Prologue: A Test
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ATUHOR'S NOSE: This is inspired... distantly... by a dream I had where I found some very old writing of mine and had a big nostalgia bit over it. At this point the only actual connection between the old writing and this series is the twin protagonists' names and the fact that there's catfolk, so no real point going into detail. 

Posting schedule will be one chapter per week, an arc at a time. (So there will be lengthy breaks between arcs.)

No major romantic relationship is planned for this story, but we'll see what happens. Or doesn't happen. Probably doesn't happen. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

The young girl trembled in the stark white empty room.

"C'mon, 02. Open a rift for us."


"I think she's spent for the day."

"Nah, I can get one more trial out of her. ... Hey, 02. Don't you want to see your brother again? Just open a rift, and we'll let you visit him tonight."

"Haha, low blow."

She raised a hand, trembling, and focused... black sparks appeared in front of her, and coalesced into...

... nothing. She was sure they were about to form something, but they suddenly faded, and she dropped to her knees with a gasp.

"Okay, now she's spent."

Her vision swam with tears, and rough hands grabbed her by the shoulder. Moments later, not quite aware of what had happened in between, she was back in her cell.