Chapter 002: The Mighty Pup
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It’s been a month since the destruction of the skeleton pyramid. The bone powders that took another pyramid shape, were now scattered in different places and shapes. If someone looked carefully they would found a few complete skeletons here and there.

Suddenly, a fluffy but dirty wolf pup popped out of a small disorderly shaped mountain. It was the strange wolf-yet-dog-like beast but now, its feature looked sharper and leaned towards a platinum furred wolf. The wolf pup jumped back and growled.


The layer of bone powders scattered slowly and a standing skeleton could be seen. This skeleton had complete form and it had a different vibe from the other skeletons. If noticed carefully, one would know this skeleton was situated in the middle of previously bone skeleton pyramid.

The skeleton stood still, its skeleton arms spread wide and the palms of the hand spread towards the sky along with the head of the skeleton. As if the skeleton was looking at something with expectations. But it couldn’t be felt anymore and only the hollow look of the skeleton remained.

Even so, it was easy to understand the skeleton was looking towards the glowing purple sphere of light in the sky, which didn’t exist there anymore. A pitch-black dagger was stabbed inside the left chest of the skeleton. It even pierced the skeleton’s rib bones that look indestructible and—

—a golden sphere of light, similar to the purple sphere but much smaller, floated inside the skeleton.

At last, The pup found its glowing treasure. It had a different color but to the foolish and unintelligent beast, it was more tempting. For the last month, it kept digging through the mountains of bones. The pup fainted many times. Due to exhaustion and hunger. But none of those mattered anymore.

The wolf pup wanted nothing more than to jump and take back its treasure from this despicable skeleton. Yet, it didn’t. Even though it was still foolish, the pup’s sense and instinct got sharper. The dagger gave it a feeling of danger. Even those pointy looking fingers weren’t safe either. After trying multiple ways, the pup failed to destroy the bones. It was straight like a statue, not even moving a bit.

But who was this mighty beast? It was none other than the most foolish creature who didn’t have the word ‘giving up’ in its dictionary... That’s considering whether this beast had a dictionary in the first place.

Since anything didn’t work, it took the most primitive way. Using the pelvis as a pivotal point, the pup jumped inside the ribcage. And with a single gulp, the small sphere light got sucked inside the pup’s body. Everything was good upto this point, but when the pup’s body tilted back, the black dagger which barely remained stuck on the skeleton, fell and pierced on the pup’s small body.

The pup’s body went limp and it howled in pain and anguish. A few drops of black blood dripped occasionally as a black fog spewed out of the dagger. The dagger itself was small and didn’t even harm the pup’s vitals but it damaged more than the countless injuries the wolf suffered in the last month...

The dagger, Goddess’ Jealousy, which even killed gods, let out a chilling glare. Even a graze from this dagger could kill powerful warriors. The pup, however, didn’t die.

Not because the pup had any special power but rather, the golden light of eaten by it started a fierce war against the power of the black dagger. The black fog destroyed cells by cells and the golden light regenerated the cells and at the same time, pushed back the dark fog.

The black dagger might be a divine weapon, but it was nowhere to its prime glory. Not only that, to utilize a treasure’s power it needs the support from its user which the said dagger lacked, diminishing its power immensely.

The beast whimpered in pain. It staggered while moving away from the skeleton and moved towards the familiar topography. It howled countless times but could do nothing against the painful war in its body. After hours of running and staggering, the pup finally returned to its safe zone.

It was unknown whether it was because of the pain or the homesick feeling the pup felt with this place, drops of tears fell from its eyes. The war between golden light and the black fog finally concluded and the abundant golden light achieved the final victory.

Even though the fight between golden and black energy concluded. It didn’t end without any consequence. A drop of golden and black blood was left behind in the deepest part of its bloodstream as the dagger also dissolved into the pup’s body...

Returning to its sweet home, the pup relaxed. All the pain and exhaustion attacked at once and the beast once again passed out.

The wolf pup’s body glowed golden as every pores and muscle were filled with golden energy. But most of the energy rushed to the pup’s head. The golden energy changed the whole body structure of the wolf. Although the change couldn’t be seen from the naked eye, the small beast definitely changed. The body size that grew over the month also shrunk. Anyone would think this pup was harmless, and indeed, it was harmless... At least now, before it understood the rule of this world, the wolf pup is harmless.

At that time, the wolf pup wasn’t the only thing glowing, even the ground glowed golden...



After an unknown amount of time, the wolf pup once again woke up from its familiar nap.

Even the foolish pup now understood exhaustion over the course of this month. If it moved too much or didn’t rest, it would exhaust itself to sleep.


It wasn’t the pup that growled. It’s stomach did.

Exhaustion didn’t cause fear in the pup anymore. Something else did. Hunger did. Even the rebellious and unyielding wolf pup had to cower before the mighty hunger. It felt its existence insignificant and trivial in front of the Great Hunger. Sadly though, it had nothing to extinguish its hunger. Only when it tired itself out or fell asleep, did the feeling of hunger mysteriously disappear.

When the pup faints, the remnant energy of the red eggshell supplied with never-ending energy. Filling its body with vitality and quenched its hunger at the same time. Now, even that seemingly inexhaustible energy was used to heal its heavily injured body.

The Mighty Hunger was still in its dormant state. That’s right until the mighty hunger remained in its dormant state, the invincible pup could suppress it. It was possible to suppress it, until, the mighty hunger awakened. And when it awakened, only the pitiful pup could be seen.

Oddly today the pup felt different. No, it didn’t feel enough overpowered to think it could defeat the mighty hunger yet, but the power in its body made it feel invincible. Not that the pup knew what this feeling meant, but it was good nonetheless.

Next, it noticed the change in its surrounding. The circle made by the patch of grass remained the same, yet outside the patch, everything looked different. Rather than the barren plain, there was uneven hills and mountains filled with patches of grass and trees. Everything looked full of vitality and strength. Unintentionally the pup drolled. The pup didn’t know why but seeing this strange place its mouth watered incessantly. Why it came here, and how, was such thing something to think?

The pup wanted to move and explore this unknown region, but couldn’t. Green and Golden color vines covered its body. The old dry and fresh blood everything was absorbed by the vines and even coiled the pup. The pup became hot-headed. Did these measly vines wanted to hinder its, the Great pup’s, adventure?


The pup turned its head and multiple green and gold vines appeared in its vision. Opening its maw, the pup bit on the vines and growled threateningly.

The vines shook as if they had life. The remaining vines that were left of retreated quickly but the same couldn’t be said for the rest. The angered mighty pup dragged them while growling. Two big bowl-sized flowers—one green and one golden—were dragged out of the bush. Those could only be described as giant flowers from the tiny pup’s view, but the pup didn’t back off. Instead, it growled with more power and bit the vines harder.

Then something weird happened. The vines including the big flowers glowed for a moment. The vines in the pup’s maw suddenly disappeared. The giant flowers became two glow of green and golden light before they flowed into the pup’s body. The pup growled to its left and right and looked triumphant for a moment before falling into a state of deep contemplation.

The weird sensation on its tongue. When the pup bit on the vines some fluids—something which the pup never knew of—touched its tongue. The pup who feared hunger instinctively understood, this could be that something it was searching for defeating the wretched and domineering hunger.

But the pup’s contemplation was soon interrupted. A wolf, twenty times bigger than the pup, entered the pup’s vision. The pup and the wolf stared at each other with curiosity. Soon, they rushed towards the other but the pup felt something was weird here.

Although it couldn’t see its appearance, the pup could still see its back, tail, and paws. The pup rushed at the big wolf feeling a bit attached. It was the first beast the pup found and it also looked similar to itself. Though, the same couldn’t be said for the big wolf. It had a crazed look. As if the wolf found the easiest prey in the world.

The pup felt a different feeling in its chest. It was not anger. Something not likable. The look on the wolf’s eyes that clearly showed it was looking down on the pup, filled it with a complex feeling. The feeling of disgust.

As the pup was almost before the wolf, the giant wolf opened it jaws and bit on the pup. With its large mouth, one bite was enough to end the pup. But the expected feeling of soft meat and blood didn’t reach the wolf’s throat.

Although the pup was small, it went through many times of strengthening. The blood-red eggshell and the golden glowing orb, and multiple times of strengthening. The pup wasn’t comparable to what it was after being born. It took advantage of its small body and slipped past the large jaws aimed at itself.

Maybe following how the wolf used its jaws to bite at itself, the pup also opened its jaws and bit on the thing that came to its vision first. If the pup knew what it bit after half a year, it would first be disgusted by its own action and then feel sorry for the poor wolf.

The unexpected pain in the most unexpected place almost blackened the wolf’s vision. Never in its life did the giant wolf experience pain in that place after its first experience, when it messed up and entered in the wrong hole. It growled with rage.


It was his precious family jewel. He still had to find more mates and spread his seed. Now it might even fail to enter his mate’s entrance. Just by thinking this made him see everything in red.

But at that time, the changes didn’t occur in the giant wolf alone. When the wolf bit on the giant pup’s family jewel and pulled on it, blood sprayed on its mouth. It was an unknown taste. It was warm and to the pup, the taste of blood was almost heavenly. That taste awakened something inside the pup at that time. An aura. A threatening Aura. The aura of a natural predator. Something the beast was unaware of before, spread out of its body.

The giant wolf also noticed the change, but it didn’t back away. The wolf before it was clearly a similar species and also a pup. His pride as the Alpha Male didn’t let it back away. But it became cautious. The hint of pity in its eyes wasn’t there anymore and it didn’t look at the pup as an easy like it did at first.

The giant wolf was cautious to move but the pup wasn’t. The taste of blood had already enamored its vision. It wanted nothing more than drinking the wolf’s blood.

The pup turned into a silver flash and before the big wolf could move, it already sank its jaws in the wolf’s throat. Although the pup had smaller fang, their sharpness surpassed the big wolf by a few times.

The bite definitely injured the wolf, but it was not life-threatening. The pup’s fangs were too short to enter deep in its throat. This relieved the big wolf a bit. He would end this pup and eat its meat and crystal. The soft meat would definitely have the finest taste.

The wolf used its sharper claws of its front leg to slash on the pup. But it overlooked one thing. It was the pup’s defense. The sharp claws failed to penetrate the platinum fur and bronze-like skin. Another thing the wolf overlooked was the pup’s overbearing strength. The pup’s jaw indeed failed to penetrate deep but it was another thing if strength was added behind those sharp fangs.

With a hard pull, it tore through the wolf’s throat. In a split second when blood flowed out of the wolf’s throat, the pup once again jumped, and this time bit with all its strength.


A bone-crunching sound echoed before the body of the wolf went limp. The pup didn’t let go as warm blood flowed down to its throat.

Hunger, no more!