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In a certain forest a figure was being pursued by a mob of religious cultist, their torches illuminated part of the forest from behind. The figure lost its balance when it ran headfirst into a tree branch.

“O-oww… I knew I should be more careful running in the dark, but one cannot stop when one is being hunted.” I muttered to myself while standing back up.

I rubbed my forehead where the branch hit still feeling a bit of the after sting.

“Fuck they’re getting closer”. I noticed a large tree that’s wide enough to camouflage myself from them. So, I dove headfirst behind that tree right as the light from the torches drew close.

I can hear frustration amongst the crowd indicating that there is a high chance they might cut tail and return back where they came from. As I was about to let out a breath of relief, I heard voices nearby and approaching. I covered my mouth with both my hands to contain that breath I was about to let out.

“The quicker we kill the ‘Saint’, the faster the plan can proceed.” The voice was ruff, so I assumed it belonged to the leader of this mob. I heard him yell to one of his buddies

“Heister, anything!?”

The person named Heister gave an immediately reply

“Nothing over here.”

 I continued to eavesdrop on the mob’s conversations and soon all the other people started shouting out their findings.

“Not here.”

“I jabbed a sword into the bushes, nothings in there.”

“I set a bush on fire over here. I got nothing.”

“It’s dark to see the top of the tree and there is no way the ‘Saint’ could’ve made it up there in time, so I am going to assume she is not there.”

I peered a little to my left to catch a glimpse of the leader, he was chewing on somesort of weed while his face looked irritated.

“Okay. Okay! We’re returning! If we can’t get to the ‘Saint’, the monsters in this forest will.” A smile formed on his face that sent chills down to my spine that I froze solid, unable to move any part of my body. While I was lost in trying to regain my body functions, the mobs left and the lights from the torches faded away into the distance.

The most important thing that I failed to notice was the pair of glowing eyes surrounding me.  In war, the most crucial element a leader must have is situational awareness, unable to grasp your surrounding will lead to your demise. As soon as I became aware that I was surrounded by monster dogs, I knew as I was done for.

“Dammit, what a shitty way to go out.”

I muttered as one of the dogs came in for the kill.