Chapter 003: Encounter; The Two-legged Creature
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On a flat mountain top, a platinum furred wolf-pup laid lavishly.

One might wonder how can a wolf, or rather a pup lay lavishly and also on a mountain. They might not ask the same question if they saw the scene.

Different colored magic crystal sprawled around the ground and on a small bed of crystals laid the pup. Even in its sleep, it chewed on a thick and long yellow crystal.

This valley was a fearsome place to countless existence but to the pup, it was simply heaven. The mountain itself was full of vitality. And housed creatures like itself. Although those creatures were tiny existence to its current tiny self, they gave him crystals which contained an unbelievable amount of energy. The taste even surpassed the flavor of blood! It was simply godly.

In the last three months, the pup killed countless different species. It learned many things. The red-shelled weird looking creature that had ten legs (Crab) and huge strength but was extremely slow. Normal attacks hardly fazed them but their sticking eyes and joint of shells were its weak points. Their meat was especially juicy. There were also creatures which had powerful offense but weak defense but the pup also encountered the opposite.

Suddenly, the pup perked its eyes and glared at the north direction. Something dared to enter its territory, unforgivable! The pup claimed the mountain as its own territory. For the last week, no creature dared to approach this mountain but now, the pup detected a feeble presence.

Infuriated, the pup ran at the direction of the presence, the crystal still stuck to its mouth. Rather than a mighty wolf, it looked more like a dog-pup with a bone sticking out of its mouth.

This yellow bone... crystal was found by the pup, not acquired by hunting. It was five times the normal-sized crystals and the energy inside it was also purer. In fact, this mountain valley was filled with different types of treasures. Some were consumables like a small grass that contained powerful spiritual energy, while the others had sharp edges and hard body. The foolish pup tried but failed to eat those hard things so out of option, they were hidden inside its stash. Which was hidden in a not so obvious way below the crystal bed.

Now returning to the offender, who dared to invade the arrogant-ish pup’s territory, looked extremely weird. The pup had become confused for many reasons. Firstly, the invader had a different body from anything it had seen so far. Secondly, it was extremely weak. Let alone danger, the pup couldn’t even feel anything from it.

Unlike the ugly and roguish creatures it had dealt with, the invader had heaven and earth difference. It had a slim body and walked on its two long slim legs. It also had two mounds of flesh sticking out which almost looked out of proportion, but also had a charming beauty to it. It didn’t have fur on its body but had different looking skin from others. The skin of this two-legged creature was mixed with a variety of colors. In some place, it had white, soft and tender looking skin. In the other, it had black and yellowish skin. This creature indeed didn’t have any fur on its whole body but had loooonng furs on top of its head. And the invader was currently inspecting the familiar patch of grass that the pup found after waking up.

As weak as it might be, the creature must have its bigger ones, as it encountered before. No weak creatures could survive in this region without backing. Even the dumb pup understood such a thing.

It cautiously approached the two-legged strange creature.


The growling sound took attention of the invader. It had an amused expression in its charming eyes. Even the wild pup—who never knew of beauty—thought those black gem-like eyes were beautiful and had desires to possess them.

“Eh, strange. What kind of wolf are you?” questioned the two-legged creature in a voice that the pup never heard before. It was unknown whether the strange creature was asking the beast or itself.

“I am here to find the cause of the spatial disturbance, but... this is intriguing... are you related somehow?” The creature paced towards the pup.

The pup growled in return. However, it did nothing to stop the invader’s advance.

Once again, the pup had become perplexed. Normally, any creatures that went this close would aggressively charge but this creature had not even a hint of hostility in its eyes or aura. This unfamiliar situation caused the pup’s action to lag. It attacked any beast that showed hostility. And those that cowered in fear, it just bullied them before killing and looting their crystals. This situation had a vast difference to those.

The creature crouched down before the pup. Either of them didn’t have any hostility towards each other. But the pup had absolute advantage, at least it thought so. The delicate two-legged-creature in front of it was too weak. Even one strike from the pup might kill the frail creature.

“Hmm~” her voice like a melody, relaxed the pup’s vigilance. Grabbing its small body, the creature rested the pup on the sticking mounds of flesh. “Oh, look at you. Is that an Earth Dragon’s Crystal? With your current power you can’t defeat one. You seem lucky too, what are you, really...”

While the creature carefully checked out the pup, the later felt its body melting in the two mounds of soft flesh. The pup jerked its head to remove the foreign yet comfortable feeling.

The two-legged creature still looked at itself with curious eyes. The mighty pup must remain vigilant! But the feeling was so comfortable...

No, the pup once again dispersed those distracting feelings by staring at the creature. It’s black eyes looked at itself. Suddenly, those gem-like eyes gleamed with golden color. The golden halo with the pearl-like eyes looked divine and beautiful. It’s easy for anyone to get lost in their splendor but the pup felt goosebumps all over its whole body, as if every inch of its body was being separated layer by layer.


Growling, the pup let go of the yellow, Earth Dragon Crystal and bit one of the two soft mounds of flesh. What happened next left the pup wide-eyed.

The full-powered bite only pierced through the creatures yellow skin and no matter how much the pup struggled, the pup couldn’t leave a mark. Looking at its wound the pup realized, below the thin yellow skin was another layer of white skin. And no matter how much force the pup used, nothing had any effect.

The pup looked back at the creature’s face. It looked unfazed and kept concentrating on the pup.

Fear crept from deep inside the pup’s heart. For the first time, the pup admitted it feared something other than the almighty hunger, and it couldn’t even struggle.

“...Hmmm~ how peculiar. I can’t see through this measly pup. Aside from it being a platinum-ranked pup, I can’t find anything else. It also ranked up to Platinum-ranked rather than being one from birth. Eh, your luck defies the heaven, rogue.”

The strange creature curiously analyzed the pup. The fact astounded its proud and experienced self that it couldn’t see through a measly wild dog.

But the judged pup felt otherwise. Although it couldn’t understand what this strange creature said, it surely felt this frail-looking angel-like creature looked down on its mighty self.

“Looking at your behavior you also unlocked your intelligence! You already have 8 star potential! Too bad, you’re not compatible with me...” The mighty pup couldn’t bear her foreign elegant language anymore and once again, like a savage brute bit on the lamb’s soft meat... however, the result didn’t change, “Oh my~ look at you, you must be an alpha male to even bare your fangs towards my pure body... Mmm~ should I punish you?”

The creature felt amused by the pup’s action. If this was some intelligent being who tried to molest its proud body, maybe they would even fail to enter the circle of reincarnation properly.

“Forget it, maybe I can give you to Ye Hou. You might be compatible with her, and I will also be able to keep tabs on you... Let’s form a contract for now, I’ll pass on the crystal to her...”

The creature once again uttered some nonsense but it filled the pup with a feeling of dread. Following his—since it couldn’t be called it anymore—sense of dread, a crystal entered to the pup’s vision. The creature skillfully started drawing something on the pup’s head with its graceful fingers. Simultaneously, the pup felt anxious to get away.

“Aih, why are resisting now? Weren’t you looking comfortable just now?” Thinking something the creature exclaimed, “Eh, you don’t want to be contracted? It’s true that you are lucky and all, but you won’t be able to grow in knowledge or prowess if you stay here. You might even fail to become a Holy Beast and forever remain a measly beast. For such a thing to happen, it would be a pity...”

Not like the pup understood those words and neither did he care, but he fell in a huge predicament! This meaty bed was definitely more comfortable than the hard crystal bed he made. While he was reluctant to leave, he refused to stake his freedom. So the pup resolutely jumped out from the clutch of those two humongous soft bed and ran back towards its hard crystal bed.

The two-legged creature looked back and forth to the patch of grass and now-running-away-pup. Sighing, it momentarily decided to momentarily forget about the pup. No matter how much the pup tried, he couldn’t get too far anyway. It decided to take the pup after everything was taken care of.

The pup spared no effort to hide its treasures before running away from the mountain faster than the wind. The two-legged creature was too strong. Although it looked frail as a leaf and graceful as the wind, its might had no bounds. Definitely the best choice was to run away. As for how far, the pup had no idea. He just ran after changing direction to his left every once in a while.

After a long time, the frail two-legged creature appeared in front of the running pup, and before the pup could change his path or run away, he found himself hanging in mid-air.

“Look at you, running in a circle for six hours. Don’t you ever get tired?”

Shockingly enough, the pup who had zero knowledge about terrain and lands circled around the mountain for the whole six hours.


The pup whimpered. He was grabbed from the back of his neck, no matter how he resisted, he failed to exert any strength. To think the mighty, unyielding pup would encounter such a day, he almost couldn’t believe the absurdity of this situation!

“I’ve changed my mind, you are too foolish to be taught anything.” said the creature, unhappy.

Shoving the wolf pup on the meaty bump of flesh, the creature flew in the sky. The pup gawked as he saw his point of view going up and up. By now if this was any other creature they might have thought of giving up, knowing its useless. But who was this pup? He was one of the dumbest and foolish pup, he bit on the meaty flesh, smearing the white jade-like skin with his vile saliva. It was strange how the flesh didn’t get pierced but it was formed in different shapes due to the pup trying to tear them apart with its sheer strength, which previously worked but now, it had no effect.

“Haha, hee... Sheesh, don’t be so naughty~ it tickles... You rouge, messing my fancy dress. Here, take this and don’t defile this sister.”

The two-legged creature giggled in seductive tone before taking out an oversized purple crystal and stuffing on the pup’s mouth.

This was a crystal from True Dragon. Unlike the fake dragons like Earth Dragon, True Dragon’s power was fifty, no, a hundred times stronger. Even the rebellious pup became meek after getting the crystal on its maw. Good bed and food, what did he need anymore?

But bending this soft flesh in different shape was too tempting to give up, so he used his paws to play with the ever so numbing soft flesh...


I'm definitely not jealous of the dog... oh was it a wolf?