Chapter 1: The Blood Contract Arc: The Dodgeball Game
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"Jump…jump…jump! Bounce that, yes, do it!"

Okay, I wouldn’t get myself wrong here. Being young guy hitting puberty at 12 and being 15 now and sitting and watching dancing videos was the perfect warm up before school. We are having gym class today and I love all the bouncing around…with the basketball I mean. Shit, I need to prepare for school.

The door to my room opened and Mejni was standing there watching me with his blue eyes shining up the whole room, wait…that sounded weird.

"What is it you want Mejni?" I asked him.

"Mhm…you getting ready for school? We are going to go in 10 minutes…prick! Stop watching dancing bouncy girls on fivecube again."

"Shaddafakkup!" I answered back.

He pointed the long finger to me and shut the door behind him. Mejni is my closest friend and my ally, we meet when we were 8 years old and a lady, a beautiful one named Veronica Van Polan introduced me to him. All I can say is that after the first meeting we became best friends, there is though strange things surrounding him, his eye pupils are more shaped like a diamond instead of being round circle, which I find really weird. Veronica told me there is an urge within him to let loose, but he is holding everything in. I never asked him why he is super active all the time with sports and other activities, but there is something not normal. I would never question him because of his friendly personality and how close we are like brothers.

I meet up with Mejni downstairs on the giant house that we were living in and I couldn’t understand how Victoria gave us an also a butler to live with who take care of us. I mean an apartment would be good, but a big house is completely insane. I lived alone with Victoria in an apartment when I was a child, but when Mejni join in everything changed. We got a butler and Victoria was away on work more and more, the visits from her became more less and less. Maybe she paired us together so we would live like two brothers and not feel lonely. Whatever, that’s nothing to think about today, because it’s 2nd week after the break of school and its gym class time today.

After sleeping through the two first lessons through and time was now eleven, the time have come for the ultimate gym class and I dressed up before everyone else and waited for them to join the gym. Everyone came out from both the boy's and the girl's locker room. I closed my eyes and prayed to the higher gods to give us some fun activity that would include a lot of bouncing. I could see the tight t-shirts on Shirley, Stina, Lena and of course the mini unions of Isabella, the prick queen from the Van Auf Kanten family...Iugh! That girl's personality is so pissy, it makes me want to go and eat unions combined with lamb testicles instead. Wait…what the fuck am I thinking.

"Alright class! Today's activity is dodgeball. How do you want to divide the teams?"

Omg omg…a bouncy game. The gods in heaven have heard my wishes, hell yeah. Oh, that’s maybe not the expression I should think. I mean, yes yeah!

"Boys versus girls sounds fun."

Of course, the Van Auf Shiten girl wanted to play boys versus the girls, because of some of them having more super powers and the boy's team having weaker powers. The boys team gathered together and Mejni was holding the speech:

"Mm…. Okay guys. Timmy is on the bench as usual and the other five is playing all the time. Okay?"

"OKAY!" Everyone around yelled.

It felt like we were going to war or something, because I could see how Mejni face expression changed suddenly.

"Eh…how do you play dodgeball?" Timmy asked us.

"Well! You are not playing anyway Timmy, so why do you even ask?" Mejni asked back.

"You never know!" Timmy said

"Fine!" Mejni said.

He grabbed hold of Timmy and walked around to explain what dodgeball was where you play in a square field and there is a middle line. I could see how Mejni explained now to him about ball in the middle. Now came the gestures from him explaining that the only way to protect your self is when the other team is throwing the ball and you grab it directly before the ball hitting you. Now Mejni started to move around quickly with a couple of fast moves to show Timmy how to move, of course he was explaining how to try dodging the ball, but also how you are allowed to move around with the ball. Now came the hand gestures, where he explained if the ball goes out of bounds from our side the ball is put on the line all the way back and also showing him where you are allowed to move. If you move outside you are directly disqualified. Well, I am only here to watch the bouncing…I mean the ball bouncing on the floor and hitting someone.

"Let's play!" The teacher yelled.

The Auf Kanten bitch ran quickest of us all and grabbed the ball and I could see the pink aura around her body like she was being lit by hastred of fire with pink in the mix. How the fudge did she get aura like that. The ball swooshed beside me and hit blond Stefan so hard that he flew into the wall ten meters away. Except for him hitting the wall and passing out, I must mention that we call him blond Stefan is because his hair becomes like a living fucking lamp wherever its dark. Once Mejni used Stefans head when there was a electricity outage in school during the winter and he needed to look for money he had dropped and made Stefan go with him in the dark corridors. It was really good because Stefan was lighting up the place.

"Is he dead?" Timmy asked and came on a substitute.

That Auf Kanten bitch is really dangerous and no, Stefan is not dead, only passed out. She has some immense power that is dangerous, but at the same time she seems to hate us boys for no reason. Mejni grabbed the ball out of bounds and threw it to me, I tried to gather my own aura also.


"What the fudge are you doing Berk?" Mejni asked me.

"Do you see any aura…huh…huh?" I asked him.

"Yeah! I see someone standing in a weird position looking like they are going to shit their pants."

I suddenly realized I didn’t have any aura like the other ones in my class. The girls were laughing their asses off and I was just looking on the bouncy t-shirts.

"Yeah…bounce…yeah!" I said a little bit too loud.

They stopped laughing and realized I was not in the game and more focused on their t-shirts. Shit, this will become a mess now. Suddenly six auras started to fire up on the girl's side and it almost looked like a freaking rainbow fire that was going to invade our side.

"Great job Berk, I think you pissed off the girl's side even more for this game. Just give me the ball." Mejni told me with a disappointed look and a smirky smile.

I threw the ball to Mejni who fired up his own aura that was light green and he was really focused on trying to hit someone, his green fire around his body was looking so awesome and it was even higher fire than the girls.

"GO MEJNI!" I Yelled.

He took a giant leap and leaned forward and fired away the ball that hit big chest Christina right in the right big melons and my ears could hear her silent "ugh" sound coming out of her when she feels backwards against the floor. I was in awe of Mejni and his powers, he really was packed on a lot of superpowers. Who was I then? The only one in school without superpowers, the only one called the clean human, why I was standing here at this moment I don’t know. I do know though that I will never leave my brother Mejni's side.