop when he reached a humble, rustic building. Still holding Erwin's hand, he opened the door. 

"I'm back!"(Friedrich)

Friedrich yelled out when they entered the establishment. At that moment, there came a loud rumbling noise, it was as if thousands of horses were constantly running at one place. 


She was a rocket, going at the speed of sound. The pink haired young girl was unstoppable as she sprinted towards the two young men. The girl held Friedrich's shoulders and incessantly shook him.

"Ya can't just leave me like that! Ya was supposed ta help me clean the baffroom today! Ya know how hard it was ta do it myself!!!"(girl)

"Sorry Felicia, I was busy with other things..."(Friedrich)

Felicia stopped at her tracks, taking a moment to breathe and inspected Friedrich up and down.


Felicia's face has turned completely red, she began banging her small hands on Friedrich's chest. She was beginning to tears up while she threw a super tantrum. 


Felicia's tantrum stopped as abruptly as it started. She stared at Erwin with dead-fish eyes. Her head twitched towards Friedrich.

"Who is he?"(Felicia)

All the tears were wiped off her face as she questioned Friedrich.

"Ah, this is Erwin, I found him off the streets!"(Friedrich)

Felicia's curious face became a frown.

"Ya mean he's anotha crime accomplice of yas."(Felicia)

"Hey, I'm being honest this time he-"(Friedrich)

"Oh, so ya wasn't honest the otha times?"(Felicia)

"That's not- hahh.."(Friedrich)

Friedrich held the bridge of his nose. His face scrunching into frustration. The glares from the cat girl stabbing him.

"Hey, what's going on here?"(woman)

A tall, and a little plump, woman appeared in front of the three. She wore a black gown with a milk white apron. Her amber eyes peered onto the three, giving off an imposing aura. She looked at Friedrich and Felicia and then to Erwin.

"Oh my, hello deary. Are you perhaps a friend of these two?"(woman)

"Him? No way! I just met him! Plus, I bet he is even a troublemaker like Friedrich!"(Felicia)

"Felicia, what did I say about talking bad about people, especially when they are right in front of you?"(woman)

The woman stared at Felicia disapprovingly. The girl's cheeks inflated as she spoke out.

"He was with Friedrich after he stole, of course I would think he was a thief!"(Felicia)


The woman grumbled an annoyed sigh.

"So, deary, what is your name? Where are your parents? Are you lost?"(woman)

"I don't have parents; my name is Erwin Bezwinger."(Erwin)

"A Bezwinger.... are you apart of any orphanage?"(woman)

"No, they kicked me out."(Erwin)

"I see... then Erwin, would you like to join our family?"(woman)

The blond woman extended her hands to Erwin. Erwin had a blank facial expression.

"Are you sure? I am a Bez-"(Erwin)

"If you were going to stay Bezwinger then stop it, you are still a child, you need a chance at life. I don't care who you are or where you came from, I as the person who runs Buttercup orphanage will not just leave a kid like you in tatters without love or care. Now answer my question, would you like to join our family?"(woman)

Erwin was shocked. Why would a complete stranger care so much about a Bezwinger? His dad killed thousands, his mom destroyed homes, his aunts and uncles stole riches and heirlooms. He was absolutely confused, but at the same time he was happy. His heart was tearing up with joy and sadness. His eyes were a broken dam. So many lonely nights, so many cold days, but now, now there was someone to help him, someone to comfort him, and all he had to do was say one word...


Erwin said in between sobs, he was a crying mess. The woman gently placed her hands on his back and in a soft but reassuring voice, she said.

"Let it all out sweet child, you don't have to be so sad anymore, I am here for you."(woman)

She pulled Erwin into a tight hug. She slowly moved to the side of the crying kid's head and told him.

"Welcome to Buttercup Orphanage, you can call me Ms. Hannah, and from now on you will be in my care."(Hannah)

And with that, Erwin broke down even further. Pulling Hannah further into the hug, not letting go. He was bursting with tears that were not of hate or pain, but bliss and happiness. That day he found a new family, a treasured family.


Friedrich screamed out as he did a jumping front kick against a young man. Years have passed since the day he met Erwin; he was glossy with sweat. He was breathing in and out shallow breaths, as he continued his onslaught against his adversary. Making swift and concise maneuvers to avoid the hook punch his opponent made in retaliation, twisting and turning his body to put power into his cross punch. Every hit performed by the two men were devastating to say the least, each hit created gusts of winds and sounds of roaring thunder. It seemed like Friedrich was winning the duel, his opponent was starting to slow down and along with his pitch black hair blocking his view, it made it the perfect chance to take him down. He swiveled his torso, putting all his might into his arms, he performed an earth-shattering uppercut, completely breaking his enemy's defenses and knocking him down. 

"BOYS, time for dinner!"(Hannah)

"Coming! Here, nice match there. With this I bet we will ace the entrance exam."(Friedrich)


The battered Erwin grabbed hold of the bruised Friedrich's hand and got up. The two young children have grown up to be fine and muscular young men. 

"How was the training Friedrich?"(child 1)

"Yeah, yeah! Did you get stronger big brother Erwin?"(child 2)

"Of course we did, look at us! Look at these masscles!"(Friedrich)

Friedrich boasted while flexing his biceps.

"Wow! You are gonna beat everyone once you join the army!"(child 1)


"Children, enough dilly dallying, come eat dinner before it gets cold!"(Hannah)

As they heard that, the mob of children rushed to the dinner table. Friedrich and Erwin took a seat and marveled at the feast that they were presented with. 

"You really out did yourself Ms. Hannah."(Erwin)

"Actually, Felicia helped me out today, since, after all it will be you two's last day at the orphanage."(Hannah)

"That's right, so promise me that you will get into the army!"(Felicia)

The pink haired girl popped out of nowhere with a plate full of mashed potatoes. 

"Hah, time sure does fly by. It feels like just yesterday I found you walking all alone in the streets and now, look at you! All grown up, ready to contribute to society."(Hannah)

"About time he does something but crash the bread economy."(Erwin)

"Hey, I stopped that years ago!"(Friedrich)

"About time you did something to benefit society."(Erwin)

Giggles and laughter filled the air in the modest orphanage as time passed on. 

A fresh new morning. Two young men left a rustic building, eyes wide of ambition and full of vigor. 

"Boys wait!"(Hannah)

A grizzled old woman caught the attention of Friedrich and Erwin, prompting them to turn around.

"What is it Ms. Hannah?"(Erwin)

"Listen, from now on you two are going to be law abiding adults and I, I just want to say how proud I am for you two."(Hannah)

She said, clenching her heart.

"Friedrich, from now on you will be on your own, I won't be there to hold your hand, so promise me that, you will be the best boy there could be. Be the Star Boy of Traumland."(Hannah)

"I- yes I will!"(Friedrich)

"Erwin, you are a Bezwinger, and so, you should know that, things are not going to be easy, people are going to hate you not because of who you are but, who you are related to. So, never give up, even if things are hard, never, ever give up."(Hannah)

"Yes ma'am."(Erwin)

"I will support you two, for eternity and beyond, so give me one last hug."(Hannah)

Hannah opened her arms. The two young men immediately rushed towards her. The three embraced each other, in a long, quiet warm hug. 

"That's enough, it's time I let you two go."(Hannah)

The hug gradually loosened. Friedrich and Erwin then ran to the army base.

"Go get em! I know you can do it!"(Hannah)

Lively chatter and cheerful children playing was all in the streets of Traumland. The two young men nimbly dashed passed everything until they reached a gate. 

"Halt, state your business."(Guard)

"We are here to join the army."(Erwin)

"I see, then follow me."(Guard)

The guard opened the metal gate and led Friedrich and Erwin to the building itself. They were mesmerized, excited to the bones. 

"This is really gonna be it bro."(Friedrich)


When the door opened, they walked down the marble ground, and to a large door. Opening the door they saw a mature and brawny man. 

"Sir, these two young men would like to join the military sir!"(Guard)

"Very well, soldier, I'll take it from here, so make your way out."(Old Man)

"Yes Sir!"(Guard)

After the guard had left the room, the man got up from his seat and shouted.

"So you wish to join the army?"(Old Man)

""YES""(Friedrich & Erwin)

"Very well, follow me."(Old Man)

The burl man took Friedrich and Erwin down the halls to what seemed like an obstacle course. 

"Now before you even think of joining the army, you must be strong enough to do so, if you can finish this obstacle course in less than 30 minutes then you will be accepted! And from here on you must refer me to as sir!"(Old Man)

""Understood Sir!""(Friedrich & Erwin)

They had a resolute expression on their faces, as they followed their order and began their training. 

It could be described as grueling, as if the devil designed it himself. There were multiple jumps that forced the participants to lose their balance and fall onto the hard, bumpy surface, sections where they had to climb slippery walls, places where they had to crawl underneath planks of wood that were filled with suffocating gas. 

Most people would have a hard time finishing it in under a day, but the two were determined. Their eyes burning with fire, their body's became bruised, with cuts everywhere. It was hell, and the two struggled to even make it to the end, but they never gave up, they cannot give up. It was long and arduous, but they persevered. They were too close to the end, just the final stretch, a long and unsteady rope separating them from the finishing line. 

"This is, bro."(Erwin)


Firmly gripping onto the rope they pushed and pushed, their arms felt like they were being torn apart. Faces cringing into pained expressions. 

"Just... a little. mooree! HRAAAH!"(Friedrich)

Using the last of their power, they did it, they finished it. Exhausted breaths exiting out their mouths. Their arms are beating like a heartbeat. 

"42 minutes and 18 seconds, gentlemen, CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID IT!"(Old Man)

"Hahh, what do you mean? We didn't finish it under the time limit?"(Erwin)

"Why of course you didn't, this was an obstacle course for advanced soldiers! I was going to accept you either you finished or not, I was merely testing your abilities and you two sure did not disappoint!"(Old Man)

"Now all we have to do now is identify who you are, but forgetting all that, welcome soldiers, we are expecting great things from you two."(Old Man)

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