First Journal – A meeting with fate – Entry #6
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The fun is finally starting!



New Lunar Year


My life is a disaster. A disaster that's about to end in pain, I’m sure!

Everything was going so well. Why did it turn out like this?


The celebration started as usual. The whole village met in the morning on the marketplace. Fathers and sons set up their tents and prepared the bonfire. Mothers and daughters put the finishing touches on the feast. I was in the kitchen with the others as usual, when the dumb gang came to annoy me. So what if I've always been together with the town grannies because I’m only good at chores? What’s so funny about that? I’m sure they’re bullying me because they’re jealous. Those jackasses can’t do anything around their own house, so they see me as a threat. Of course. What’s more frightening than a frail guy who’s only skill is being a good housewife!


They mocked me all day long and having the grannies shielding me didn't help at all. “Are you sure you piss standing up, maiden?” they said. Yes, they called me maiden. Yes, I pee while standing. What kind of question is that? What’s so wrong about me liking cooking or sewing? Does it make me less… less… I don't know less what, but it doesn’t make me less it. I tried really hard to ignore them and not sink to their level. I always dreamt I could talk back and stand up for myself. I always dreamt of having the courage to confront them. Tonight, I finally did it. I did talk back. Well, it was actually the blurry 10th glass of spring spirit that spoke.

They were pushing me around, Shad said, “You poor misfit! Always alone and without friends. Must be sad that no one wants to be around you, freak. Even your parents died far away. Must be a sign”.

“Your face is a sign of an STD, your mom must feel bad for passing them onto you. Heard your dad is still looking for your balls, I can help you sew them back if you want.” I retorted.

He froze. I threw my glass in his face, slapped him the hardest I could, and ran faster than the wind. Goodness, that felt incredible! They were too astonished to come after me right away, and by the time they realised, I was far away. Well, not that far- I tripped on my way home and bruised my cheek- Anyway, you get my point!


I’m so proud of myself right now. Well, the alcohol is proud of me!

Now, I have to move to another town before they come to kill me in my sleep.


Almost midnight

I woke up in panic. I heard a loud noise like an explosion or something. At first, I thought Shad and Co. were trying to burn me alive, but it came from the forest. I don’t know what to do.



Twelve past thirty

Well, it’s starting to be really scary right now. I think I heard screaming, or something worse.

I’m not shaking or anything, maybe I am, but it must be because I’m cold and not because I’m scared. I’m not scared; I’m just… waiting in …anticipation. That’s it…

Ok, let’s be honest, I’m totally freaking out right now. I’m going to die for sure. A wild beast will burst into the house, take me back to its nest, then rip me open and feed me to its puppies. I hate puppies.



One o’clock

Come on, I’m a grown man! I’m THE man! I shouldn’t be shivering in fear and hiding deep in my closet rolled inside my blankets - I’m not doing that, it’s just a figure of speech.

I AM the man of the house! I’m strong, and proud, and fierce, and brave! I’ll go outside and see what’s going on!

If I don’t come back alive… then, all my properties should go the bakery ‘miana*, because she was the nicest to me. As for my funeral ...

NO! I, Ludvic Luxfield, will come back home victorious! I’ll come back home after seeing that there’s nothing I should be afraid of. I’ll sit on my kitchen table, finish a bottle of plum liquor and cry myself to sleep. Yep, that’s a great plan. Let’s do to this!