Chapter 3: Awkward situation
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After blacking out, Miles woke up still but he was groggy so he couldn't see well. He peered his eyes and saw a woman sitting on a chair near his bed. Although he couldn't see her properly, he could smell her. The sweet smell of perfume was one he was accustomed to. The woman sitting down could only be his mom. When his mom saw that he was regaining consciousness, she heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Miles wasn't relieved, 'Did I really go back into time... When I passed out I saw my mom running towards me. Now she is sitting beside my bed clearly worried... Let me look at her shoes. If they are the same as the ones I saw before then I know I'm back to square one'. When he had passed out the first time, he remembered seeing his mom's black heels. So he looked down and saw those same heels on her feet. When he did he sighed, 'I knew it was way too good to be true. Time travel, my ass.' He thought frustrated and disappointed.

[Who said that it didn't work. Look around you. Do you recognise this place? You couldn't just jump back into your body of a year ago. You needed to be unconscious to transition.]

Hearing the systems voice, he smiled and then his consciousness returned so he could see properly again. He opened his eyes fully and looked around. He saw that he wasn't in his old room anymore. Instead, he was in the house he lived in a year ago before the accident happened that changed his life forever. Although it was summoned up as an accident. The word "accident" was euphemistic for what really happened...

After looking around with great wonder, his mother smiled at him and then gave him a big hug, "We were still talking and then you fainted out of nowhere... Are they pushing you too hard at basketball practice?"

'Basketball practice? Oh yes, back here I was still playing basketball. Wait if that's the case. My legs! Can I move my legs!?' Miles looked at his legs and then gulped. He stared at his them trying to steel his resolve, 'It's no biggie Miles. You just trying to move your legs. It's not like your future depends on whether they work or not...' He thought sarcastically.

Miles took a deep breath then he tried to move his legs. One of his leg jerked slightly in response. Seeing this Miles put more confidence into his next movement. He waited a bit then willed for his leg to go up and down and it did. Overcome by the joy, he threw his blanket off himself then he tried to stand. He got onto his two feet and was a bit off-balance. He had to spread his arms like a plane but he was standing, 'I can stand on my own two feet1All though he means it literally he means it figuratively too. Thus now that he can stand he has a means of earning money.  !'

While standing, the tears poured out his eyes as he grinned and laughed, "HAHAHAHA!" This was the happiest he had been in a while. He looked like a mad man while he laughed and cried. Being able to stand meant so much to him...

While he laughed and cried, his mother looked at him strangely. She had asked a question but not only did he ignore her, now he was crying and laughing out of nowhere, 'Hunny dear are you okay? Did you hit your head too hard? Do you feel nauseous? Do you have a concussion? Do you need a doctor, maybe a psychologist?'

Miles continued to laugh, "No mom I am perfectly fine, I was just a little overwhelmed from practice that's all. The amount of practice we do daily is extremely tough." Then he wiped the tears from his face using his front and backhand.

Lyra Parker nodded her head, "That's how it is, our aspirations never come easy to us. If they do they will go just as they came because you haven't fought hard enough to appreciate its value. You know the saying, ' Early ripe, early rot2It means if something comes to you quickly it will go just as fast. A fruit ripens quickly and then rots just as fast. '. Anyway, I'm glad you're okay." She smiled warmly.

Then she looked to the closed door behind her and shouted, "Guys he's okay!" When she said that, Miles heard a serious of sigh of reliefs sounding out behind his door. Then the door opened and his sister walked in into his room. He looked at her and smiled. Here she was eighteen and was doing her last year of school before she went to University.

Sheilah Parker stood 178 cm tall. She had lanky black hair and hazel brown eyes. Her thighs were thicc and slender curving around her alluring thigh gap. She was breathtakingly gorgeous, there was never a time when she wasn't being pursued by boys. The way she walked was a work of art and her voice akin to a goddess: sweet and melodic. She stood in his room wearing her grey school skirt and long black stockings. The maroon school jersey clung tightly to her chest as if even it didn't want to part from her.

When she saw her brother was okay, she smiled her signature smile that could cleanse even the darkest of souls.

After Sheilah smiled someone else walked in. However, Miles didn't smile when he saw the person. In fact, his smile vanished. The person to walk in was his older brother, Jake Parker. His brother was a
two year older than him making Jake nineteen years of age. Miles looked at him with a straight face, as his memories of how his brother treated him returned.

Miles wasn't thrilled to see his brother again but he was even less thrilled to see the man that walked in the door after his brother. This statuesque man stood 2.1 meters tall. He had narrow, hazel brown eyes which led you to believe he was always scheming. The muscles on his body were big and defined. This showed in the tailormade, tight fit, royal-blue suit he was wearing. His jet black hair was straight and he had smooth, milk chocolate skin. Henry Parker bent his knees as he walked through the door, so he didn't hit his square-shaped face on the door's bridge. Then he looked at his son and smiled.

Seeing his father's smile, Mile's growled but surreptitiously, he couldn't deny that he hated the man in front of him. Although the man standing in front of him was his father. It was also the same man that kicked him, his mom and his sister out of the house when Miles's lost his ability to walk. His father kept Jake with him as Jake was playing basketball in a C league University. This is a huge achievement and a testament to his talent. Jake never played it to one day play professionally. He only did it for the scholarship so that he could attend University for free. As such all the money his father sent him could all be spent on himself.

After Miles and his sisters were kicked out. His father found another woman and they got married. Miles always wondered how they got so close so soon when they had supposedly met after the divorce... However, his suspicions were never confirmed. All Miles knew was that he hated that bodacious woman just as much. She had poisoned his father's mind which led him to discard his family completely.

There were many times where he was going to die without his medicine. So his mother swallowed her pride and begged him for money, but he didn't care. He didn't want a cripple for a son. A crippled son was a blemish to his name. A crippled son could not carry on his legacy as a professional basketball player.

His dad was a very wealthy man because he used to play basketball in the professional C league. He earned 150 million credits (9 878 175 US dollars) a year. Now he was the owner of a reputable basketball agency.

As Miles thought of the past-future his anger began to show on his face. Lyra saw it and asked, "Is everything okay?''

Miles put on his best fake smile, "Sorry I just remembered something that annoyed me."

His mother nodded her head and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"You truly are my son not only are you talented in basketball but we get angry the same way," Henry Parker laughed with a deep voice that threatened to vibrate all Mile's organs away.

Miles laughed awkwardly in return then they all laughed together as a family. Miles laugh wasn't sincere. He was masking his anger by laughing, 'Calm down Miles. Although they had no scruples about leaving you to die; they haven't done that yet. They might but they haven't... Even if they would do it again, I still need to play nice. Next year my sister goes to University. My dad will pay for her studies as long as we still together.

Since I'm still at school-level, the amount of money I receive for playing isn't nearly enough. I have to hold on until I can provide for my family myself. I will NEVER let my sister have to do that again. She deserves teddy bears and tiaras, not a tearful mascara. My mother deserves to have everything she wants. She never stopped believing in me. She loved me all the same when everyone else turned away from me. I need to work first and for most for myself but also for them. Just you wait, I will be the greatest of all time!'