Chapter 35
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All of us sail in the middle of the night with only a few torches in hand. After getting the information that the enemy is moving, we decide to attack them under cover of the night. While the guild cannot get the information about the exact route they take, they manage to inform us of the general direction our enemy takes.

"Do you see it?"

"Not yet, my lord."

I nod my head and decide to look from above. I control the gravity around me and make myself float in the air. I look around for a few seconds before my eyes land on the light in the distance. I get even higher and get closer to their ship, but not too close.

After a minute of flying, I can see a large number of ships anchored in the middle of the ocean.

I get back to my ship and land on it.

"I found them. They are in the northwest from here. I can see at least twenty of them, but there may be more."

"Good work, my lord. With this, we can plan our next move."

I nod my head and get inside the meeting room to see the other people sitting around the table.

When I sat down on the chair, I said,

"Alright, people. We know where the enemy is. They are in the northwest, a few kilometres away."

"I think we should go all out, my lord. We attack them while they are still sleeping and at their weakest." Lorio said with his hand on the table. "We cannot let them prepare to attack us. We have all the scorpions on us. We can defeat them all or at least make them retreat. The news of the Tyrosh force being defeated will strike a blow to their morale."

I can see the others nod their heads. It looks like the place has been decided. I nod my head and say.

"Very well. We will attack them at once. However, give me an hour to prepare. I can make a thick mist around our ship and theirs. Do not worry. I will make sure we can see clearly while they can't."

"That will increase our chance of winning this fight. However, our real mission is not to destroy all of their ships. No. I purpose to take over their ship and kill their leader. We did not need to kill all of their enemies. We only needed to make sure they were retreating."

I look at Lorio and say,

"And what kind of plan do we use?"

"With the mist that Lord Viserys generates, we can hide our ship and attack when we want. I think we should use the scorpion to the fullest. They will take care of the ship in front while our ramming ship will be boarding the enemy ship. Lord Viserys' ship will be among them who will board the main enemy ship."


I look at Ser Willem, who is shouting at Lorio.

"And why, in the seven hell, did His Highness Viserys need to go to the main ship? The main ship will be the most guarded, which means the most dangerous place to be. Let me take command of one of the ships. I will be the one taking the head of that bastard."

"No, can't do that, Ser Willem."

"We want to crush enemy morale and boost ours. With the enemy general getting slain by Lord Viserys, it will increase the morale of our men. It will show them that he is fighting in the front instead of the back."

"And put him in danger?!"

"No. We will put as many soldiers as possible in Lord Viserys' ship. Like I said before, killing the enemy general is the real goal in this battle. We will put all of our soldiers on the boarding ship, either to capture the ship or burn them. We have the oil for it."

I can see Ser Willem wants to say more, but I decide to interrupt him before he can say something.

"I will do it."

"Your Highness!"

"Stop it, Ser Willem. As the leader of the people, I need to do a few things, and one of them is to lead them. When it is time for peace, I will lead them from the back, but when war is upon us, I will lead them from the front."

I get up from my chair and say.

"We will use this strategy. Lorio, I will leave the men's placement in your hand. Ser Willem, I need you to make sure the man is ready. We will move out in two hours."

"Yes, my lord!"


|Vernon - The Leader of Seven Point Sun mercenaries group|

"Heh. This will be the easiest job we will ever take."

I say out loud while drinking the beer. I can see my men agreeing with me. This job is nothing but plunder. A new kingdom that is not even a year old is trying to fight three of the oldest city-states in Essos? Heh. It will be a bloodbath.

"Oh? The mist is coming in."

I snap from my thoughts when I hear my men say something. I look around and see the mist start to come in. Tch. This is why I hate this part of the sea. There will always be a mist in the middle of the night.

Lucky for my boys and me, the captain of this ship knows this part of the sea like the back of his hand. He already expects a mist will soon come and decides to anchor down.

While the mist is not something that commonly happens, it is better to stay still just in case the fog comes, especially if we sail as a fleet. We did not want to crash into each other.

"Man, this fog is too thick. I can't see the ship next to us."

"Aye. If we continue to sail, we will be dead."

"You are right. Huh? What is that?"


I look at where my men are pointing. At first, I did not see anything, but I saw a massive arrow fly toward us a second later.


Before Vernon could run away, the scorpion bolt pierced his brain and killed him instantly.


|Jaqo - Admiral of Tyrosh|

"Damn this fog!"

I curse as I try my best to see where the enemy is coming from. I can hear it, the scream of my men getting slaughtered. How in the name of the gods can they see in this thick fog?!

"Jaqo! Put your lazy ass here! What in god's name is going on?!"

I grit my teeth when I see a massive man coming at me with a red face. This is why I hate when a magister tries to go into war. This man is Innen, one of the magistrates in Tyrosh. He is coming with us because he wants to be the first person to taste the Valyrian descent in Lys.

I decided to ignore him and take out my weapon as my instinct told me.


A second later, I can hear my men screaming on the deck. I look down and see people get into my ship with a sword in their heads. I tried to join the fight, but before I could do that, I could feel a pain in my chest area.

I look at my back and see the bastard magister already losing his head and lying on the ground as a corpse. I look up and see a young man with hair and purple eyes standing behind me with a sword in his hand.

The last thing I see is his sad expression. I wonder why he looks sad. I'm his enemy, after all.