Chapter 0: Prologue – Do not go gentle into that good night.
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The fifth of November, 2019

The year the sun hid from the world, giving way to darkness. It was bone-chilling winter's night, as the winds of death howled.

In a hospital bed, lay a man, who had lived a long life. His wrinkled and deathly pale skin camouflaged him, in the equally white bedding. The grey-haired man sighed and looked at the cold light clock at his bedside.

[You don't have much time left...] A female voice communicated with him telepathically.

He looked through the gaps of his fingers as tears begged to escape, but he kept them locked up, 'I know, I can feel my vitality slipping through my fingers, but I'm not scared, I've had a long life: filled with loss and triumph. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!'

[It was all hosts doing, I only gave you the tools.]

'For those tools, I am eternally grateful... So when are you leaving?'

[I already received a new mission; However, out of admiration to you, I chose to stay longer than I should have, but now I'm afraid I have to go...'

'I understand, you don't have to worry about me anymore.' He acquiesced, 'Go, I don't want to hold back the next person any more than I have, for I know that even with you, it's going to be tough. They will experience multiple setbacks, BUT if they continue to work hard, despite their losses, the light at the end of the tunnel will surely come.'

[Farewell old friend.]


[Ding! The system will disconnect from the host in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0]

'I have my mind to myself now...' He pursed his blue lips as the newfound silence invited loneliness. He shook his head trying to cheer himself up, 'You've lived a great life, pull yourself together!'

Once he had regained composure, a golden-white light shone in the form of a rectangle, in front of him. Then from the light, a door appeared, and from it came a man clad in white. He looked lovingly upon the old man with an affectionate smile, beckoning him, as he held out his hand.

The old man sighed, and then he smiled, "My time has come, take me home." When he said that, the machines in the room went haywire as his heart rate dropped.

A nurse on standby rushed into the room. She looked at the old man in front of her and shuddered. His pupils were dilating rapidly as his chest muscles twitched. These were all the signs of imminent death. Coming to her senses, she hastily paged the doctor on stand by. Then she ripped off the white blanket that was covering him. When she placed her hands on his chest; she began rigorous chest compressions, as the machines wailed their warnings of a patient in critical condition.

Red lights were flashing on the monitors, as the numbers kept decreasing. Then a mother rushed frantically into the room. Her brown hair was scraggly, and her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying while she ran to the room. As she looked at her father, she could see the light waning from his eyes. At the same time, she could feel the darkness permeating her heart; it threatened to tear it in two. She released a short mournful squall.

The old man in the bed recognised his daughter by the sound of her cry. It was the same sound, he had consoled in the past, ' I'll do it again... One last time,' He moved his trembling hand and placed it on his frigid lips. Then with the last of his strength, he stretched it back out to her, 'I love you.' He thought for he was too debilitated to speak.

While stretching his hand to his daughter, he stretched his hand to the man in white and held on to his warm hand. At that moment, a smile came about his face, and his heart flatlined.


The machine emitted a perpetuated sombre sound as the keening of a heartbroken daughter filled the ward.

The doctor ran in, "What's the status?!" Then he looked at the bed and saw the nurse still doing chest compressions with her tears dripping on to his face. The doctor took a deep breath, as his eyes became watery. His prolonged blink pushed the accumulated tears down his face, "The world has lost a great man today. His movies have given hope to generations. He has single-handedly inspired nations with his vision. Myself included. A multi-award-winning director, a loving father and a good friend. You will be missed, you were truly, the greatest of all times."


This is not the main character. The mc will appear next chapter. Thank you for reading!

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