Vol 1 – Chapter 42
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  • 3rd Person POV

The elven pair climb the stairs for minutes waving their bright blade allowing them to see further. The astralite with their veining almost give an impression that the structure is alive. Combined with the hexagonal pipes seemingly getting more in numbers to what they are going to. They continue to follow suit as they arrives at a large circular chamber.

The pipes can be seen converging at the centre of the room with the ending of the pipes are blunted resembling orb like in appearance. Strangely, in the middle of that chamber is a white silken bed without any bleached skeletons lying on top of it.

“Why would there be a bed here?” Os wonder with Maria moves forward curious about the bed. Before long, her endeavour got interrupted as an image of Professor Emma appeared in front of them. She begun to speak

“This is Subject-001, You will be here at the experimentation chamber taking care of other researchers as an assistant.” Another image appeared right on top of the empty bed. A sleeping figure that slumbers in peace.


The pair knew that what are they looking at is just a programmed illusion. But they aren’t surprised by its real like appearance. They are shocked by the uncanny resemblance of Subject-001 and the healer that have left Vog.

“Os… that… that look like” Maria stutters as she speaks with Os’ minds twist and turns. “Wait… so that person… “ Os lips quiver.


The manticore and the goblin shaman stands in shock on what they are seeing, The healer’s outfit have several burns on them but the man himself is untouched. Even to the strands of his hair, as if magic cannot touch him at all.

Astra open his eyes to see what happened, the entire area surrounding him is scorched black. There are some grass or trees that have been caught on fire with Blacky grunted his skin is singed and turn reddish from the intense flame, but it is not as bad as he thought. Thanks to the FrostFire armour he wore.

The shaman grimaces on what’s going on as it hides behind a boulder but lean its body to the side to make sure the shaman still able to make eye contact with the pair. Astra learns what has happened as his strange sense of calmness kicks in making him able to think further.

He moves closer to Blacky while casting a spell focusing on healing the hunter’s body. As silver light glow on Blacky’s body and healed his burned skin. “Thanks, get behind me!” Blacky replies with Astra nod and hide behind Blacky’s massive body.

Outstretching his palm, he targeted the goblin shaman as silvery flames burst forth from his hand and shoot itself to the shaman. It attaches to the green skin of the shaman inflicting intense heat that burned off parts of his robe. Upon contact with the skin, the silver flame sticks and set the shaman alight on fire.

The goblin boss roll around to the side of the boulder away from the pair’s sight as he threw a javelin right to Blacky. The sense of foreboding elicit fear from the goblin as its hand tremble causing its aim to miss. The goblinoid hurriedly ran to other boulders to hide himself but its shivering made clanging noise easily noticed.

After realizing that the fireball from the goblin shaman did not work against these two figure. The manticore lunge forward towards Blacky. Making two claw swipes which Blacky blocked “Its fearsome” Blacky thought as he warily watch the tail spike but the manticore opted a different approach. It opens its mouth revealing the jagged teeth and bite Blacky’s shoulder.

The sharp pain and blood came out from Blacky as he shoved the manticore then casted a spell upon his sword. With it, his great-sword burst forth intense flames as he swung down to the manticore’s wings trying to cut off its ability to fly. The manticore move its wings but exposed its body to Blacky  attacks.

He garrotted the manticore’s body and attacks again using the momentum causing massive damage to the manticore. Its humanoid face from feral like appearance become frightened as massive gouts of crimson liquid splash to the ground.

The silver flame that’s attached to the goblin shaman glow brighter than usual, burning its skin as the shaman quickly patted it down. It looked at Blacky & Astra and decided to attack Blacky instead by hurling a mote of flame from its goat staff.

It hits Blacky and engulfed him in bright burning flames. “GUH!!!” Burning his skin even with his armour reducing the damage taken from fire. “Blacky!” Astra shouts worried about what’s happening.

He outstretch his palms to Blacky and chanted a spell as silver stars begin to radiate surrounding Blacky removing the burns & healing his burned skin from afar. With another free hand aimed right at the shaman. He shoots a bolt made from pure starlight.

*BAM* It hits the goblin shaman. “KIE(Don’t be such a wuss!)!!” It swishes its hand as the resulting stardust that tries to make constellation vanishes preventing the shaman to become a glowing target.

The chainmail plated goblin appeared from the other side of the boulder and hurl another javelin this time the sense of foreboding did not deter it from attacking as the spear grazed Blacky’s right abdomen giving him a cut before hiding again behind different boulder.

The manticore unfurled its wings with its humanoid face looking left & right trying to escape. That gesture and body language got picked up by the shaman causing it to feel unease. “No you don’t!” Blacky knew that it tries to escape as he reacted by heaving a heavy blow.

The spikes on the side of his great-sword cut on its neck “GRAAAAA!!!” the manticore shrieks and Blacky garrotted its neck, leaving massive open wound where blood just spurts out like waterfall.

*THUD* The manticore body fall limp of the ground with the shaman & chainmail wearing goblin shudders realizing that the man in black scale mail just kill the manticore. His great-sword continues to burn bright red roaring with eagerness to consume.

As Blacky sees the shuddering goblins, he uses the limp body of the manticore to leap forward then vanishes to mist as he reappears right on the raised ground. In there, he sees several boulders with varying sizes & shapes all have overgrown mosses or weeds growing on top. Indicated that it has been there for quite some time, he also sees a goat staff held by the shaman.

In an incredible speed, he moves to that spot and heave his great-sword. “Kieee!(Shit!)” The shaman step to the side as he hit the boulder with enough force to split it in half but misses the goblin small body.

Blacky slashes again with the goblin shaman mutter a spell and switched its body with the chain mail wearing goblin. It hits the armour plating with a grunt from the goblin & vomited blood from it. “Kiee!! Kiee!! (Why??)” The goblin boss shrieks.

The goblin shaman that switch its place with the goblin boss, now sees Blacky as it outstretch its hand and mutter a chant that echo in Blacky’s mind.

Blacky eyes glazed over indicating that the spell worked as he stays in silence neither attacking or do anything as the chain mail wearing goblin & the shaman moved away from Blacky. “Kiee!! Kieee!! (What are you doing run!!)” The shaman shouted something as they ran down from the opposite site where Astra & Blacky come in.

Astra look up, hearing the goblins shouting and made himself worry over Blacky as he too vanish but rather than turning to mist. His body is engulfed by stardust as disappear to nothingness as his figure reappears on top of the raised ground.

On there, he sees Blacky figure just lay there without moving. His great-sword is still on the ground where he gripped it. Astra notices that his eyes also glazed over thinking of magic is at foot. He outstretched his palm as silver stars radiated around Blacky as he shout “Cleanse!”

In doing so, the silver stars glow bright for a second and absorbed to Blacky. As his eyes from glazing over come back to life with the man himself twitched realizing what has happened. His bracelet turn into tiny pieces on the ground as the pair’s camping supplies, Blacky’s long-sword, a lexicon, and its content spilled on the ground.

“Sorry! But I need to do it” Astra said as he aim another hand towards the running shaman. Rather than throwing silvery flames or mote of starlight. He focuses on the bitter cold of space as the right leg of the goblin shaman suddenly feel a sharp pain of cold.

The goblin sees its own right leg frozen all over, but it just pushes through with the ice breaking apart and it kept running. The goblin boss sees all of this happening and heard the command of the shaman. Its instinct to run away as it go to the same path. Although a bit late as Blacky have been snapped out from his dazed state.

Blacky pursed his lips in anger, being bewitched makes him feel ashamed as he slashes the back of the goblin boss, cleaving the chainmail that it wears, and blood came out from it. Astra sees this too as he reacted to the fleeing goblin by hurling a mote of starlight.

Upon impact, the resulting stardust immediately reformed into constellation that high-lighted the joints of the goblin and make it glow. But the goblin boss kept on running. Blacky seeing all of that, uses a boulder as jump pad to leap high off the ground to gain a distance to the shaman.


His form vanish like mist and reappears right on top of the shaman, but its movement speed is much faster than Blacky predicted resulting to his diving attack to miss. Astra look at Blacky targeting the shaman as he too aimed his hand to the shaman’s direction.

He shoots silver flames that engulf the shaman “Kieee!!! Kieee!!! (Aghh!! It burns!!)” The shaman engulfed by silver flames as it body burn and turn to dust. Astra realizes this as he starts to panic but the strange sense of calmness poured to his head preventing him to react.

The goblin boss sees this first hand, its leader dead by the hands of Astra’s magics. It tries to run away from Astra, but the healer outstretch his hand as the goblin boss feel some kind of restrain is being deployed to the goblin. It roars, fighting for its chance to survive as Astra’s hold on it was broken.

In panic, the goblin swung its short-sword to Astra. With the healer cannot dodge, the blade went by and slash his skin. Rather than a normal cut, Astra’s skin begin to break like brittle glass as dark black liquid coming out from his body.

The black liquid contained silvery stars in it, almost like liquid space dripping on the ground and immediately made a reaction with the plants start to grow faster and thicker than normal with his blood seeps into the soil.

[Authors Note: It is like glitter liquid, I suppose?]

Pain doesn’t come to Astra, rather he stand still in shock as the calmness poured into his mind. He closed the wound by putting his hand on top of it. Preventing more liquid space to drip to the ground as Blacky sees all of this.

“Astra!!” Blacky moves forward and plunge the great-sword right on the back of the goblin impaling it as he hurl the body to the side. It ragdoll and impacted a boulder then falls limp. With Blacky trembling hands look at the strange black liquid.

He hurriedly sees the camping supplies and see the bandages laid out. He took some and apply it to the injury on Astra’s right arm. “Astra… are you alright?” Blacky asked while looking at the healer.

“I…. i…. I think I’m alright. I didn’t feel any pain” Astra rubbed the bandage and press it a little bit. It didn’t elicit any responses at all. Just the feeling of pressure, that is it. “Odd…” Astra thought as his world changed.

Blacky seems to carry Astra with one hand letting his forearm as a seat with him already gathering the camping supplies and uttered the command word to open the pocket dimension to store it all.

“Blacky… I’m alright!” Astra look confused on himself mostly. With Blacky stubbornly ignore it and continue to held Astra in his arm.

[Authors Note: Well well well, you guys see Astra getting hurt! And btw, since he has ‘vulnerability’ against physical attack. That damage is quite… uh… bad]