Chapter 137: Violet Mountain Blessed Land
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Well, this is interesting?” Nana Xara sent as Mila stepped through the portal to the Violet Mountain Blessed land. “This blessed land isn’t a natural wonder at all.

Stepping from the top of the tall mountain on the Carium Galaxy Cluster's capital planet to the periphery of the Violet Mountain Blessed Land, Mila felt like she'd entered into a different universe. The Law suppression was higher, at the B rank planet level, making it instantly harder for Mila to move, but the bigger change had to do with space and light.

So far, she’d been to five planets other than Earth—Hira, three of Epecteos’s planets, and the Carium Galaxy Cluster’s capital—but they were all similar in that they had a yellow sun, mostly green plant life, and gravity that was all about the same. Also, they were planets, spherical orbs of matter floating through a much, much, much larger plane of existence.

The Violet Mountain Blessed Land was different. Only about 3,000 square kilometers in area—or about the size of Hong Kong on Earth—the blessed land was hemispherical in nature when taking into account the ground and just looked weird. Every point on the hemisphere, not including the ground, linked to a different point, so looking up you could see the ground and looking out across the horizon you could see the entire blessed land over and over and over again, the entire area spatially closed off.

Effectively, it looked kind of like the Mirror Dimension from Marvel’s Doctor Strange, only a bit less dreamlike and a bit more endless. Also, the colors were all wrong.

About 30% of the blessed land’s area was taken up by a huge mountain made of colorless translucent crystal and about another 20% was taken up by a large lake, while the rest was filled with skyscrapers, the technology level seeming more like Epecteos’s main world of Toril than the purposefully lower technology level of the Carium Galaxy Cluster’s capital planet. The main source of light in the blessed land, however, didn’t come from the city sections, but from inside the crystal mountain, where a kilometer wide sphere of some kind was giving off violet light.

And this made all the colors weird, like looking at everything under a blacklight.

What do you mean it’s not a natural wonder?” Mila sent as the D rank guiding her and 107 other new recruits allowed her and the others to just stare out at the blessed land for a while.

Just what I said.” Nana Xara chuckled slightly. “This is an artificially created pocket dimension, and one not designed for use by cultivators.

You haven’t noticed, but, by borrowing the senses granted by your Sensory Domain skill, someone at my level can immediately see that the Laws of this sub-dimension are twisted. While the sub-dimension may have Law suppression effects at the B rank level, that is because it’s infused with god level Laws of earth, metal, and water.

This makes training in those elements easier at the beginning, like someone was on an upper tier B rank world, but training in this sub-dimension for those who have not already formed Law Pupae is a bad idea. The higher access to Laws granted to this space is artificial, showing only the Laws of the creator of this sub-dimension, and that creator’s knowledge of the Laws is shallow compared to the true extent of the Laws in the universe.

Effectively, this entire subspace is filled with the aura of a dao guide, and there is a reason I haven’t yet allowed anyone on Earth to see the dao guides I prepared.

The understanding of Laws, at least until full mastery at a level well beyond what anyone I’ve ever met has reached, is a very personal thing. If you follow someone else’s path instead of creating your own, you will hit a bottleneck and your foundation won’t be as strong as you didn’t have to struggle to create the path you already walked, so you’ll almost certainly get stuck.

It was fine for Aalam to look at the dao guide you found in the Shadow Thief’s ring, as that dao guide was of a lower level and Aalam had enough of a foundation to not allow it to influence his path, but the Laws of the creator of this space are too high. Those who haven’t yet gained peak grade Law Pupae won’t be able to notice the issues, but almost everyone will get stuck.

I’d been wondering why this force had so many more D ranks than C ranks but this space explains it. If you are training in Laws other than water, earth, and metal, you won’t be affected much, but, in that case, it would be just as effective to train in here as to train on the C rank world outside.

You said this sub-space was artificially created. For what purpose?” Mila asked.

This space is almost certainly designed to empower monsters, not cultivators.” Nana Xara was in full on lecture mode. “Monsters, over successive generations, adapt to their environment much quicker than cultivators and to a much greater extent. Were a race of monsters to make this sub-space their home, after several generations individuals naturally suited for following the creator’s path would be born.

They wouldn’t be strong monsters, and they would almost certainly get stuck before reaching even the middle of B rank, but many of them would reach B rank nonetheless.

It is also probably a space designed to produce certain natural resources.

We haven’t heard about it yet, but the Violet Mountain Sect almost certainly pays protection fees to several nearby A rank forces. That’s just how the universe works. And what they pay is almost certainly a very large percentage of what this sub-space produces, likely some unique metals, minerals, and water judging by the Laws.

The A rank forces are almost certainly aware of what this space is, thus why none of them have taken it, but it is uncertain if the Violet Mountain Sect itself knows.

Finally, the last use of this sub-space is actually the most valuable, at least in my opinion. That capital planet this space is connected to is almost certainly naturally only a D or E rank world, but this space has upgraded that entire planet by a rank or two.

Is it possible to move the sub-space?” Hearing that last bit, this was Mila’s first question, one of her minds fully focused on her talk with Nana Xara as the Violet Mountain Sect D rank started to show them around.

Almost certainly yes.” Nana Xara laughed. “But not for the Violet Mountain Sect and likely not for the surrounding A rank forces either. I’ve seen a few sub-spaces like this before, created by monster gods, and they are generally inheritances. Given how cultivators were able to fully move into this space, however, the inheritance was likely raided of all its treasures long, long ago, as otherwise the space’s defenses would have kept trying to kill everyone, but I doubt anyone strong enough to do so has bothered changing the spirit which would manage the sub-space’s core functionality.

“So,” Mila asked, “we could steal it and use it to boost Earth?

“Technically yes, but stealing it wouldn’t be something I would recommend. The trial area is almost certainly heavily guarded, and, given the nature of the Laws of the creator, I don’t think you yourself would be able to pass the inheritance’s highest level to gain ownership.

“Aalam probably would be able to, as my guess is the god who created this sub-space was a crafter, but it would be a huge risk bringing him here. Even if he succeeded, the transfer of ownership would take time and be obvious, allowing the chief elder of the Violet Mountain Sect, as well as all the normal elders, to easily find and kill you. And, even if you were somehow able to steal the sub-space out from under the noses of these powers, knowledge of such an action would quickly spread across the universe and put a target on your backs.

“The biggest reason, though, is it’s just not worth it. Through transferring the subspace, you might be able to raise Earth to a C rank world, creating a very rare C rank enlightenment zone as well which would be extremely useful. But, if you were C rank or even D rank, the benefits this would provide would be pretty much negligible. Right now, Earth is undergoing its integration, which will make training in Laws for the next 70 years as easy as if you were on a B rank planet, but afterwards it would be much better for you to sell some treasures and move to a small house on a B rank world than own your own C rank planet, and, given your talents, this wouldn’t be that difficult for your core force.”

So, instead of planning to steal this place in the future, I should just get the Twelve Element Primal Code and get access to whatever events and quests I can.” Mila looked around at the sub-space as the D rank continued to guide them, only having one more step to pass before she could start receiving benefits.

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