Chapter 5
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Evan and Mrs Sanders went on a visit to the duke's house early the next morning.

Evan didn't want to wait until after the duke had forgotten about the promise to come and make a fool of himself. He just wants to deepen Duke Wilson's impression of himself while the duke has not forgotten about the matter.

Cornwall Manor is Delanlier's largest, no, it should be said to be the largest Manor in the whole of Yorkshire. There was an endless amount of land around the Manor with tenants numbering in the hundreds. The main castle is as luxurious as a King's castle. Cornwall Manor is a legend in Delanlier, with it being the pride and spiritual support of the residents of Delanlier.

Evan was walking in the garden of Cornwall Manor surrounded by fragrant scents. The roses in the garden were as bright as the sun, and the castle walls exuded a classical and elegant atmosphere underneath the sunlight.

Evan squinted at the scene. Before he came to this world, he also had money and status but it had not been like that of the duke. This kind of power and status was something completely imaginary for Evan before this. Suddenly, there was a bit of eagerness in his eyes. If it had just been a vague concept before, then at this moment, it had become a firm thought. He covets this Duke and the power he has, he must not let these fall into the hands of others.

Evan and Mrs Sanders were shown into the living room by the butler of the Cornwall estates. The duke was currently in a meeting with his lawyers and he would come down to see them in an hour.

Evan's mood was a little annoyed but Mrs Sanders just sat quietly on the sofa, sipping the black tea served by the butler.

Evan sat for a while, feeling a little bored. It seemed to him that anyone who spent more than 5 minutes with Mrs Sanders would become really bored.

Evan stood up and the butler hurriedly stepped forward to ask him if he needed anything. Evan shook his head, "I just want to go outside for a walk."

With some embarrassment, the butler looked at Mrs Sanders but she still looked down at the teacup in her hand, unaware of the butler's gaze.

Evan looked at the butler with a soft but firm smile and the butler could only bow his head in the end.

Evan left the living room and finally felt relieved. The cold scene just now made him a little short of breath. Evan walked along the garden in front of the castle towards the lake. He walked to the lake and sat down surrounded by the scent of fresh water. Evan has liked the water since his last life. Swimming is as simple as breathing for him but when he came to this place and became a priest, he had to say goodbye to this hobby of his. Fishing was still possible but swimming was not.

Suddenly at this moment, there was a sound of someone falling into the water from the other end of the lake and Evan jumped up alertly. He looked in the direction of the sound but only saw a pair of hands struggling in the water.

Evan ran over quickly only to find the heroine, Alia, standing there at a loss. Evan suddenly realised who the person that fell into the lake was. It was the only son of Duke Wilson, Lord Edward.

In the book, he had fallen into the water and had been rescued by the heroine. It was after this that the duke became interested in the heroine until the latter's love became deeply rooted in his heart.

This thought flashed quickly through Evan's mind, but in reality, he hardly paused. In front of Alia, who was still shocked, he dove into the lake.

The place where little Edward was drowning was not far from the shore and Evan only swam a few strokes before he reached him. In the lake, Evan was like a duck in water. He picked up little Edward with one hand. Perhaps because of fear, even though Evan had already picked up little Edward, he was still struggling and almost breaking away from Evan's embrace. But Evan was not soft at this time, he hit the back of Edward's neck with one hand, knocking him out and then started paddling towards the lake's shore. He swan to the shore with a look of all-out effort on his face.

Fortunately, Alia quickly came out of her shock. She had quickly run into the castle to call someone to help. The butler, Chris, ran fast in the front, followed by a few servants and the duke also ran towards the lake in shock. As he ran over, Evan invisibly hooked the corners of his mouth (again!) and pretended to be too weak to support little Edward, almost sinking into the lake.

Evan relaxed his body, the warm lake water made him feel very comfortable. But after a little while, someone jumped into the lake, his shoulders were grabbed tightly and he was dragged towards the water surface. Evan struggled lightly but someone grabbed the back of his neck and raised him directly to the surface.

Fresh air instantly poured into his nose and he was dragged to the shore. Someone roughly squeezed his chest, trying to squeeze out the water out of his nose and mouth but Evan didn't drown at all so there was no water to be squeezed out.

Fortunately Dr. Hester, Alia's father, was a sensible man and he quickly said, "Reverend Bruce may be exhausted. Quickly pick him up and pat him on the back." Evan was helped up and roughly patted on the back. Evan finally opened his eyes after coughing a few times.

He saw little Edward lying in the duke's arms. At this time, Duke Wilson had completely lost his previous arrogance and indifference.

Dr. Hester wiped the water from Lord Edward's face. This child is a very beautiful child, with curly black hair, delicate facial features, white skin and red lips, just like a doll. At this time, his curly hair, because of the water, was wet against his pale little face and he looked pitiful.

"The water in the Lord's chest has been squeezed out so it should be alright now." Dr. Hester's face looked a little unsightly. Edward had almost drowned while he was with Alia and he blamed her.

Duke Wilson's expression softened when he heard this. He stood up with Edward in his arms and gave Evan, who was being helped up by Mrs Sanders, a nod and said, "Reverend Bruce, I don't know how to express my gratitude for your heroism today. You will be considered a friend of Charles Krist from now on and you will be the most honoured guest at Cornwall Manor anytime."

After he finished speaking, he turned his face to look at the worried Alia and his expression turned cold," Doctor Hester, please do not bring Miss Alia when you come to Cornwall Manor from now on. I don't want to see her again in the future."

The duke's words were really harsh and Dr. Hester couldn't help but shiver. Alia was feeling ashamed and didn't speak a word.

Duke Wilson turned and walked away with little Edward in his arms. Evan stood unsteadily, looking at his slender back, a smile flashed in his eyes. So the duke's name was Charles.

This word gently caressed Evan's lips and tongue with a hint of ambiguousness.

Mrs Sanders didn't hear Evan's whisper, she just looked at Evan with some reproach and said with a stern tone, "How can you be so reckless? Shouldn't you have gone in at that time to get someone to help? How can you risk your life like that?"

Evan lowered his eyes and smiled, "During such an emergency, how could I have thought of so many things? Lord Edward is only a child. If there had been a long delay in rescuing him, I'm afraid that it would not have been good."

When Mrs Sanders heard this, the expression on her face became a little softer (it's like only Evan has the power to do this), but her words were still cold, "If Reverend Bruce hadn't gone out to relax, this kind of thing wouldn't have happened. You should refrain from doing such superfluous things in the future."

Evan smiled helplessly, he brushed the wet blonde hair on his forehead and said warmly, "You are right, I will not do this again. But I am soaked all over, let me change into clean clothes first."

As soon as Evan finished speaking, Butler Chris walked up to Evan's side with a few servants and said respectfully, "Mr Reverend, please go inside and change into dry clothes."

Mrs Sanders looked at Butler Chris with some vigilance but this standard British butler didn't care about her thoughts. He let the two male servants support Evan and lead him into the castle.

Mrs Sanders gave Butler Chris an annoyed look but she followed them inside.

Butler Chris helped Evan to the guest room on the second floor and brought out a new outfit. Evan took a general look at the size and material of the clothes. He was sure that this was the duke's clothes but looking at it, it hasn't been worn and was completely new. Evan shook his head in disappointment and quickly changed his clothes.

After Evan changed his clothes, he went downstairs. When he got to the living room, he found the duke sitting there with a glass of brandy in his hand.

Evan paused slightly before stepping forward, "Lord Duke." Evan nodded slightly.

When he heard his voice, Duke Wilson raised his head to look at him and there was a hint of confusion on his face. He seemed to finally see Evan's face clearly and muttered, "Reverend Bruce."

Evan couldn't help squinting, his eyes wandering down Duke Wilson's handsome face. Perhaps because of the alcohol, there was a faint blush on his cheeks and his whole person showed a hint of drunkenness. This state was completely different from his usual abstinent appearance. Evan suddenly felt a commotion growing in his heart.

"Mrs Sanders had left, Reverend Bruce, you can stay today. Edward is not feeling well right now, I want you to pray for him." Duke Wilson quickly regained his sanity and returned to his usual indifferent expression.

Evan slightly raised his eyebrows. This was not a very solemn appearance but there was an unusually harmonious beauty to his face.

"It is my duty, as long as I can help Lord Edward." Since such a good thing was delivered to him, Evan naturally will not refuse.

Duke Wilson nodded with a hint of indifference in his expression. Because of his high status, people only wanted to please him so Reverend Bruce's response did not exceed his expectations.

But his performance really dazzled Evan's eyes. He had never been so clearly aware of the power of the middle class in this era.