Chapter 2: Parasite?
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[How long are you planning to bitch about how life did you wrong?] A female voice communicated to him telepathically.

Miles furrowed his brows then uncurled himself and sat on his bum using the meagre strength of his hands. Once he was up, he looked around for the source of this rude, unfamiliar voice, however, he couldn't find it, 'Am I hallucinating? Was there something funky in that vile...'

[No host you are not hallucinating. Host is very much sane.]

Once again Miles looked for this voice, yet he couldn't find it... He scrunched his face in confusion but decided to bite anyway, 'Okay if I'm not hallucinating, then who are you? Why can't I see you!? If you got something to say, say it to my face!'

[I go by many names, life coach, hope and the most commonly used, system. Host can't see me because I'm not in front of host, I'm apart of host.]

He tilted his head to the right, 'Apart of me? So you are like a parasite.'

[No! Don't lump me in with that degenerate species. I don't take from my hosts, I give them the tools for them to sow their lives back together.]

'Then why do you keep calling me host? That's what a parasite needs to live. Plus you entered my body without my permission. That's a parasite...'

Heavy breaths of deep inhalations and exhalations could be heard until she calmed herself down, [Would you feel better if I called you by your name?]

'That would help.'

[ Okay then Miles Parker, fir-]

'Just Miles is cool'

[OKAY! Miles] She maffled, [Now that we have come to an understanding. We can begin by changing your life. As I said, I am a life coach and a system. I provide you with tools which you can use to become the greatest of all times in whatever field you choose. From your memories, I can tell that you wish to pursue a career in basketball. I can help you with that. But I do need to apologize to you. I was supposed to come to you two years ago but I was caught up on my previous assignment and I chose to stay. However, I am here now and my previous partner has long passed away. Time flows differently between your two universes. Anyway, because of my mistake, you have been given the right to a free miracle lottery pick.]

'Miracle pick?'

[ The miracle is a set of tailor-made miracles that would help you achieve your goals. You only get to pick this once in your life and the rewards are completely random. In order to access your free pick. Say 'stats' in your mind.]

Miles was still a bit confused but he did it anyway, 'Stats,' Immediately, a blue screen with white words popped up in his face. On it had his name, age, hobbies, skills, attributes and more. It had everything about him represented in a quantitative and qualitative manner. Miles stood with his mouth agape as he looked at the screen, 'This is just like a game!'

[Name: Miles Parker

Age: Seventeen

Title: None

Position: None

Height: 6ft 3

Internal Attributes

Leadership: D

Vision: C

Teamwork: N/A


External Attributes

Ball handling: F

Balance: F

Dribble: F

Lay up: F

Set Shot: F

2 pointer: F

3 points: F

Free throw: D

Pass: F

Man to man: F

Block: F

Steal: F

Rebound: F


[ If you want specifics you can call out the name of the subheading. Try calling out, 'Lottery.' ]



Life points available: 0

Free pick available: 2 (Miracle pick) and a (low-grade pick)

Low-grade pick: 100 (Free use available)

Medium-grade pick: 1000

High-grade pick: 10000

Miracle pick: Unpurchaseable ( one pick available)

[Click on the Miracle pick and see what you get]

Miles didn't need extra encouragement, he hammered his finger on the screen. When he did, the screen turned into a 2D square with 16 different squares with numbers on, inside the larger square. The Square was coloured into four different colours: red, green, yellow and blue. Four inner squares were coloured in each of the colours. He surmised that the colours represented items of the same genre.

Miles looked at the square in front of him and then looked at the colours, 'When I think blue, I think melancholy. When I see green, I think vitality. Yellow gives me more of a happy feeling. Red, on the other hand, gives more of a powerful feeling, so strength maybe... Ai, I have no idea, all I know that all of them represent miracles...

System what are the type of rewards I can get?'

[I can not tell you that. You have to guess.]

Miles chuckled, 'Telling me would have sucked out all the fun, but I had to ask. Well then, I'm going to go with my gut and choose green. This usually symbolises vitality. I can't do anything if I can't stand.'

Then he clicked on the number 13 since this was green and it was his favourite number. It had to be the correct option. After he clicked it, the screen went black and then white words appeared, ' Loading your reward, please wait.'

Miles waited but it was not patiently, he was tapping his foot and biting his nails. He so badly wanted to know what he got. He wanted to know if this whole system was real. That somehow he actually received a miracle. That this wasn't a dream and that he wouldn't wake up tomorrow in his bed knowing that it was way too good to be true and he that was foolish enough to even let his mind play tricks on him like that.

Miles waited and waited until the screen finally stopped loading. When it did, the screen went blue again. And on the screen was a small 100ml bottle. Inside it was some green liquid. He looked at it and furrowed his brows. Then he looked at the description at the bottom of it and he couldn't believe it. It said, 'Time reversal drink.'

He choked on air as his excitement washed over him. But soon afterwards his scepticism kicked in, 'No way is that possible!'

[Yes it is possible that is why it's called the miracle lottery. Because it's otherwise impossible without a miracle. But you don't need to take my word for it. Why don't you try it out yourself? Say inventory and then check in the inventory you will see the item you just bought. Just a little side note. This storage you are about to access can only store, store-bought items. You cannot place worldly items inside.]

Miles nodded his head. 'Seems fair enough... Inventory.'

When he said that he saw there was a picture of himself and it showed that he was wearing no gear. The only thing he saw was that at accessories was the bangle that his mom and sister had bought for him about a year ago. Then he turned the page to the storage of the shop-bought items. When he did he saw the green bottle. So he grabbed the bottle placing his hand through the hologram as it rippled like was putting his hand through the water. Then he took the bottle and wala. He had a green bottle in his hand from out of nowhere.

Miles got such a fright when he released, this. Now it was plausible that it wasn't a lie. He looked at the bottle and gulped. Then he looked at the world around him and said, 'Goodbye cruel world. He opened the bottle and drank its contents.

After a minute, his vision turned blurry as he found it difficult to keep his body upright on the floor and then he fell to the ground. Barely capable of seeing anything. His head smacked on the floor and just before he passed out he could see his mothers high heels close to his face. He also felt her touch and then everything went black.