15. Lack of Liberty: Holmer POV
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First of all, I wonder how my ancestors had lived in this world. Did they ever encountered a similar events worse than this? Did they initially grabbed the opportunity of success before they became an adult? How did they overcome their weaknesses to improve their career growth and personal development? These questions were the many things I wanted to know.

There were a plenty of questionable predicaments that I wanted to avoid. And being a single-minded poor lad, I really wanted to become successful before I reached my 40's.

The correct path was somewhat I wanted to discover and explore further. Improve my life for the better future because someday you will realize that we should step forward to find our own purpose in life.

To be honest, no matter how many times I face the difficult problems, I struggled. Restraint. And fell into despair.  

Despite I thread upon the lion (bad people) and the serpents (problems), I sometimes failed to wrap it up. I somehow resolved it with the help of my friends, families and spirits. Therefore, I will fear no evil. For God was with me. 

It wasn't even hard to understand the logic behind those depressing encounters. I always believed that everything had a 'purpose'. I hadn't met up the certain level to acquire what I wanted to achieve in life.

If you seek strength, he will give you a test to solve. Therefore, there was a saying, "Ask, and he will give. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open for you." 

Truly I told you all, math and science were the strengths I lacked the least. Creativity and innovations were my greatest talent that I lacked. Evidently, I wasn't even fortunate to possess the talent related to interpersonal relationship. Whenever I spoke in front of people, I was overwhelmed with anxiety in the social gathering.

Fortunately, I managed to survive the 'school year'. Graduate of bachelor degree. 

For more than three decades of living in this 'troubled world', I slowly noticed my lack of energy to live on. Maybe because I failed to become successful before I reached my thirty years of age.

What I wanted to be? Here's the answer for this question. I dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur or a business owner of a Multinational company.  Buy a house and lot with my own money. Find a partner in life who would stay with me even in my lowest point. Then, marry her in the church surrounded by our families and friends.

Even I would invite my enemies in the occasion. Reason? Just because.

There's a saying love your enemies even you loathed their existence.

As you come in this age of 30's, you would slowly get invested of finding your purpose in life. Carving your path through hard work. Finding a reason to live on. Increasing your knowledge and skills to climb up the ladder of success. Once you realized you're only had fifty or sixty years to live, you would feel restless and depressed at the same time. This level of the 'adulthood' meant you're open minded, and you wanted to change your life for good. 

You're not working for the others. You're working to improve yourself.  

If you're no longer attached on the physical things and necessities like toys, gadgets and drugs, you're slowly overcame your weaknesses. You're slowly releasing yourself from the hands of the crab. You're no longer getting fed from the people with crab mentality.

All you wanted was to stick for your own 'happiness', 'peace', and 'place' in the world. 

The painful and embarrassing memories of my childhood were becoming the source of my mental strength. It was presumptous to hear, but it somewhat helped my mind to mature. These weaknesses were improving your life to do a better job in the society. Believing with God or not, you set yourself free from any burden. But for me, without Him I was nothing but a pebble. No direction in life in the road of the abyss.

Regardless of what you believe, it won't matter. You're responsible for your life. No one would blame you. Everyone had a demon they had to fight. Live on and fight on.

Everyone possessed a different behavior, principles and mindset, molded internally through their experiences. 

At the beginning of my journey here, sometimes I dreamed of marrying a young, caring and financial stable lady who will understand me heartily. Man, I envied the blessed men who married on the rightful girl of their dreams. I didn't care if she was younger or older than me. As long as she loved me, I would love her back triple than what she gave on me. 

'But reality is disappointing. There is no women who will love me. Sometimes, I even wish that girl is overly obsessed with me, so I won't fear for cheating, lol. Anyhow, that's only applicable in fantasy stories. I'm not that handsome anyways. And I was rejected several times and called 'ugly'. I already grow up without a girlfriend since birth.'

Four hours later after the event in the Airport...

I opened my eyes and a white ceiling reflected on my sight. It took me a couple of minutes before I raised up my upper body. 

"Hmm, where am I?" I mumbled, rubbing my eyelids whilst scanning the room where I found myself into. 

I checked the clock. 

"It's already one o'clock in the afternoon," I rubbed the back of my neck and cracked it from left to right.

I strength my hand, then I took a long, deep breath of air. 

"Oh... man. Where exactly am I really?" I folded my arms across my chest. I moved off of the bed, and I stood up without a sleepers on my feet. 

I looked around on my environment, searching for the toilet. Unfortunately, there was no room available in this room. 

'It must be one of them who brought me here,' commented I had, referring to Helena and Mr. Bond. 

"Guess I have to check outside and look for the others."

I fixed my shirt and my pants. 

"Hmm, where is my shocks and shoes?" I pondered, smacking a finger on my jaw. 

I checked everything from the bed and the cabinet. However, my assets weren't even visible in the room. 

"Guess, I have to go outside. There's no other way," I heaved a tiring sigh.  

As I exited my room, what reflected on my eyes was a white room. 

'Eh?' I momentarily bewildered. 

I was inside the white room, and there was a single chair and a black mask in a shape of a tiger look. It was an item which was popular in the special events like prom, bar and other tropes where you can find a lot of fun. 

'But the mask will only cover the upper part of my face, though.'

I picked it up and tested it. 

'It looks like the mask's eye hole has a protective eye-patch. No wonder there is no hole on it. It's like wearing a sunglasses.'

As I was about to remove it, the mask remained intact on my face. I tried to remove it many times, but I failed. 

I smashed my face on the wall, but it knocked me down painfully. 

"Aaargh, what on earth is this mask?" demanded I had, struggling to put it out of my face.


A familiar voice crossed into my mind.

"Baku?" I inclined my head in surprise.

- Yes, master

He confirmed. 

"Baku, where are you?" I wandered my gaze to look around, but I didn't see him inside the room. 

- Master, please. Don't call my name in this room. It's risky when you are talking with me. Lower your tone when you're going to talk with me. Honestly, you're being monitored through their surveilance cameras. It might cause them to increase the security level once they find out about my existence. Remember, I possess the traits of the 'Anubis' the Evil God's pet. But I swear, I don't mean no harm. I won't intervene. After all, you're safety is my priority. 

'Say what?'

-  installed a tiny portion of my  nanobyte inside your head. It will only work when you permitted me to talk with you. I've given you the highest authority to use it when it is necessary. So you don't misunderstand my intention. And their intentions. Right now, they are looking about your characteristics. They misunderstand your existence as an 'irregular'. 

"I-I-Iregular?" I was distraught upon hearing it. 

- Human master, please don't reveal your powers. Stay regular as usual. 

"As if, I have powers. I'm an ordinary man who is living in the Philippines, though," I placed a hand on my head and bit my lips in frustration. "Why am I being tested here? Why am I here just to suffer. Everytime I look at my hands. I can remember the loneliness of mas- *cough. Ah, shit. I remember the quote of my favorite game." 

- Master, I implore you. Suppress your powers. These group of people are working for the United Nations Special Task Force (UNSTF). A hunter's international organization. 

"And what's the reason?" I inquired, covering my mouth. But from the outside perspectives, I looked like a menacing mask man who was casting something. 

- Master, they are suspecting you as a member of 'Auditor's Firm'. Mr. Bond implored them that they shouldn't test you like this. But because you are a 'retired extremely dangerous' individual. An irregular who erased his existence in this area, so he could live in peace in the Philippines with his family. Truly I tell you, you should deny it. I don't know your history yet, but I assure you. Don't tell them anything. The Auditor's Firm is a renowned organization that was established in year 1996. It's a -

I raised a hand to stop him explaining further.

So that was it. I was annoyed at first, but it was a good opportu kty to show off my skills in this type of situation. I recalled the day when Mr. Bond was with me, offering me an overseas job here.

"Aaaah..... You mean they looked up on my papers. And they discovered that I worked on the firm, huh. Good grief. So this is an interview."

This was somewhat a blessing. Auditor's Firm? Of course, I worked together with the external auditors during my days at the office. As an accountant, I always conduct the preparation of BIR (VAT, SLSP, SAWT and others). Preparation of financial statements. And so on and so forth. 

I wasn't even comfortable in this type of interview, but if this was a type of challenge, I would face it because this type of test was a piece of cake. 

"What job is vacant?" I asked. 

- Uh, eh, if you are referring to the test they will conduct, they want to clarify if you are an 'auditor'.

"Good. Now, that's interesting. I'm going to reveal it."

- Umm, what? Wait, hold on. That's not a wise idea. Master, I think you don't -

"Bite your tongue. Let them be. I don't care. This is just a test," I smiled with teeth. 

- Master, human master, I think you misunderstand what the meaning of -

"Oi, I know you guys are working on the United Nations Special Task Force. Thank you for the opportunity to be tested in this type of place. Having studied the description I am highly confident that I have the skills, qualities and capabilities needed for the certain role (auditor). I have an impressive track records. For example, I handle a lot of pressure. Introducing more codes to improve the efficient of my previous employer's job. What I can tell you all is, I always think as a positive role model, and if you hire me, I will assure you. Your investment will receive a positive result."


Silence permeated into the room. 

- Master, I don't know what are you going to do. But I will support you. I will wait for you outside. 

"Sure, go ahead."

As the transmission ended, the floor disappeared. And I dropped into the air without a parachute.

'I-I-I was inside the plane for the whole time? I hope there is nothing worse than this.' 

A screen reflected on my eyes. 

[Welcome 100 Irregulars...]

[You're selected as a candidate to become a 'resident' of the United Realm. Since you are all individuals who are blessed with unique powers, you must survive the impending risks in the Inloki Island. Your task is to survive.... Only one person will receive a special certificate of recognizition. Now then, enjoy the game. The Battle Royal has begin!]

[Killing is not prohibited. I repeat. Killing is permitted. However, anyone who dares to commit any heinous crime shall be subjected of death penalty....] 

Another hidden message appeared in the next panel.

[Mr. Holmer Aldnoa, please bear with it. This is Rick. I sent this message before they sent you in the Inloki Island]


[Since the higher ups are still doubted your existence, I beg them not to throw you into this mission. Since you're an active member and the last survivor of the 'Auditor's Firm', they sent you there to eliminate the host of the battle royale.]

"M-m-m-r. Bond?" my lips trembled. "A-a-a-are you kiddin' me?"

'Where was the OFW life you offered me? Where was my peaceful life? Those son of bitches sent me to my own death!' I pressed both of my hands on my face.

[Oh, by the way, this is an important matter. This was the sole reason I sent this message.]

"Oh, good. What is it?" I scrolled it down.

[Please hold back a little. Even if they are criminals, please have some mercy. Save as many as you can. I want them alive. Break a leg, hunter.]

My eyes turned void. 

'I'm no protagonist. This should be handled by real chad. Not an innocent and weakling like me.'

If this was a series, the readers should drop it now. Drop it now and don't rate it. Save me from this peril. The kind of plot was incoherent story. It always screwed me over and over again. 

"Hold back? Neeh~ I'm an ordinary job hunter!" I cried out loud.