Chapter 5: He picked up my call!
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Jane heard a man's voice.

Huh! He picked up!"

She burst into tears, without realizing she was crying like a child who had lost something precious.

*sob... sob...*

It had been five minutes and her tears wouldn't stop.  

She missed him so much!

She was losing her mind after last night's horrible dream. The anxiety and loneliness she felt after waking up in the morning, all those feelings crawled up her throat and tears kept pouring down from her eyes. 

After a while, her eyes ran dry. She could feel the pinching pain in her heart but she could talk now. She took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice.


"How are you? Are you busy? Did you eat?”

Jane was shuddering in pain and was attacking him with back-to-back questions. 

There was silence on the other side of the phone. 

Jane thought she might have gone overboard with her cries and interrogation.

How stupid to cry like that!  



I had a nightmare yesterday and in that nightmare I saw you

I saw…

I saw dead face...

Your face”, she said in a dull voice. She was hesitating to say such dreadful things to him, but it was something that made her miserable the whole day.

"I was worried about you the whole day and you didn't reply to my messages for months and I thought something might have happened to you… 


I am so relieved to hear your voice. Thank god you are okay. You are okay, right?”, Jane was panting and talking fast.

Her longing for Victor made her babble about everything in her mind.

There was still silence from the other side of the phone, which was abnormal.

“Why is he not saying anything? Why is it so quiet? I can hear the sound of his breath, so he must be on the phone”, she thought.

Jane felt weird about Victor being quiet and not answering even one question of hers. Something's off about this!

They were both quiet for sometime. 

Jane didn't mind the situation. It was better than not having to talk to him at all! 

She could hear the loud and deep breaths and they were keeping her company. Listening to his deep breaths, Jane wanted to believe that Victor’s heart was beating fast and loud for her. 

"I am at the bridge where we had our first kiss. 

The wind is chilly today. 

That day you held my hand. I loved the warmth I felt in my heart." 

“I love you”, Jane desperately wanted to share her feelings. 

She didn't care how desperate she would sound, she just wanted to tell him that she loved him very much. 

"I love you so much, so please come back to me. 

I love you! 

I miss you!". 

Jane wanted to share everything that she had been hiding inside her heart. 

“You know, without you the nights are specifically lonely. I miss your embrace.” 

Jane's cheeks were blushing and there was sweetness in her voice. She was shivering from the cold breeze, but remembering about her night with Victor gave her goosebumps.

“Give me that pleasure and hold me tight in your arms again. I want to feel you again, I want to indulge in the happiness of your touch on every inch of my body. I want it every night.” She said in whispering, and gasped.

Saying these words to him was astonishing and brave for Jane herself.

Jane got flustered and confused.

"Goodbye", she immediately hung up.

She said whatever she wanted to say and she prayed that Victor heard her feelings and concerns. She was satisfied with the sense of relief she got by talking with him.

"Next time we meet, he is going to get a good scolding!" Jane tightened her fist with the hand she was holding her phone and clenched her teeth firmly.

She took deep breaths and paused to enjoy the night view from the bridge.

*ring... ring...*

Jane's phone was ringing. 

Jane lifted her phone. Bella's name was flashing on screen.

"Hi!", Jane picked up the call in a heartbeat.

"Clear your schedule for Saturday. You are going to the masquerade ball with me." Bella said in a commanding voice.

"Okay". Jane had no other choice. She was free next weekend anyway.


*call ends*

Bella dropped her phone aggressively on her office desk. She was in a bad mood.

Bella's assistant, Sheila, was sitting right in front of her on the sofa at the centre of Bella’s office. She was holding a file and a lot of paperwork was spread on the glass table in front of her.

"Do you think it is good for Jane to go with you to the foundation ball?”, she asked Bella and looked at her with suspicion.

“Don't worry about it. She will be fine.". Bella said in a low and firm voice while checking the paperwork in her hands.

"Victor will be attending but I guess you are already aware of that", Sheila said in a detestable tone and rolled her eyes over Bella.

Bella knew that the man Jane met and fell in love with three months ago was Victor. She didn't know what exactly happened between the two but she was furious that Jane was suffering because of him.

"Excuse me!", Bella said and looked at Sheila in rage.

"I know the company is in a tight spot right now, but that doesn't mean you can involve Jane in this mess", Sheila said. She didn't get intimidated by Bella's rageful gaze earlier.

She is a competent secretary with no fear!

Bella and Sheila had just come out of a meeting with stakeholders. The major agenda for the meeting today was the dissolution of INKS Corporation. INKS Corporation was at the verge of bankruptcy but they hid with everyone and tried to join hands with their rival company and the biggest market share holder in Royal City, the ON Corporation.

Everything would have gone as planned but after Victor took charge of office as the heir of ON Corporation, they retrieved their support at the most crucial point.

The first thing he did after taking charge of office was to destroy his biggest competitor. Ruthless!

The funding for Bella's company to be provided by INKS Corporation has been denied, which caused a major setback for her company and a lot of employees will suffer because of it. If they don't find a new source of funds, they might have to lay off many employees and may have to revoke insurance privileges provided by the company.

Bella certainly doesn't want her company's reputation to be tarred!

"Sheila, set up a meeting with ON Corporation.”, Bella said while looking intensely at the opened file kept on her desk, and sitting on her chair with folded hands.

"You want to negotiate with Victor?", Sheila was quick to understand Bella's intentions.

Bella never had the chance to meet Victor face to face and she never had the need for it either. Now things have changed, she has to try every means possible to save her company.

"I want to face him. His vision before joining office was to support INKS but, the situation right now is completely opposite!", Bella grit her teeth in anger.

Bella was adamant. She wanted answers. Before joining office, his vision was aligned with INKS, but after joining the office, he destroyed INKS. What changed him in three months? 

Is it related to the accident that happened three months ago? If yes, then how?

"About the accident three months ago. Tell me everything you know about it.". Bella turned her head towards Sheila who was standing right next to her holding the paperwork in her hands she was working on earlier.